DEQ Use of Volunteer Data - Chesapeake Bay Program

DEQ Use of Volunteer Data - Chesapeake Bay Program

DEQ Use of Volunteer Data James Beckley Virginia and DEQ Virginia has >52,255 miles of rivers and streams 116,364 acres of significant lakes and reservoirs 2,684 square miles of estuaries On average, DEQ monitors ~2,000 stations each year with an monitoring budget of $1 million Since 1998 DEQ has actively partnered with citizen volunteer and other non-agency water monitors In 2003 DEQ developed a QA/QC program to allow the

agency to incorporate non-agency data to assess water quality Continued support by DEQ is resulting in an unprecedented amount of quality data submitted to the agency So Where Does This Data Come From? % Stations Submitted Citizen Volunteers 75.3% Non- DEQ Govt. Agencies 22.5% Private Industry

1.4% Academia* 0.8% *Not already affiliated with a citizen group or under an analysis contract by DEQ How DEQ Uses Submitted Data Stream Assessment 305(b) assessment of stream health Tracking Rapid Response Outreach Education

and 303(d) listing Water quality improvement such as during TMDL implementation Early detection of pollution events to help alert DEQ Work with local communities in a positive way Show the importance of water quality to the public Ways DEQ Does Not Use Submitted Data Submitted data is not used by DEQ for enforcement or similar regulatory actions Data is not assessed if it was collected in permitted

mixing zones or at discharge pipes Submitted data not used by itself to develop TMDL Implementation Plans How DEQ Reviews Submitted Data QA all submitted data Groups encouraged to use DEQ approved protocols and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Laboratories must pass inspection Data falls into one of three categories

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay Member Recertification Event Level I QA/QC Protocols Does not possess a DEQ approved QAPP or SOP Monitoring and/or laboratory analysis does not follow DEQ protocols Parameter not associated with a Virginia water quality standard

Uses Education Baseline Data Pollution Red Flags Local Land Use Decisions Special Studies Level II QA/QC Protocols Uses DEQ approved QAPP and All uses as stated in Level I SOP

Assessed in the 305(b) Method may deviate from report to determine waters DEQ methods. (e.g. a method with a higher detection limit) Field and/or laboratory audit required of concern (Category 3C, 3D) to prioritize waters for DEQ follow-up monitoring Level III QA/QC Protocols

Uses DEQ approved QAPP and All uses as stated in Level II SOP Assess water quality in Follow approved methods 305(b) report (EPA, Standard Methods, USGS, etc.) Field and/or laboratory audit required Impairment listing/delisting

in the 303(d) report 3,000 Mile Goal Virginia House Bill 1859 passed during the 2007 General Assembly and codified in 62.1-44.19:11 of Virginia Code It shall be the goal of the Department to encourage citizen water quality monitoring so that 3,000 stream miles are monitored by volunteer citizens by 2010. This bill helped galvanize the need to develop a tracking method to determine the actual mileage contributions that volunteer groups provide to DEQ Mileage Tracking

Assessment Monitoring Cycle Year Citizen Stations Submitted Sample Events Stream Estuary Miles Mi2 Lake

Ac2 2008 2001-2006 1,002 15,605 2,371.61 73.74 9,726.15

2010 2003-2008 1,485 23,420 3,499.45 37.48 30,052.98 2012 2005-2010

1,774 30,829 4,124.44 40.15 27,975.46 2014* 2007-2012 1,825 31,871

* Mileage estimates are being calculated and will not be available until the Winter 2014/2015 2012 Report: Waters Monitored By Citizen or other Non-DEQ Data Citizen Data Available Online DEQ developed an online database for citizens to upload their Google map allows users to click on a station of interest to download data and information. Map link Questions

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