Demonstration Speech

Demonstration Speech

Demonstration Speech & Introduction Speech Purpose of demonstration: Purpose: To demonstrate something to your audience by making, doing, or repairing something. You will not simply inform us about something, but rather show us the entire process by actually doing it. Developmental Skill: To gain experience speaking before a group, utilizing the correct outline format, supporting the main steps through demonstration, description, and explanation. In addition, provide specific

reasons for doing something the way you do it. Requirements Presentation: You may bring note cards up with you. These note cards are called a key word outline. In other words, as opposed to having your full sentence outline, you utilize only key words to help jog your memory. The key word outline should be made after practicing your speech so that you know where you may need to jog your memory during the course of the speech. Do not use a full sentence outline while speaking since it is difficult to locate what you need and the tendency is to read up there instead of talk to us. Certain things can be written out for accuracy such as

quotations, definitions and your introduction and conclusion. Outline: A complete sentence outline (MLA format) that is typed is required to be turned into the instructor before you speak. Organization and completeness are essential aspects of the outline and are what the grading is based on for the outline. Examples of outlines follow. Visual Aids: MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE VISUAL AID! Visuals are usually inherent to the demonstration speech. In order for you to make, do, or repair something, you need to have the object that you are demonstrating. So for the most part, ingredients, materials, models, or even you make up the visual aids. If you would like to enhance your speech with an additional visual such as a

poster board etc. with directions, recipes, etc. that would be helpful. What is it? Also known as the How to speech Your job is to demonstrate to an audience how to do something (examples: how to assemble a skateboard or how to throw a football or how to construct an origami crane) Shy away from giving a speech about a topic everyone has already mastered, such as how to tie shoes or make a sandwich, unless you have an interesting, unique or humorous twist you can bring to it You should not assume everyone in the class knows how to do something you take for granted as being easy The purpose of the visual aid is to discourage you from using a word-for-word manuscript (it is difficult to read word-for-word

while manipulating an object physically). Meant to enhance eye contact and connection to audience Students must follow formal speech structure from lesson #2 and must incorporate the use of at least one prominent visual aid. The purpose of the visual aid is to discourage you from using a word-for-word manuscript (it is difficult to read word-for-word while manipulating an object physically), not because there is anything inherently wrong with such a manuscript, but at this point in the course, a strong connection to the audience, primarily through eye contact, must be reinforced.

Rubric for Demo Speech Length between two and ten minutes Introduction mentions the topic and connects to the audience Body effectively incorporates a visual aid and follows a clear and logical sequence Conclusion provides a broader context for the skills demonstrated Eye Contact abides by all the fundamentals honed in class exercises Bodily Stance gesturing and poise appropriate to the subject, avoiding habitual, excessive movement

Presence comfort and command Vocal Variety incorporates the necessary volume, speed, emphasis, enunciation, speed, and inflection to maximize audience receptivity Demonstration Outline Example http:// mple_Demonstration_Speech_Outline_Cherry _Cheesecakes.pdf https://

Introduction Speech directions: Introduction Speech for Demonstration Speech The sequence of speeches will be 1st introduction speech, 1st demonstration speech, 2nd introduction speech, 2nd demonstration speech, etc. as the sign-up speech indicates. Interview one another to get enough information about each other and your topics so you all can craft effective speeches of introduction according to the rubric given below. Speech of Introduction for Demonstration Speech Length between twenty seconds and one minute; says enough without detracting from the main event Purpose builds enthusiasm for the speaker and provides the maximize audience receptivity

necessary background to Rhetoric includes two to three prominent rhetorical devices, clearly labeled in the manuscript (look back to notes on rhetoric if you forget) Delivery maintains a strong connection to the audience even while Format must have a typed out manuscript utilizing a prepared text

Demonstration Speech Outline file:///C:/Users/sbelk/Dropbox/Speech--Unit %20Two/Demonstration%20Speech %20Outline.pdf

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