CoP: The Partnership Way

CoP: The Partnership Way

CoP: The Partnership Way ASD CoP November 2011 Joanne Cashman Social Learning Sharing information, tips, documents Learning from each other

Helping each other with challenges Keeping up with the field Stimulating change Creating new kinds of capacity building more A Framework for Building Communities of Practice (CoP) CoPs : the IDEA Partnership Way New kinds of leadership Translate complex challenges into ways that individuals can contribute Focus on the work and the

relationship Recognize Individual pursuits and shared goals Leading by convening Doing work together Coalescing around issues Ensuring relevant participation

Shared Concerns What will bring people together? The right mix of stakeholders Who must be involved to ensure changes in practice? Infrastructure for the CoP Building the Infrastructure Identity Communication Activity Progress Recognition

Scanning for the emerging work Lets Get Started Some CoPs are more organic in their developmentothers are more directed. In either casecertain processes help the CoP to: o o o o o o Identify its purpose Define its value Clarify its ways of interacting

Determine how success will be measured Integrate the CoP into existing work And much more. o What will your process look like? Defining the Community What is observable? Network building: relating, interacting, communicating for a reason What is at the core? Collective intention Shared identity ASD CoP on Behavioral Health:

Defining Our Core We are ________________________________ that are united in _______________________ to influence practice around _______________ ______________________________________. To accomplish this we : ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ___________________________________.

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