Evaluation Question 3 - Varndean College

Evaluation Question 3 - Varndean College

By Rhys Funnell Evaluation Question 3 Identifying our target audience After much discussion about what we all thought would be the best suitable rating for our film we decided as a group to rate it 18. Though lot of content in our film displays content that boarders 15 to 18 we in the end chose 18 as it offered a lot more freedom with what we included in our

trailer and also meant we could come up with many more ideas to help make our trailer better. In the trailer we made sure we used a lot of different ways to reach out to our target audience so we could gain as much interest from 18-40 year old as possible. After we created the trailer we had other people view it and give us their feedback which gave us a good understanding of How we got our feedback The main thing we used to get feedback from our target audience being 18-40 year olds was by showing our product on screen whilst they filled out a questionnaire to

help us get a good understanding of what or target audience really thought of our film. After analysing the data we learned that the majority of our target audience said what we had was a British Crime/Gangster film. The way the trailer was edited was also favoured by the audience and also were really fond of the camera work. When talking about the narrative and the soundtrack a lot of people found it a bit confusing and hard to follow and a lot of people thought that the voiceover could have been brought across a lot better than it was by making it clearer and more understandable. What was liked the most? After

looking into the data collected we soon learned that the things that we were most credited for was our use of editing and title cards which were used to introduce our characters, our use of postmodern elements were effective and also the use of props i.e. the gun etc. There were some good things said about the narrative as well as it wasnt What was not liked? Though

the vast majority of our feedback was positive there were a few things that could have been done better. After looking closely at the feedback I learned that the voiceover wasnt clear enough and some people just didnt like it in general, some shots filmed did not have enough lighting in them therefore making it harder for the audience to see some shots. A lot of people also found it hard to follow the narrative and keep a clear understanding of what was happening in the trailer which wasnt helped too much by some unnecessary shots. Interim feedback To

get feedback from our planning and research we uploaded our work to quack where it could be accessed by other students and our teachers. We uploaded our 3 piece treatment which we were then able to get feedback from our teachers from which helped us to understand what was good about what we wanted to achieve but also helped to understand what could be added or changed to make it even better. During the editing stage of our trailer we were able to obtain more feedback during the lessons themselves and also by updating or blogs regularly we were able to get a constant stream of feedback from our teachers to help us improve our trailer as much as we possibly could.

Ancillary products We made ancillary products to help promote and advertise our film even more. We made posters and magazine covers and I had asked friends and family what they thought of them and it was all positive expect for on the poster there was some criticism that the free space left could have been filled with maybe some more information from the film or about the film/trailer itself. They were able to clearly identify what kind of film it was due to how the posters and covers were presented.

Use of social media We were able to help our audience grown by uploading our trailer to YouTube a globally known website for videos used all around the world and also a Twitter page was made for our film which we showed our ancillary products on which will contain information about the film itself and is again a very used social networking site therefore making our

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