Digital Story Telling -

Digital Story Telling -

Digital Story Telling in eTwinning Projects Adil Tuyan [email protected] Who R U ? Great to meet you ALL !!! - What are digital stories ? - How are they used in the classroom ? - How can students work on Digital Stories ? - How can students share their stories ? - Multimodal Literacy

- 7 effective elements for Digital Stories - DST in the Classroom - Benefits of DST - Power of DST in 21st century - How to create digital stories ? Steps - Three Examples - DST Tools - Q&A DST - Digital Story Telling Before we start, - Have you ever read a digital story? - What was the name ? - Did you like it ? - Did it have an educational value ?

Go to the Padlet link to answer the questions please. What are digital stories? Digital Stories are multimedia movies that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text, and often a narrative voice. How are they used in the classroom? Digital stories may be used as an expressive medium within the classroom to integrate

subject matter with extant knowledge and skills from across the curriculum. How can students work on digital stories? Students can work individually or collaboratively to produce their own digital stories. How can students share their stories with others ? Once completed, these stories are easily be uploaded to the

internet and can be made available to an international audience, depending on the topic and purpose of the project. Multimodal Literacy Multimodal Literacy refers to meaning-making that occurs through the reading, viewing, understanding, responding to and producing and interacting with multimedia and digital texts. It may include oral and gestural modes of talking, listening and dramatizing as well as writing, designing and producing such texts. The processing of modes, such as image, words, sound and movement within texts can occur simultaneously and is often cohesive and

synchronous. Seven effective elements for digital Stories Step 1 Point of view Step 2 Dramatic Question Step 3 Emotional Element Step 6

Economy Step 4 The Gift of your Voice Step 7 Pacing Step 5 The Power of the Soundtrac k Seven Elements 1.Point of View

All stories make a point. They follow the pattern of describing a desire, a need, or a problem that must be addressed by a central character (you).They follow the action. The desire leads us to take, and then reveal realizations. 2.Dramatic Question Well-crafted stories, from Shakespeare to Star Wars, set up a tension from the beginning that holds you.

In a romance, will the girl get the guy? In an adventure, will the hero reach the goal? In a crime or murder mystery, who did it? Seven Elements 3.Emotional Content This effect is principally a result of a truthful approach to emotional materials. To understand story's role in our lives is to think of most stories

as resurrection tales. Every one of us has to wake up in the morning, and choose to go on, to resurrect ourselves in the face of fate and circumstance, the memory of loss and almost unbearable struggle. 4.The Gift of your Voice Those of us fortunate enough to be able to talk out loud should love our voices, because they tell everyone so much about who we are, both how strong we can be and how fragile.

In a story, we are listening for an organic rhythmic pattern that allows us to float into reverie. The easiest way to improve upon a [spoken from script] recording of your voice is to keep the writing terse. Record several takes of the text. Work at speaking slowly in a conversational style. Seven Elements 5.The Power of the Soundtrack People now walk around with soundtracks running in

their heads, a movie that puts our life into a clearer perspective, or at least entertains us. Instrumental music or ambient sound is often better suited to the style and meaning of the story's text and visual narratives. 6. Economy Most people do not realize that the story they have to tell can be effectively illustrated with a small number of images and

video, and a relatively short text. Storytelling with images means consciously economizing language in relationship to the narrative that is provided by the images Seven Elements 7.Pacing Considered by many to be the true secret of successful storytelling. Changing pace, even in a short digital story, is very effective. Good stories breathe. They move along generally at an even pace, but once in a while they stop. They take a deep breath and proceed. Or if the story calls for it they walk a little faster,

and faster until they are running, but sooner or later they have to run out of breath and stop and wheeze at the side of the road. Digital Story Telling in the Classrom Digital storytelling can be used in the classroom in a myriad of ways. Telling personal stories helps students learn about voice in a narrative form, as well as first person perspective. Since modern communication involves writing with pictures and music, having students create digital stories helps them build these skills.

You can also use digital storytelling to address curriculum areas beyond language arts and media literacy. For example, students can retell an event from the life of a famous person they are studying to help us understand why this person acted the way they did. Younger students can become an animal and discuss habitat,

food, predation, and other life cycle issues. How TO ? Get Started with Digital Storytelling Write a Script Create Storyboards Create Photo Collages Record and Edit Digital Audio Find and Download Royalty-Free Music Use Photo Story 3 Use Source : page.cfm?id=23&cid=23 Three Examples 1- A Job Interview 2- My Super Palls

3- Yesterdays Fun Digital Story Telling Tools 1. Domo Animate- This is my favorite story animation tool. It gives students so much flexibility and freedom telling their story, the results are amazing! 2. Google Search Stories Video CreatorThis is a YouTube site that lets you create a digital story out of a series of Google Searches, you really have to check it out to get the full effect! 3. PicLits- PicLits lets students choose a picture and then draw from a word bank to create a sentence or story to accompany

the picture. Digital Story Telling Tools 4.StoryBird- This site lets students create stories based on beautiful illustrations by real artists; better yet, it lets students create stories collaboratively! 5. Animoto- The free version of Animoto lets students create 30 second videos that combine images, songs, and text. It

combines them all for an impressive presentation without a lot of fuss. 6. ZooBurst- ZooBurst is a new site that lets students create virtual 3D popup books. Even better, it lets students print out a special marker and view their popup book augmented reality style as it comes to life using a webcam! Digital Story Telling Tools

7. Myths and Legends 8. Shidonni- One of my students very favorite websites of all time, this one gets requested a lot! 9. Smile Box 10. Kerpoof- another student favorite Digital Story Telling Tools 11. Glogster

12. Creaza 13. Voice Thread 14. Graphic Novel Creator- Comic Master 15. Staged 16. ePub Bud- publish ebooks for ebook readers like the iPad 17. Virsona- a different kind of

digital storytelling. Digital Story Telling Tools 18. Zimmer Twins- one of the best tools to create stories 19. Fotobabble 20. Picture Book Maker

21. Nota- collaborative workspace 22. My Story Maker 23. Xtranormal 24. Do Ink 25. Piki Kids Comic Creator

Digital Story Telling Tools 26. Bubblr! 27. Lightening Bug iPad digital Story Telling Tools A new Collection of DST To ols 28. What-if questions for stories

29. The Story Starter Jr. Created by Joel Heffner! 30. The Story Starter- Also created by Joel! 31. PinBall-bounce ideas around 36 powerful tools Click here to see the apps. AnswerGarden A fun way of creative Learning

Click on the images Questions and Answers Thank you [email protected]

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