Diapositiva 1 - le.ac.uk

Diapositiva 1 - le.ac.uk

Bridging the Competencies Gap Leicester 2007 Paula de Waal Universit di Padova University of Padova, Italy University's year of foundation: 1222 Galileo Galilei taught at the university First permanent anatomy theatre in the world 13 Faculties

90 three-year degree courses 65 research focused departments Paula de Waal - [email protected] Faculty of Educational Sciences 3400 participants

Post Graduation online Web-enhanced disciplines Communities Project Works and Portfolios Partnerships 1819 participants

Paula de Waal - [email protected] Graduation online Certifications Content development In-service teacher training (2006) Provincia di Trento National Institute for Innovation

in Education Ministry of Education: Regional office (Veneto) Paula de Waal - [email protected] Dealing with hundreds and thousands Fighting against old beliefs: Big numbers need self-paced models Collaborative activities have to be preceeded by

identity building or community-like models Tutors are not supposed to act in push mode Dropout will augment if online activity and structured homework is required for certification Paula de Waal - [email protected] Design Framework Comunit di Produzione 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. transversal competencies analysis model production-oriented cooperative tasks pervasive metacompetency-based activities

iterative revision of the learning activities and mediation strategies management of flexibility and personalization during the course (flexibility areas at micro-project level) integration of environments, content an activities low-cost, meaningfull and usable resources sense of reality drives engagement strategies tutors are trained to the specific methodology and to contestualization of processes and tools (supported by experts) Paula de Waal - [email protected]

Low-cost resources used as Sparkles Paula de Waal - [email protected] Wiki: tool for collaborative project-work Paula de Waal - [email protected] Pedagogia Speciale : positive students feedback

Paula de Waal - [email protected] Competencies gap of mediators can put effectiveness at risk understand and implement in the field, the communication and educational strategies aligned with the methodologies established at Macro level recognize the zones of flexibility and perform the roles established within each educational

context promote personalization strategies project their own interventions with educational intent at Micro Level perform diagnostic and continuous monitoring of learning and teaching processes manage change and solve unknown problems Paula de Waal - [email protected] Complexity levels of transversal competencies Paula de Waal - [email protected]

"Tutoring for Distance Learning (master) 3-week learning module addresses the concept of Distributed Learning Environment and the complexity of mediation in Open systems promote acquaintance with new communication channels, styles and schemes applied to educational settings improvement of problem solving skills Improvement of information literacy skills

Web 2.0 Scenario adopted as "expanded and distributed learning environment students and teachers connect, collect, comment, organize content using aggregators (clipping, blogroll, playlist, channel) Moodle becomes a node where Shared images, Blogs, Videoblogs and Podcasting shows published by students get connected by means of RSS Channels, audio-forums, glossaries and collections

Shared e-tutoring model (different roles) Paula de Waal - [email protected] Distributed content /authoring flow Nodes created by the teacher

Node created by tutor1 tracking, weaving, perceptions, emotions Bloglines Node created by tutor2

misconception control, content gap management, examples: Bloglines, Blogger, Flickr, Odeo, Openvlog, Podomatic, Moodle technical scaffolding and proactive tips Moodle Forum

Nodes created by students Choice of 1/4 different learning paths : 80 nodes - Bloglines, Blogger, Flickr, Odeo, Openvlog, Podomatic, Moodle, Writely, Wikipedia Paula de Waal - [email protected] Moodle Syndication

Continuity with face-to-face Paula de Waal - [email protected] Co-authoring on the fly Aggregator shows blog by Gino Buizza (tutor 1) Paula de Waal - [email protected] Audio-forum moderated by Patrizio Porcelli (tutor 2)

Paula de Waal - [email protected] Connecting lms tools and videoblog channels Paula de Waal - [email protected] Teachers podcatcher simulator (flash) Paula de Waal - [email protected] Assessment: attitude towards learning, reciprocal evaluation rubric and teacher feedback

Paula de Waal - [email protected] IF the quality and results of collaborative or self-directed online learning depends on how effectively teachers and tutors employ communication and educational mediation strategies Paula de Waal - [email protected]

THEN the role of teachers and tutors and their mediation techniques should be defined in accordance with the learning activities designed and the environments adopted Paula de Waal - [email protected] BUT personalization, contextualization and authentic assessment require

flexibility at content, activity and strategy levels Paula de Waal - [email protected] THUS mediators need to be empowered and capable of change management within the boundaries defined at Macro Level Paula de Waal - [email protected]

BIG OOOPS! metacompetencies and transversal competencies are hardly ever embedded in curriculums; in order to make it viable, continuity of processes and permeability of disciplines have to be promoted by collaborative and iterative design Paula de Waal - [email protected] Grazie

Paula de Waal - [email protected]

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