Designated Education Officer Orientation

Designated Education Officer Orientation

VA Health Professions Trainee On-and Off-Boarding OAA Health Professions Education Orientation 2019 Acronyms AD Active Directory, Windows computer account, with email/UPN CAG Citrix Access Gateway (software used with VPN/remote access) DOB Date of birth ePCS E-prescribing of Controlled Substances (software to grant prescribing privileges) e-Qip Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing for Tier 1 investigations. FIM Forefront Identity Manager Searchable list of all Windows/AD accounts

JIT Just in Time, system for provisioning Government Furnished Equipment NACI/Tier 1* National Agency Check with Inquiries* (security clearance via e-Qip) NSD/ESD* National Service Desk* - (ESD) Enterprise Service Desk OPM Office of Personnel Management PIV Personal Identity Verification Credential (PIV, non-PIV and Flash) SAC Special Agreement Check (security check, fingerprints only), must be adjudicated SNOW ServiceNow ESD Contractor TQCVL Trainee Qualifications and Credentials Verification Letter UPN User Principal Name (unique identifier linking AD to PIV; [email protected]) YourIT System used to enter computer requests References Handbook 5005 Staffing (1,267 page document) Documents/5005.pdf Handbook 0735 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) Program HSPD12_Handbook_0735_V_5_5.pdf Handbook 6500 Risk Management Framework for VA Information Systems Tier 3: VA Information Security Program

?Pub_ID=793&FType=2 References (continued) VHA Directive 0710 Personnel Security and Suitability Program (there is also a VA Directive 0710) cation.asp?pub_ID=8110 OAA Handbooks and Directives: 1400.05 Disbursement Agreements and Procedures 1400.09 Education of Physicians and Dentists 1400.08 Education of Associated Health Professions And many, many more OAA Online Resources

OAA Intranet/SharePoint HPT Onboarding and Provisioning OAA FAQs OAA Help Desk (manned by live people ) OAA Support Center OAA Internet TQCVL Guide Trainee Application Forms VHA Handbook 1400.05 (Disbursement) The DEO: Is the single, designated VA employee who has oversight

responsibility for all health professions training at a VA medical facility Is an education leader Has general oversight of all trainees, including medical and dental, associated health, nursing and VHA advanced fellowships Serves as your facilitys point of contact for all issues and trainees Ensures that affiliation agreements and PLAs or MOUs are in place Ensures that all [trainees] have appropriate VA appointments through the Human Resources Service VHA Handbook 1400.xx (Trainee Appointment) Trainee appointment handbook does not exist Revised VA Handbook 5005 (Staffing) was in concurrence with OAA recommended changes, but the changes were never made OAA Proposed Changes to 5005 (Staffing)

Rescind VA Form 10-2850B, Application for Residents Add VA Form 10-2850D, Application for Health Professions Trainees to be used by all trainees (ver. 2011) Require residents paid under a disbursement agreement receive a WOC appointment, not intermittent Update terminology throughout to consistently refer to health professions trainees Trainee covers all individuals enrolled in accredited, affiliated, degree-conferring and post-graduate education and training programs. Change the title and scope of the Resident Credentials Verification Letter (RCVL) to Trainee Qualifications and Credentials Verification Letter (TQCVL) and requires its use for all health professions trainees not just physician and dental residents TQCVL In Depth The DEO owns the TQCVL process, may make modifications to the letter and list, controls the signature process and retains for fiveyears per RCS

TQCVL required for ALL HPTs The affiliate, or VA program director, verifies information about the trainee(s) confirming they are: Enrolled in or accepted into the training program; Qualified to participate in the training program; Eligible for appointment to a Federal government position; Physically and mentally fit to perform the functions of the training program; and Immunized per VHA policy Multi-year programs provide a TQCVL every academic year listing all trainees in the program for that year The TQCVL is proof that an HPT is eligible for VA appointment. No further eligibility checks need to be made by HR. Am I Eligible? Registration In Depth

