CS1315: Introduction to Media Computation— Creating Computer ...

CS1315: Introduction to Media Computation— Creating Computer ...

Introduction to Media Computation: Inventing a new approach to computing education at Georgia Tech Mark Guzdial Associate Professor College of Computing/GVU Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Science Education is Facing Challenging Times Nationally Women and minority percentage of

enrollment in CS dropping High failure rates in CS1 (35-50% or more) Fewer applications into CS All programming jobs going overseas Research results: Irrelevant, tedious, boring, lacking creativity, asocial At a time when we recognize the critical role of IT in our economy, in all jobs Strategy: Make CS education ubiquitous Motivate

non-CS students to care about computing. Create non-traditional courses, minors, and nontraditional paths into CS Reach out beyond Georgia Tech Make it relevant, social, and creative. CS1315 Introduction to Media Computation 121 students in Spring 2003, with 303 in Fall 03 and 395 for Spring 04

2/3 female in Spring 2003 MediaComp Required in Architecture, Management, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, and Biology Focus: Learning programming and CS concepts within the context of media manipulation and creation Converting images to grayscale and negatives, splicing and reversing sounds, writing programs to generate HTML, creating movies out of Web-accessed content. Computing for communications, not calculation

def clearRed(picture): for pixel in getPixels(picture): setRed(pixel,0) def greyscale(picture): for p in getPixels(picture): redness=getRed(p) greenness=getGreen(p) blueness=getBlue(p) luminance=(redness+blueness+greenness)/3 setColor(p, makeColor(luminance,luminance,luminance)) def negative(picture): for px in getPixels(picture): red=getRed(px) green=getGreen(px) blue=getBlue(px) negColor=makeColor(255-red,255-green,255-blue) setColor(px,negColor) Relevance through Data-first

Computing Real users come to a user with data that they care about, then they (unwillingly) learn the computer to manipulate their data as they need. Media Computation works like that. Students do use their own pictures as starting points for manipulations. Starting in the second

week of the course! Some students reversed sounds looking for hidden messages. Rough overview of Syllabus Defining and executing functions Pictures Sounds

Psychophysics, data structures, defining functions, for loops, if conditionals Sampled sounds vs. synthesized, MP3 vs. MIDI Text Psychophysics, data structures, defining functions, for loops, if conditionals Bitmap vs. vector notations

Converting between media, generating HTML, database, and networking Trees, hash tables Movies Then, Computer Science topics (last 1/3 class) Computer science topics as solutions to their problems Writing programs is hard! Are there ways to make it easier? Or at least shorter? Movie-manipulating programs take a long time to execute. Why? How fast/slow can programs be?

Object-oriented programming Functional programming and recursion Algorithmic complexity Why is PhotoShop so much faster? Compiling vs. interpreting Machine language and how the computer works Does the class work? Success Rate

In Spring 2003, 121 students (2/3 female), 3 drops Spring 2004: Teachers who arent the developers 60% of students surveyed at end of course say that they want a second course. These are non-majors, who have already fulfilled their requirement We are getting transfers into the CS major.

Average GTs CS1 72.2% (2000-2002) Media Computation Spring 2003 88.5% Fall 2003 87.5% Spring 2004

90.5% Were Students Motivated and Engaged? Homework assignments suggest they were. Shared on-line in collaborative web space (CoWeb) Some students reported writing programs outside of

class for fun. Example Student Work -Shared on the CoWeb Gallery Example Student Work -Shared on the CoWeb Gallery Example Student Work -Shared on the CoWeb Gallery Well, I looked at last years collages, and I certainly cant be beat. Example Student Work -Shared on the CoWeb Gallery Soup

Stephen Hawking How did Women Respond to the Course? Did we make it: Relevant? Creative? Social? How did Women Respond to the Course? Did we make it:

Relevant? I dreaded CS, but ALL of the topics thus far have been applicable to my future career (& personal) plansthere isn't anything I don't like about this class!!! Creative? Social? How did Women Respond to the Course? Did we make it:

Relevant? Creative? I just wish I had more time to play around with that and make neat effects. But JES will be on my computer forever, so thats the nice thing about this class is that you could go as deep into the homework as you wanted. So, Id turn it in and then me and my roommate would do more after to see what we could do with it. Social? How did Women Respond to the Course? Did we make it:

Relevant? Creative? Social? 20% of Spring 2003 students said Collaboration was best part of CS1315 Actually, I think [collaboration] is one of the best things about this class. My roommate and I abided by all the rules... but we took full advantage of the collaboration. It was more just the ideas bouncing off each other. I dont think this class would have been as much fun if I wasnt able to collaborate. On CoWeb use: Yes, its not just about the class people talk about anything, its a little bit more friendly than just heres your assignment. Next steps

A second course and an alternative path CS1316 Representing structure and behavior to be offered in Spring 2005 Essentially, data structures in a media context Context: How professional animators and computer musicians do their programming The two courses (CS1315 and CS1316) will be sufficient to take the rest of our traditional CS courses A CS minor has just been approved

In process of approving new BS in Computational Media Joint with School of Literature, Communication, and Culture Next steps Moving beyond GT Versions of Media Computation appearing at other institutions Gainesville College (2 year in Ga.) has been offering the course for a year.

Kennesaw is considering adopting the course. DePauw, Brandeis (in Scheme), Georgia Perimeter College (in Java), U. California Santa Cruz, and U. Maryland at College Park (in Java) teaching their own versions using our materials. On your CD A copy of the Python programming environment (JES) that we use in our course. A copy of all the lecture slides we use. A copy of the textbook (draft) we have been using for the class. Acknowledgements

Faculty Collaborators: Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Craig Zimring, Sabir Khan, Tom Morley, Matthew Realff, Pete Ludovice Research Students: Jochen Je77 Rick, Colleen Kehoe, David Craig, Lex Spoon, Bolot Kerimbaev, Karen Carroll Course Materials Development: Adam Wilson, Jason Ergle, Claire Bailey, David Raines, Joshua Sklare, Mark Richman, Matt Wallace, Alisa Bandlow, Ellie Harmon, Yu Cheung Ho, Keith McDermott, Eric Mickley, Larry Olson, Lauren Biddle Assessment: Andrea Forte, Rachel Fithian, Lauren Rich, Heather Perry, Ellie Harmon Thanks to Bob McMath and the Al West Fund, to GVU and CoC, to the students who participated in our evaluation, and to the National Science Foundation Thank you! Mark Guzdial http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mark.guzdial

http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/csl To get the CoWeb/Swiki software: http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/swiki For more on course: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/mediacomp-plan

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