Congratulations! You have just installed the Presentation ...

Congratulations! You have just installed the Presentation ...

Congratulations! You have just installed the Presentation TALKBACK Add-In. We will use this PowerPoint Quick Start Tutorial to review how easy it is to operate and to add interactivity to your presentations using the Presentation TALKBACK game. CLICK your F5 function key at the top of your keyboard to get started. Click Clickthrough throughthis thispresentation presentationat atyour yourown ownpace. pace. First youll open the TALKBACK Game by clicking on the Training Presentation Tools tab as pictured above. Its always there when you open PowerPoint! The TALKBACK Game places 2 buttons on your PowerPoint ribbon bar menu. 1. Game Menu allows you access the game features and setup in edit mode. 2. Add Game Buttons will add or remove small black buttons (shown in the upper left corner on this slide) to each of your presentation slides allowing you to access the Game Menu in slideshow mode during your training sessions. Well cover the Game Menu in detail after reviewing how to setup your game. Lets press the TALKBACK Menu button! The Thefirst firstscreen screento todisplay displayisisthe theTALKBACK TALKBACK scoreboard. scoreboard.Player Playeror orteam teamnames namesare aretyped typedinto into the thegames gamesscoreboard. scoreboard. ItItholds holdsup upto

to40 40names. names. But Butlets letsfirst firstclick clickthe thePlayers Players&&More Morebutton buttonto to view viewthe thefirst firstof oftwo twogame gameSETUP SETUPscreens screens PLAYERS & MORE Setup Screen No. 2 No. 3 No .1 Here Hereyou youcan canselect selectthe thenumber numberof ofplayers playersor or teams teams(1 (140) 40)that thatwill willappear appearon onthe themain main game gameScoreboard. Scoreboard. Instead Insteadof oftyping typingnames

names into intothe thescoreboard scoreboarditself, itself,you youcan canalso also(1) (1)Set Set &&Clear ClearDefault DefaultNames, Names,(2) (2)Set SetNames Namesbased based on onPlaying PlayingCards, Cards,(3) (3)or orautomatically automaticallyset setthe the scoreboard scoreboardnames namesfor for22or or44teams teams Heres how these names appear on the Scoreboard Default Player Names (Player 1, Player 2 etc.) Set Names for 2 Teams (Team 1 (1), Team 1 (2) etc.) Set Names based on Cards (Ace of Spades, 2 of Spades ) Set Names for 4 Teams (Team 1 (1), Team 1 (2) etc.) PLAYERS & MORE Setup Screen No .1 No .2 No .3 InInthis thissection sectionof ofthe thePLAYERS PLAYERS&&MORE MOREsetup

setup screen screenyou youcan can(1) (1)set setaaPoint PointMultiplying Multiplying factor, factor,(2) (2)Select Selectthe themaximum maximumnumber numberininaa range rangeof ofnumbers numbersfor forthe therandom randomnumber number generators generatorsininthe thegame, game,(3) (3)Clear ClearAll AllScores Scores and andsee seethe theGame GameHelp HelpInformation. Information. TALKBACK Time PLAYERS & MORE Setup Screen No. 3 No. 2 No. 1 (1) (1)The Theeditable editableTALKBACK TALKBACKTIME TIMEtext textbox boxand andADD ADDbutton

buttonallow allowyou youto toplace placeaaflashing flashinggame gamereminder reminder(shown (showntop top left) left)on onyour yourpresentation presentationslides. slides.(2)The (2)TheExport Exportto toTXT TXTfile filename nameabove aboveand andeditable editabletext textbox boxallow allowyou youto toenter enter player playernames namesininthe thescoreboard scoreboardand andsave savethem themininaatext textfile fileanywhere anywhereon onyour yourcomputer. computer. (3) (3)The TheImport Importfrom fromTXT TXT file filebutton buttonlets letsyou youpopulate populatethe thenames nameson onthe the scoreboard

scoreboardfrom fromother othertext textfiles filesyouve youvepreviously previouslycreated. created. QUESTIONS/PRIZES Setup Screen No. 1 No. 3 No. 2 After Afterclicking clickingthe theQUESTIONS/PRIZES QUESTIONS/PRIZESbutton: button:(1) (1)The Theeditable editableQUESTION/PRIZES QUESTION/PRIZEStext textboxes boxesprovide provideyou youwith with13 13general generalplayer player challenges challengeslike likeRecap Recapor orSummarize Summarizewhat whatthe theinstructor instructorhas hasjust justpresented. presented. You Youmay maydevelop developyour yourown owngame gamequestions questions which whichcan can(2) (2)also alsobe beintroduced introducedrandomly randomlyor

