ettercap - Tistory

ettercap - Tistory

ettercap A multipurpose Hacking Tool for MITM , 2006-12-02 ettercap (ARP ARP , DNS Recursion, sniffing) ettercap Man in the middle redirect (ARP ) Plugins - 2 (ARP ARP , Sniffing) TCP/IP OSI ettercap 4 ettercap

ARP (ARP 1) ARP Address Resolution Protocol IP MAC ARP cache IP MAC . ARP 4 . 5 ettercap ARP (ARP 2) ARP Request

ARP Respon se 6 ettercap ARP (ARP 3) ARP Hard type : , FDDI,

Proto type : ARP 0806 Hard size : Proto size : OP : ARP

1: ARP 2: ARP Sender Ethernet Addr : MAC Sender IP Addr : IP Addr Target Ethernet Addr : MAC Target IP Addr : IP Addr

7 ettercap ARP (ARP 4) ARP A ARP cache A IP & MAC ARP Broadcast (ARP ARP Request) . B , C IP drop A MAC Unicast(ARP ARP Response) . A MAC 8

ettercap DNS Recursion(ARP 1) r kr co yahoo 9 DNS Recursion(ARP 2)

ettercap DNS Recursion DNS SERVER (ARP DNS Client ) IP ROOT DNS ROOT DNS .kr DNS DNS Client .kr DNS RECURSION IP DNS Client PC IP . PC Gateway (ARP Router) 10 ettercap

(ARP Sniffing) : Ethereal, ettercap Promiscuous mode : 11 ettercap (ARP Sniffer) 192.168.0. 2

Packet 192.168.0. 3 192.168.0. 3 NIC Promiscuous mode 12 ettercap (ARP 1)

MAC Flooding (ARP switch sniffing) MAC ARP Flooding Dummy port Broadcasting (ARP Fail open) ARP Spoofing Spoofing Hosts arp cache B -> Host A (ARP IP: MAC(ARP ) CC) B -> Host C (ARP IP: MAC(ARP ) CC) B IP : MAC : CC Host A Host C

IP : IP : MAC : AA MAC : BB 13 ettercap (ARP 2) ARP Redirect MAC Broadcast .

LAN ARP Cashe . 14 ettercap (ARP 4) ICMP ICMP Redirect ICMP Redirect

ICMP Redirect 15 ettercap SSL, SSH, VPN

16 ettercap ettercap ettercap Man in the middle attack MITM : ARP poisoning, icmp redirection, dhcp poiso ning, port stealing SSH1, SSL sniffing. data, character injection. Packet filtering dropping. Password

Passive OS fingerprint Sniffing Connection kill , 18 ettercap Ettercap etter.conf etter.conf

etterlog Text editor ettercap ettercap etterfilter 19 ettercap / : libpcap >= 0.8.1, libnet >=, Libpthread, zlib

libltdl (ARP plugin ), libpcre (ARP perl regexp ), openssl 0.9.7 (ARP SSH, SSL ), ncurses 5.3 (ARP curse d GUI) GTK+ GUI pkgconfig 0.15.0 , Glib 2.4.x , Gtk+ 2.4.x , Atk 1.6.x , Pango 1.4.x : winpcap : ettercap-NG-0.7.3-win32.exe 20 ettercap UI

-T -C Text only -G GTK2 GUI Ncurses GUI 21 - Unified, Bridged ettercap

Unified - NIC Bridged - Inline 22 ettercap 24

Unified -> ettercap 25 ettercap Start / Targets

IP, MAC, Hosts / View - , - IP, MAC, OS, , - / MITM ARP , ICMP , , DHCP Filters

, Logging , ( , ) Plugins ARP_COP, Finger, link_type, DNS_spoof, dos_attac k, isolate, rand_flood, remote_browser, reply_arp 26

ettercap GUI 27 ettercap - 28

- ettercap : IP, MAC, OS, , ( X ) 29 ettercap : IP, MAC, OS, , ( * ) 30

ettercap , 31 ettercap 32

MITM - Redirect (ARP ) ARP poisoning ARP cache ettercap redirect ettercap Target Target -- ICMP redirect ettercap redirect

Port stealing <- ARP ARP DHCP spoofing IP 33 - Search, Detection Find_ip Subnet ip . Finger

gre_relay GRE redirected gw_discover Gateway . scan_poisoner ARP poisoner . search_promisc ARP request ARP request

Link_type hub/switch . arp_cop ARP - ARP , IP , IP find_conn LAN( ) . find_ettercap Ettercap

remote_browser ettercap 34 ettercap - Attack chk_poison ARP DNS_spoof

DNS , etter.dns dos_attack SYN flooding IP , isolate LAN , ARP cache rand_flood MAC LAN reply_arp

MAC SMB_clear smb clear-text , SMB_Down SMB NTLM2 . LC4 stp_mangler Spanning tree BPDUs Ettercap unmanaged PPTP

PPTP_chapms1, PPTP_clear, PPTP_pap, PPTP_reneg 35 : etterfilter, etterlog etterfilter ettercap : if , loop C

etterlog : ettercap 36 ettercap (ARP 1) Live connections Live connections Profile . Resolve IP Address IP Address

38 ettercap (ARP 2) ID, PW (ARP http) ID/PW . Ettercap ID/PW . ID, PW (ARP ftp) ftp ID/PW . Ettercap ID/PW . ID, PW (ARP telnet) telnet

ID/PW . Ettercap ID/PW 39 ettercap (ARP 3) Nmap nmap sS O p 1-1024 Ettercap [view]-[connections]view]-[view]-[connections]connections] . 40

ettercap (ARP 4) Passive OS Fingerprinting Sniffing View -> Profiles (ARP Etter) Localhost . (ARP Local) Host name => Double Click!! . (ARP Etter) Profile details . (ARP Ette r) MITM Attack (ARP ARP Poisoning) host <-> gateway, ARP Poisoning host -> telnet ID/PW sniffing, data (ARP character) injection, kill conn ection

41 ettercap (ARP 5) MITM Attack (ARP DNS Spoofing) /share/etter.dns ip . cmd(ARP win) nslookup (ARP ) Ettercap sniffing DNS_spoof cmd(ARP win) nslookup (ARP ) 42

ettercap 44

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