All males born after Dec. 31, 1959 must have registered for the Selective Service System before age 26 Individuals required to register but fail to by age 26 cannot be appointed There are some males who are not subject to this requirement This includes appointment as an HPT; both WOC and Paid VAs internal waiver process through OHRM is detailed in Appendix R of 5005 I didnt know is not a valid reason Non-immigrant Visa Holders Males who entered the US after age 26

Register and Check Registration on Status Information Letter (SIL) from Non-US Citizens In Depth To receive a stipend, HPTs must be US citizens Non-US citizens may be appointed as WOC Trainee must have a US Social Security Number Trainee must have appropriate documentation to reside and work in the US (immigrant, non-immigrant, exchange visitor, visa, green card) The facility Director approves WOC and non-US citizen appointments The Director signs the TQCVL or Separate letter from DEO to Director through HR asking to appoint

GME: Non-US citizen residents are selected by the affiliate, and thereby may be appointed granted they meet all other requirements of their program All other WOC: Affiliate states that no US citizen will be displaced as a result of this appointment Naturalized US citizens ARE US citizens! Physically and Mentally Fit In Depth WHAT? Evidence that the HPT can meet the physical requirements of the training program The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) specifies three levels of Physical Demand Evidence of Tuberculosis screening Evidence of Hepatitis B vaccine, natural infection/recovery

Level 8-1 The work is sedentary with no special physical demands Level 8-2 The work requires some physical exertion above average agility and dexterity Level 8-3 The work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion Waivers only when HPT will never come in contact with body fluids Assurance that the HPT will be immunized for seasonal influenza by November 30th of every year OR wear a mask when not immunized Physically and Mentally Fit In Depth WHY? Certain Positions require: HPTs are healthy young health professionals (these health checks cost VA $) Affiliates and Program Directors are to ensure their trainees are prepared for training in a Clinical Environment Immunizations are a condition of employment

Pre-Employment Physical Examination and Evaluation (immunizations) HR makes the determination to send prospective employees to EH/OH Even University undergraduate students must have a physical and be immunized No privacy or FERPA laws are violated VA can make accommodations when necessary VA Appointment In Depth Period of Appointment: Stipend: Not to exceed (NTE) 1-year up to 3-years

Per VA Handbook 5005, HPT appointments are for the full duration of the trainees program The DEO will coordinate with HR and determine appointment start and end dates WOC HPT Appointment letters, start date and end date Entrance on duty dates (EODs) are determined by Program, Accrediting body, and/or DEO EOD does not have to be the first day of a pay period Appointment Letter Disbursement Agreement Appointment Letter Without Compensation (WOC) Affidavit (SF-61) [oath of office] Not required for Active Duty Military personnel or dual appointment VA employees HR, or another official, may need to swear in the trainees (Oath) [early, or on EOD] Go Team! VA Staff Involved in On-boarding

DEO Education and/or Clinical Service staff Responsible for the trainee for the duration of their program $ WebHR access = HR Liaison Program Director and Program Coordinator (VA or Affiliate) Fingerprinting Office (may or may not be in HR)** HR Personnel Suitability Specialist (adjudicate and track clearance) HR Staffing Specialist (appointment letter, oath and retain the packet) TMS Domain Manager/System Administrator with access to Profile Maintenance ADPAC/OIT Request and Manage Accounts (AD/Windows and VistA/ CPRS) PIV Team (Manager/Sponsor, Registrar**, Issuer**)

**Courtesy steps: May be staff at another VA facility! And So it Begins On-boarding 1. Program identifies HPT 2. Education or Clinical Service staff conduct Pre-onboarding Investigation 3. List of HPTs (get a preliminary list, eventually attached to the TQCVL) Windows Account? TMS Account? PIV Credential? Education or Clinical Service staff contacts the HPT (remember, you are their Person) Ask Questions: When are you leaving current VA? DO you still have your PIV? Give the next steps specific to them (fingerprint? Or will PIV still be

good?) Share information with DEO, Program Director, HR and OIT Each have their own things they need to for the next steps Pre On-boarding Investigation Does the HPT have an AD account using Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) FIM and PIV anagement Look up Business Email in the PIV Portal Keep it Going On-boarding/Provisioning 4. Education or Clinical Service staff collects forms 5.

