Delta Coder -

Delta Coder -

Delta Coder Delta Modulation Delta Modulation(DM) is a simplified PCM. In some type of signals (ex. Speech signal), the neighboring

samples are closely correlated with each other. Therefore, once a sample value is known this enables the prediction of next sample value accurately. Thus, instead of sending the real value of every sample at each time, differences (variances) between the

present and the previous samples are sent in DM. same principle is also used in DPCM too. Delta Modulation In DM, two-level quantizer and one-bit coding is

used. Transmitted code pulses do not carry the data related to the message signal itself; instead they carry data regarding the differentials () of the ) of the message function. The output of a delta modulator is a bit stream of

samples at a relatively high rate, the value of each bit being determined according to whether the input message sample amplitude has increased or decreased relative to the previous sample.




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