Elements of Poetry - Copley

Elements of Poetry - Copley

Elements of Poetry By Mr. Antal CFMS Poetry? Poetry was a means of communication long before people used written language. Even in later civilizations, where few people could read or write, poems were used to communicate history and newsworthy events as well as to entertain and inspire. To this day, most poems are best enjoyed when read aloud because of their musical sound, rhythm, and language.

Poetry Unit Goals Appreciate sound and imagery language Understand and view yourself and your world in new ways Discover new words, sounds, and rhythm in unique, creative ways Capture the essence if meaning in the sparest of language

Dont believe the hype! Not all poetry rhymesit is just one of the poetic elements Poetry Terms

Lines Stanzas Rhyme Rhythm Alliteration Simile Metaphor Mood Onomatopoeia Couplets Personification

Types of Poems Haiku Limerick Cinquain

Diamonte Bio Poem Concrete Poem I Am Poem Alliteration Personification Simile Metaphor Poetry Terms

Lines- Poets write in lines instead of sentences Rhyme- Words that end lines of poetry with the same sound Stanzas- Groups of lines of poetry Rhythm- The beat or pattern of a poem, fast of slow Simile- A comparison using like or as Metaphor- A comparison that doesnt use like or as Couplets- Stanzas of two lines that usually rhyme Poetry Terms Continued

Alliteration- The repetition of a consonant sound Onomatopoeia- Words or a grouping of words that imitates the sound it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as "click or "buzz Mood- Is the sounds and word pictures a poem creates Personification- When something that does not human like qualities is given human like qualities Types of Poetry

BIO POEM- An eleven line poem about yourself. Line 1- Your First Name Line 2- 4 Traits that describe you Line 3- Sibling of(Three people or ideas) Line 4- Lover of(Three items) Line 5- Who feels (Three items) Line 6- Who needs (Three items) Line 7- Who gives (Three items) Line 8- Who fears(Three items) Line 9- Who would like to see(Three items) Line 10- Resident of (Your city, street, or State) Line 11- Your last name

Types of Poetry I AM POEM- A 3 distinctive stanza poem about yourself that follows a specific pattern. FIRST STANZA THIRD STANZA I am (two special characters you have) I understand (something you know is true) I wonder (something you are actually curious about) I say (something you believe in) I hear (an imaginary sound) I dream (something you actually dream about) I see (an imaginary sight) I try (something you really make an effort about I want (an actual date) I hope (something you actually hope for) I am (the first line of a poem repeated)

I am (the first line of a poem repeated) SECOND STANZA I pretend (something you actually pretend to do) I feel (a feeling about something imaginary) I touch (an imaginary touch) I worry (something that really bothers you) I cry (something that makes you very sad) I am (the first line of the poem repeated) Types of Poetry HAIKU- Haiku poetry is a very short, centuries old form of Japanese poetry, that usually deals with nature, that has a specific pattern. The pattern is: 5 Syllables 7 Syllables

5 Syllables Snow is falling down Our snow days are all used up That means Ill see you -Antal 2008 Types of Poetry LIMERICK- A Limerick is a funny little poem containing five lines. The last words of the 1st(A), 2nd(A), and 5th(A) lines rhyme with each other, and the last words of the 3rd(B), and 4th(B) lines rhyme with each other. A clumsy young fellow named Jim(A) Was never informed how to swim.(A) He fell off a dock(B) And sunk like a rock(B)

And that was the end of him.(A) Types of Poetry DIAMONTE- A Diamonte Poem is shaped like a diamond. It too has a set pattern. Opposites are also used. Noun Adjective, Adjective Verb, Verb, Verb Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun Verb, Verb, Verb Adjective, Adjective Noun Cocoa Tree

Tropical, Gnarly Growing, Producing, Flowering Pods, Beans, Buds, Apples Dropping, Crunching, Baking Delicious, All-American Apple Tree Types of Poetry CINQUAIN- Another type of poem with a specific pattern. Each line has a certain number of syllables. The pattern is 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 syllables per lines My dog

Is fat and slow. She eats all day and night. She sleeps all day and is lazy. Worthless Types of Poetry CONCRETE POEM- Also called picture poetry, is formed to look like what you are writing about. Types of Poetry ALLITERATION- The repetition of a

consonant sound Windshield wipers wipe the windshield Wipe the water off the pane This way That way This way That way This way That way In the rain Mary Ann Hoberman Types of Poetry

PERSONIFICATION- Poetry that assigns human characteristics to non-human things. DINNER Knife was the first to speak. He was known mostly for his sharp cutting remarks. Chairs sat down underneath the table. Napkins folded themselves into their laps. Teapot, unable to stand the tension, began to boil. Cup held one hand on her hip Knowing she could hold her own Fork and spoon huddled off to the side next to the plate. They knew plate could handle whatever was dished out. Terry Garrison

Types of Poetry SIMILE AND METAPHOR- A poem that contains the use of simile and metaphor.

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