HR Personnel Suitability Specialist aids with screening and investigation 6. SAC Adjudication Date $ HR Personnel Suitability Specialist initiates eQIP TMS Domain Manager validates or transfers TMS account 7. Or works to ensure $ HR gets the forms MTT Completion Date ADPAC submit Provisioning or Transfer Request [using dates from 5 & 6] YourIT Provisioning Request for NEW Computer Access YourIT for Account Transfer (use PIV issuance date in lieu of SAC date) But Wait! Theres More 8.

PIV Sponsor Remember the whole trainee, card expiration in 3 years if appropriate Contact the trainee with instructions 9. Local or courtesy biometrics capture [this is different from fingerprinting] Team Effort - Clinical Provisioning Using your OIT Access Control system to request VistA/CPRS 10. Degree, Title, Menus, Classes, Keys ePCS (prescribing privileges), NPI for the business office, Physical Access, Scrub Machine, Office keys, Parking, etc.

DEO Office receive, review, accept, and file the TQCVL Anyone NOT on the TQCVL cannot complete the following steps Final, Home Stretch Completing Onboarding HPT signs the Appointment Letter HPT takes the Oath of Office and signs the Affidavit $HPT elects Benefits [for stipend HPTs] During HPT In-processing Meeting Just say NO to NEO HPT provided Program or Service Orientation HPT provided CPRS Training [by Preceptor or Colleague] Tab-by-Tab:

NOT mandated Nationally MAY BE useful as initial or supplemental training Signature Block, Signature Code HPT accepts PIV credential (can be done before appointed or after start date) Step 1 Fingerprinting - Suitability Transfers do not require new fingerprints UNLESS their PIV has expired Trainees can courtesy fingerprint at any VA facility Use the Universal Form Gaining facility SOI (submitting office identifier) and SON (submitting office number) OPM gets the results and the gaining facility** pulls the results (legal name, SSN, date of birth, city/state/country of birth) Facilities use various methods to track clearance

Events requiring new fingerprints are: A new appointment after a break in service Delay in PIV sponsorship/visit The120-day rule-see, PIV process, new SAC Adjudication (for eligibility) New PIV after expiration **Gaining facility HR Personnel Security Specialist must know that fingerprinting has occurred. Then they pull the information from OPM. (legal name, SSN, date of birth, city/state/country of birth) Step 2 - TMS and MTT Provide Trainee with local/facility instructions (Location Code and POC) Trainee self-enrolls in TMS and completes training

TMS Administrator Validates into the local/facility TMS domain** During validation Sunset dates default to 1-year if not modified, maximum 3-years; setting the accurate date saves time off-boarding Trainee TMS accounts must be transferred and modified/updated Review and modify as necessary, TMS Profile Maintenance Supervisor, Service/Department/Local Organization, Email address, Phone number Sunset date **Recommendations: DEO have on staff a TMS Administrator, with Profile Maintenance Assign all WOC trainees to one service (COS or Education) Stipend trainee self-enrolls and account verified BEFORE EDR update so account/training will merge Step 3 Computer Account Provisioning

Step 1 (adjudicated SAC-date) and Step 2 (MTT completion-date) Account Provisioning: Individual YourIT Request vs. Mass Provisioning Request (5 or more at a time) Windows/AD Smart Card (PIV) Required* At another Facility? Need a Date for the move [instructions on OAA intranet] Request Accounts in two, separate processes For account moves use the PIV issuance date in lieu of SAC-date As soon as AD is provisioned, sponsor for PIV Clinical Provisioning (VistA/CPRS)

For Account Moves, PIV sponsorship can be submitted before Account is Moved Use your Access Control System (NARS or EPAS) Menus, Keys, User Class Accounts are disabled after 90-days of inactivity, HPT will call ESD to enable Step 4 PIV Credential Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) states that ALL individuals accessing federal facilities and information systems are to be issued a PIV credential Special Agency Check (SAC) HPTs who will not exceed 180 days in a one year period either continuously or in aggregate [Exempt from Tier 1] Non-PIV card for employees who require logical access but do not require a NACI (SAC Only); up to 3 years, no different functionality