orsequentially sequentiallyduring duringyour yourpresentation. presentation. (3) (3)These Thesebuttons buttonsallow allowyou youto toSet Set (populate) (populate)the theDefault DefaultQuestions Questionsor oruse usethe theSet Setthe theDefault DefaultPrizes Prizesbutton buttonwhen whenusing usingthese thesetext textmessages messagesto toaward awardprizes prizes to togame gamewinners. winners. The Thecheck checkboxes boxesselect selector ordeselect deselectany anyof ofthe the questions/prize questions/prizemessages messagesappearing appearingininyour yourgame. game. No .2 QUESTIONS/PRIZES Setup Screen No. 1 (1) (1)Youll

Youllalso alsobe beable ableto toSAVE SAVEand andRESTORE RESTOREone onecustom customquestion questionset setthat thatyouve youvedeveloped developedfor foraapresentation. presentation.ItItisisimportant important to tonote notethat thatthis thiscustom customset setof ofquestions questionswill willbe belinked linkedto tothe theparticular particularpresentation presentationyou youare areworking workingon onwhen whenthe thequestions questions were weredeveloped developedand andsaved. saved. InInthis thisway, way,whenever wheneveryou youagain againopen openthis thisspecific specificpresentation, presentation,the thepreviously previouslycreated createdquestions questions will

willbe beavailable availableto toyou. you. (2) (2)The TheCLEAR CLEARALL ALLbutton buttonerases erasesall alltext textininthe thetext textboxes. boxes. Be Besure sureto tosave savethe thecustom customquestions questions youve youvedeveloped developedbefore beforeclicking clickingon onthis thisbutton. button. Playing the Game as you Present No .1 Now Nowlets letsimagine imagineyouve youvejust justcreated createdaagreat greatpresentation presentationand andwant wantto touse usethe theTALKBACK TALKBACKgame gameto tomake makeyour your presentation presentationan aninteractive interactivegame. game. (1)

(1)Clicking Clickingthe thesmall smallblack blackbutton button(top (topleft) left)brings bringsup upthe theTALKBACK TALKBACK Scoreboard Scoreboardand andnavigation navigationmenu menu(CLICK (CLICKITITNOW) NOW) Youll Youllnotice noticeweve wevehighlighted highlightedthe thenavigation navigationmenu menuon onthe theleft. left. Lets Letsreview reviewthe thetop top44game gamebuttons buttonsbeginning beginning with withthe theScoreboard. Scoreboard. TALKBACK Scoreboard No. 1 No. 2 (1) (1)Click Clickon onthe theSCOREBOARD SCOREBOARDbutton buttonto toreach reachthe themain maingame gamescoreboard.

scoreboard. Here Hereyou youcan cantype typeininplayers playersnames namesor oruse usethe the default defaultname namebuttons buttonsprovided providedon onthe thesetup. setup. Weve Weveset setthis thisboard boardup upfor forthe themaximum maximum40 40players. players. (2) (2)you youcan canincrease increaseaa players playersor orteams teamsscore scoreby byclicking clickingon onthe theblue bluebuttons buttonsadjacent adjacentto tothe thename, name,and anddecrease decreasethe thescore scoreby byclicking clickingon onthe thered red button. button.Point Pointincrements/decrements increments/decrementsare

areset set using usingthe thePoint PointMultiplier Multiplierfound foundon onPLAYERS PLAYERS&&MORE MOREsetup setupscreen. screen. TALKBACK Scoreboard Name Options No. 2 No .1 No. 3 No. 4 Here Hereare are44sample samplescoreboard scoreboardsetups setups (1) (1)On OnBoard Board##11were wereset setfor for20 20players. players.Notice Notice player player##13s 13sscore scoreisishighlighted highlightedinin yellow, yellow,which whichmeans meansthat thatthis thiswas wasthe thelast lastplayer playerscored. scored. Also Alsonotice noticeplayer player##14 14missed missedaaquestion

question(-1). (-1).(2) (2)The The#2 #2scoreboard scoreboard has hasused usedthe theSET SETNAMES NAMESAS ASCARDS CARDSbutton. button. The Thepresenter presenterhas hasused usedthis thiseasy easymethod methodfor foridentifying identifyingplayers. players.(3) (3)Finally, Finally, boards boards33&&44demonstrate demonstratehow howdefault defaultnames namescan canbe beautomatically automaticallyentered enteredwhen whensetting settingup upfor foraatwo twoor orfour fourteam teamgame game. . The Thefirst first number numberrepresenting representingthe theteam, team,and andthe thesecond secondrepresenting representingthe theplayer player(I.e. (I.e.Team

