EAP EPACKS - work in progress

EAP EPACKS - work in progress

Presented by Chris OReilly Educational Technologist / Senior Multimedia Developer 1 Introduction to e-packs: E-packs are online interactive self-study exercises designed to be used as part of a blended or distance learning course. http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks

Open Language Programme: 3000 students; 500+ external students Institution-Wide Language Programme including language specialist degrees Blended learning: 3-hour lesson, plus 3 hours of self-study Until 2001: paper-based study packs

Since 2001: development of epacks 4 Languages, various levels: 1800+ Originally designed Interactive exercises 2 Pedagogical Considerations: E-packs follow a communicative syllabus Use of e-packs is intended to foster

learner autonomy (a pragmatic definition) Integration of e-packs and taught classes: blended learning Staff/student training and support 3 Typically e-packs are: Online sessions lasting 3 to 4 hours each

10 or 13 originally designed multimedia interactive exercises A cultural awareness section An extension work section with references to other materials and links to other language learning sites, plus instructions for a written task 4

Typically e-packs are: 5 English for Academic Purposes similar principles Highly interactive Audiovisual Game-based Make available university-wide as support via WebLearn 6 Google Analytics for e-packs: Current users of e-packs:

Anglian Ruskin Central College of Commerce European Business School Galway-mayo Ins of Technology Harper Adams Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield University Sunderland University Warwick University On 2-week trail: Brighton University Edinburgh University Bishopsgate Ins Morely College

7 Current and future projects for e-packs: Various other English projects Other languages, Arabic / Mandarin Chinese Early Childhood Scheme

Business School Activities Designing for the Mobile phone 8 Thanks you for your time And enjoy your e-pack experience http://www.londonmet.ac.uk/epacks 9

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