Flash Pass for employees who only require physical access [no computer account/logical access] NACI/Tier 1 background investigation required for any trainee who will exceed180 days in a one year period, either continuously or in aggregate. [Tier 1 starts with SAC] PIV card for employees who receive a NACI background investigation PIV Process In Depth Non-PIV can be issued once SAC is adjudicated PIV can be issued once Tier 1 is initiated (or after SAC) Step 1 (fingerprint/clear), Step 2 (MTT) and Step 3 (AD/Windows account provisioned with email address and matching UPN [email protected] unique) PIV application initiated by manager/sponsor Full, legal name as displayed on 2 official ID documents Social security number Date of birth Type of Card: non-PIV or PIV [see previous slide] Employment status: Affiliate Employment expiration date: the same as the appointment end

date (maximum 3 years)* Will also need to know; height, weight, eye color, hair color and place of birth *Remember the whole trainee, set employment date to 3 years if appropriate PIV Process (continued) PIVs do not need to be issued prior to the HPT starting HPTs can call ESD and get a 14-day exemption while awaiting PIV issuance Step 4 - Once sponsored, the trainee reports for biometrics capture and identity proofing Step 5 - One FINAL visit to accept the credential [pick up the card and set the PIN]

Can be done as courtesy at any VA, or can be done on first VA day PIV Biometrics capture MUST take place within 120-days of fingerprinting/SAC otherwise fingerprinting/SAC must be done again (VA Handbook 0735) Each facility is different; some make appointments, some take walkins, some print the card right away, some take days/weeks to print the card [hyperlink to PIV offices Can be done as courtesy at any VA, or can be done on first VA day PIV not ready on first day? Call ESD for a 14-day exemption Actions for the WOC Trainee 1. 2. 3. Report for fingerprinting (not required if a PIV transfer) Self-enroll and/or complete training in TMS every 364 days Complete and sign forms: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment (Trainee signs as applicant and

appointee) VA 10-2850d Application for Health Professions Trainees (DEO signs Section IV accepting the Trainee) Sign Random Drug Testing Memo Sign Appointment Letter Sign Affidavit (SF-61) [take the oath] Log into VA computer and VistA/CPRS once every 364 days Report for PIV biometrics capture and identity proofing Accept PIV credential Steps 1-7 must be completed before the first VA rotation Steps 8 and 9 can be done after the HPT begins at the VA HPT WOC Appointment Paperwork Record Control Schedule 1140 Office of Academic Affiliation 1140.1 Clinical Trainee Onboarding Case File (CTOCF) Maintained by: Human Resources (WOC vs. Stipend/eOPF)

Application for Health Professions Trainees, VA Form 10-2850D Declaration for Federal Employment, OF-306 Appointment Letter Appointment Affidavit, SF-61 Screening Checklist, VA Form 10-0453 (or alternative) Employment Eligibility Form, I-9 if necessary. (Other forms may be added) Temporary; cutoff, case files at the end of the calendar year in which the academic year is completed. Transfer to Federal Record Center (FRC) when 7 years old. Destroy 25 years after cutoff. 1140.2 Trainee Qualifications and Credentials Verification Letter (TQCVL) Maintained by: [COS or ACOS/E] Temporary; cutoff at end of academic year training is completed. Destroy 5 years after cutoff. Stipend Paid Trainees Heavily dependent on Human Resources Staff, do not begin more than 120-days in advance

Discuss entrance on duty dates (EODs) WebHR, Personnel Actions, detailed Hiring Request Information OAA Allocation Report Job Codes Stipend Rates Additional Forms: EOD does not have to be the first day of a pay period I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, SF-181, Ethnicity and Race Identification, W4, Federal Tax Withholding, State Tax Form, Direct Deposit SF-256, Self-Identification of Disability Just Say NO to NEO

Trainees meet with HR to sign forms (HPT In-processing) All HPT mandatory VA training is completed in MTT Program Orientation and Site Guide to contain EAP and Employee/Management Relation topics Questions Sandie Bee VHA Office of Academic Affiliations Trainee Onboarding Specialist 858-334-8835 (mobile)

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