Team11(4).(4).-Team TeamOne One, ,Player Player4)4) No .2 CHOOSE PLAYER Screen .1 o N To Toreach reachthis thisscreen screenwe weclick clickthe theCHOOSE CHOOSEPLAYER PLAYERbutton.(1) button.(1)Clicking Clickingthe thelarge largeyellow yellowbutton buttonininthe thecenter centerwill will select selectaaplayer playeror orteam teamfrom fromyour youraudience. audience. Clicking Clickingititaasecond secondtime timewill willbring bringup upanother anotherplayer playeror orteam teamand and so soon. on. Player/Teams Player/Teamsare areselected selectedrandomly randomlywith witheach

eachclick. click.(2) (2)Here Hereyoull youllfind findaarandom randomnumber numberselector selectoras as well, well,which whichwill willgenerate generateaanumber numberfrom fromthe therange rangeyou youdefine defineininthe thesetup. setup. Finally, Finally,highlighted highlightedininblue, blue,youll youll find findaa10, 10,20, 20,and and30 30second secondresponse responsetimer. timer. No .2 QUESTIONS/PRIZES Screen .1 o N To Toreach reachthis thisscreen screenwe weclick clickthe theSHOW SHOWQUESTION QUESTIONbutton.(1) button.(1)Clicking Clickingthe thelarge largeyellow

yellowbutton buttonininthe thecenter centerwill will introduce introduceaaquestion questionto toyour youraudience. audience. Clicking Clickingititaasecond secondtime timewill willbring bringup upanother anotherquestion questionfrom fromthe the13 13 questions questions found foundininthe theQUESTIONS/PRIZES QUESTIONS/PRIZESsetup setupscreen. screen. These Thesecan canbe beintroduced introducedeither eitherrandomly randomlyor or sequentially sequentiallyat atstrategic strategicmoments momentsininyour yourpresentation presentationand andare aredesigned designedto toengage engageyour yourclass classparticipants. participants. RUN TIMER Screen TALKBACK TALKBACKalso alsocontains containsaalarge largegame gametimer

timerwith withmultiple multiplefeatures. features. First Firstof ofall allyou youcan canSTART, START,PAUSE, PAUSE,or orSTOP STOP this thisgame gametimer timerby byclicking clickingthe theabove aboveshown shownbuttons. buttons. The Thetimer timeroffers offers10, 10,20, 20,and and30 30second secondbutton buttontimers, timers,but but can canalso alsobe beset setfrom from11240 240minutes minutesfor fortiming timingtraining trainingexercises exercisesor orclass classmini-presentations. mini-presentations. RUN TIMER Screen The TheRULES/NOTES RULES/NOTESbutton buttonprovides providesan aneditable editablescreen screenfor

forgame gamerules, rules,program programnotes notesor orfollow-up follow-upquestions. questions. The TheCOLLASPSE COLLASPSEButton Buttonhighlighted highlightedininyellow, yellow,minimizes minimizesthe theTALKBACK TALKBACKscreen screenallowing allowingyou youto toshow showmost mostof ofyour your presentation presentationslide, slide,while whilestill stillbeing beingable ableto toeasily easilyaccess accessthe theTALKBACK TALKBACKmenu menubuttons. buttons. Thats a quick TALKBACK review Presentation TALKBACK is designed to enhance 3 important elements during your presentations: 1. Focusing your audiences attention 2. Increasing participant interaction during your presentation and 3. Increasing learning retention using established memory techniques. Want to see Presentation TALKBACK in action? Try adding TALKBACK buttons to this Quick Start Presentation or any other presentation. Then, in slideshow mode, click the little black button in the upper left corner of any slide to play the TALKBACK game.

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