Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development Navigating the RCOphth eportfolio Declaration of interest Login E-portfolio login page Amending password/details Use the My Details section to edit your personal information, and to change your

password. My Details tab in the top right hand side of the screen. 'User Details' and 'Login Details'. When creating a new password remember that passwords are case-sensitive. The College will not know your new password. Home page Main page tabs

View portfolio Assessments: again mainly for trainees Progress: again mainly for trainees Resources shows files you have uploaded, links other CPD resources CPD for entering activities PDP for entering or editing your PDP Reports to show your CPD summary report Personal Resources Shared Resources

CPD tab Hover over the tab to see a number of options. Each option will take you to a new screen. You may not wish to use all the options Add personal CPD event Public Events Filter for event by date

or name. If an event you expect does not appear contact the College. View the details of the event and subscribe to it, this will add it to your CPD diary so you can review it later. Personal Development Plan Reports

1. Categories summary 2. Summary links to PDP plan Summary of CPD points for current cycle Events awaiting review Print certificate Extra features From the view portfolio page you can download a copy of your eportfolio to your computer. Filtering options on many pages

SAS College Members can record Workplace Based Assessments to help with Article 14 applications Help: Videos on the main College website sectionTitle=ePortfolio+Help , Help manuals within the e-portfolio, Help tabs on pages in the e-portfolio Why use it? Revalidation evidence of appropriate CPD activity is a requirement Evidence of activities for job planning CPD and reflection on activities is important

College biannual audit of CPD diaries (see next slides) Regular updating of your CPD diary means the process does not have to be onerous or time consuming The public events section allows you to see details of upcoming events that might be of interest CPD Audit 2010 CPD Audit 2010 20 18 16 14 12

Number of CPD participants in your region 10 Number of non respondents 8 6 4 2 0 t t

t t re es Eas as Eas hi E s W h rk th d th

ut or tlan Nor Yo o N S o d nd lan Sc lt a t o o

Sc Sc nt t y s n n s ds and ld as

se ale er er r t n t l e E i s a s

e fr l e W e Ir M id nd Ea W oo M

la rn t h M t e t o u th es Sc So W Nor

e Tr 142 participants were audited. 36 did not respond and 5 members were not using the diary. Non respondents will be audited at the next CPD audit. Number of participants CPD Audit 2010 - Percentage of Evidence Produced 16 14

12 10 8 6 4 2 <25% 25-50% 0 50-75% 75%>

None Respondents Region

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