Evaluation of Grant Proposals

Evaluation of Grant Proposals

EVALUATION PROGRAMS FOR GRANT PROJECTS Linda Mason, Ed.D. OSRHE [email protected] Evaluation Accountability measure

Insurance policy for the grant funder Shows if you did what you said you would do Shows if the grant funders money created some good Not acceptable: We are planning to evaluate. GRANT AGENCY CHOOSES External

Evaluation* - by someone not connected with your institution Internal Evaluation you or another project staff member Internal Evaluation Collect your own data Simple annual evaluation process: What did you get in last summers

institute that you have been able to implement? What might we have done in the institute that would have helped you even more? Internal Evaluation Prepare your own evaluation format Use objectives and timeline

Keep records of EVERYTHING! Photographs Testimonies Anecdotes Write proposal as if you were evaluating it Internal Evaluation Summative evaluation Outcome

Evaluation Program effectiveness Impact on the problem Internal Evaluation Summative evaluation: What did you accomplish? Were program objectives accomplished? Was the target population changed? Did you meet the timeline?

Was the program cost effective? What new knowledge was generated? Internal Evaluation Summative evaluation: Quantitative methods Formal approach Professional research procedures Control and comparison groups Compare to the big picture

Goal Goal 1: xxx xxxxxxxx xx Responsib Benchmar Results le Party k 5 teachers 6 Project

trained by teachers Director May 31, presented 2005 with QT curriculu m workshop by QT, Inc. on

May 1214, 2004 Internal Evaluation Formative evaluation Use evaluation material to retool Internal Evaluation Formative

evaluation Process evaluation Leads to changes mid-stream Generally use qualitative methods First year or first part Throughout the life of program Internal Evaluation Formative

evaluation Ask questions during the project: How are we doing with the timeline? Do we need to change it? What does the recruitment tell us about group size? What did the first of 3 workshops lead us to determine about the next one? Any changes needed in format or length? Internal Evaluation

Formative evaluation Dont ask questions about items you cannot or will not change. Internal Evaluation - Tips Send thorough reports to grant agency

Send more than requested Send in format of summary and full report External Evaluator Consider hiring one even if not required External evaluator adds credibility Consider being an external evaluator to learn more about grant proposal

production Work with the evaluator at the proposal design to be sure evaluation fits. Collect your own data Evaluation - Types You do not have to conduct fancy two-sample t-tests or analysis of variance

Pre- and post-tests Attitude surveys to participants Document interviews and focus groups Make charts of results Evaluation Ways to share results Research Fair

Poster Videoconference Press release Follow-up session after project Project Results Meeting Prepare a document Evaluation Ways to share results Email

news release Poster or brochure campaign Prepare a video or CD Go on the talk show circuit of TV or radio Present at school assemblies Present at faculty meetings Share with similar or larger projects Evaluation

Traditional Ways to Share Results Journal Article Conference presentation Evaluation in Grant Proposal Depends on Grant Agency

Thoughtful examples of the plan Reasonable Evaluation in Grant Proposal Linkages between activities and outcomes should be clear and explicit Example: 80% of the 21 to 24-year olds who participate in a comprehensive work-study program

will pass their GED exams. Show other support from larger or partnering programs. Evaluation - Tips Dont tack on the evaluation at the end Frontload it, build it in at the beginning. Explain what measures you are going

to use. Use the evaluation section to go into detail. Show sustainability of the project as part of the evaluation. Evaluation - Tips Negative findings are as useful as positive findings

Were there unexpected world, national or local events that seemed to affect the project? Could the project be replicated? Evaluation Summary You WILL evaluate Grant agency specifies internal or external

External strengthens credibility Provide more data than requested Use a variety of sharing techniques Formative changes during project Summative - outcomes Evaluation Summary Frontload evaluation plan Cost effective

Replicable Renewed Sustained

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