Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders ESE 380 February 17, 2009 Communication Sender (Encoder) Message

Filters Receiver (Decoder) Speech and language Disorders Speech disorder Difficulty producing sounds as well as disorders of voice quality, or fluency Language disorder:

difficulty receiving, understanding, and formulating ideas and information Communication and Perception Count the number of times the letter 'F' appears in the following paragraph: FEATURE FILMS ARE THE RESULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS

Language Disorders Expressive Communication Receptive Communication Dimensions of language

Phonology Morphology Syntax Semantics Pragmatics Phonology

use of sounds to make meaningful syllables and words CA-T CAT Rules and sequencing of individual sounds, and how they are produced TAP CATTLE PAT

Morphology Rules for the structure of words; meaning at the word level CAT CATS CATS Bio ology (bio- = life -ology = study of)

Morphology Challenge ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM Syntax Rules for putting a series of words together to form a sentence Do I want that cookie? I want that cookie.

Syntax varies among languages. Semantics The meaning of what is expressed; meaning at the sentence level PLANT I am going to plant the tree My mother works in the coal plant. He gave me a plant for Valentines Day.

The officer was a plant in the drug ring. Pragmatics The use of communication in context; using communication effectively in social contexts Written v. oral communication Very difficult for children with many different disabilities

Speech Disorders Articulation Substitution Omission Distortion Addition Fluency Stuttering

Voice Quality Pitch Duration Intensity Resonance quality Language Disorder v. language Difference

Dialect a language variation that a group of individuals uses and that reflects shared regional, social, or cultural/ethnic factors Developmental Delay Language develops at different rates among children; Many concerns over articulation, fluency, or voice quality may resolve over time

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