East and North Hertfordshire Care Home Vanguard Showcase

East and North Hertfordshire Care Home Vanguard Showcase

Next steps Alison Gilbert Director of Delivery and Partnerships Hertfordshire and West Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Impact so far 624 459 358 What we learnt and how we adapted Do Use data to inform the development of your model Work with others communicate clearly and agree clear processes Dont

Scope creep - during pilot schemes, add in controlled iterative phases, dont just bolt on features. Design in isolation involve all levels of staff to co-produce Offer on-going support, not just models and dont avoid difficult one-off training conversations Overwhelm staff with training that is not relevant or essential Vanguard learning and the STP STP PMO Clinical transformation Workstreams Urgent & Emergency Planned Care

Frailty Enabling transformation Workstreams Task and finish groups Primary Care Clinical Support Services Prevention Procurement Back Office Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

Medicines Optimisation Place Based and Integrated Care Reduce Agency Spend POLCE and Exclusions Cancer Estates, Facilities and Capital Technology

Womens and Children Communications and Engagement Visit our website for more resources www.enhertsvanguard.uk/showcase Job descriptions Business cases KPIs Finances Evaluation reviews

Lessons learnt Case studies How to guides Return on investment information Processes Standard operating procedures Activity dashboards Thank you Have a safe journey home Please help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee from the dining room before you leave Dont forget your evaluation sheet!

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