Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB®V.4

Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB®V.4

Digital Signal Processing Using MATLABV.4 Vinay K.Ingle John G. Proakis Northeastern University PREFACE Teaching method on SP

Simple lecture-only Integrated lecture-laboratory Computer-based explanations, examples and exercises Matlab software Developed by Math Works Inc. De facto standard for numerical computation in the SP Available on all computing platform PREFACE This book

Integrating Matlab with traditional topics on DSP Use Matlab to explore difficult topics and solve proble ms to gain insight Matlab provides a convenient tool so that many scenari os can be tried with ease Enhance the learning process Assume that the student is familiar with the fundamenta l of MATLAB

PREFACE Organization of the Book Chapter 1, Introduction Chapter 2, Discrete-time Signals and Systems Chapter 3, The Discrete-time Fourier Analysis Chapter 4, The Z-Transform

Chapter 5, The Discrete Fourier Transform Chapter 6, Digital Filter Structures Chapter 7, FIR Filter Design Chapter 8, IIR Filter Design INTRODUCTION The field of DSP has grown to be important both theoretically and technologically. Development and use of low-cost software and hardware

New tech. and app. take advantage of DSP algorithms Make DSP an integral part of any E.E. curriculum Under what condition can DSP course be given to undergraduate students? Advances in PC Interactive software, MATLAB Mitras Lecture Notes Lets go Why signals should be processed?

Signals are carriers of information Useful and unwanted Extracting, enhancing, storing and transmitting the useful information How signals are being processed?-- Analog Signal Processing vs. Digital Signal Processing

DSP Equivalent analog signal processor Analog PrF ADC DSP DAC PoF PrF: antialiasing filtering PoF: smooth out the staircase waveform

Analog Comparison of DSP over ASP -Advantages Developed Using Software on Computer; Working Extremely Stable; Easily Modified in Real Time ; Low Cost and Portable; -Disdvantages

Lower Speed and Lower Frequency The two categories of DSP Tasks Signal Analysis: Measurement of signal properties Spectrum(frequency/phase) analysis Target detection, verification, recognition Signal Filtering

Signal-in-signal-out, filter Removal of noise/interference Separation of frequency bands Course Homepage

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