Coaxis International, ASP

Coaxis International, ASP

CENDI/NFAIS Quality Workshop: The Importance of Quality and Integrity For Conference Purposes Only Prepared Nov 18, 2014 Kevin Kirby, Enterprise Data Architect US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Information, 1

Quality Staff (202) 566-1656 Presentation Roadmap Quality: A Federal Policy Perspective The Lifecycles in Data Quality / Data Management Quality at EPA: An Agency Context Quality at EPA: Information Quality Guidelines Implementing Quality at EPA: - Standards, Registries, Controlled Vocabularies 2

Quality: A Federal Perspective The Data Act, 2014 The Open Data Policy, 2013 The Information Quality Act, 2002 The Enterprise Architecture link 3 Federal Perspectives: The Data Act The DATA Act: Digital Accountability and

Transparency Act, Public Law No. 113-101 - Signed into law May 9, 2014 The DATA Act is the nation's first legislative mandate for data transparency. - Requires open, standardized data, and to publish that data online. 4 Federal Perspectives: The Open Data Policy

The Open Data Policy: Managing Data as an Information Resource Pursuant to Executive Order of May 9, 2013; Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information - establishes a framework to help institutionalize the principles of effective information management at each stage of the information's life cycle to promote interoperability and openness. The Open Data Initiative

5 Federal Perspectives: The Information Quality Act Enacted as Section 515 of the Fiscal Year 2001 Consolidated Appropriations Act (P.L. 106-554) Required OMB to issue guidelines that provide policy and procedural guidance to Federal agencies for ensuring and maximizing the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information disseminated by Federal agencies

Requires each Federal Agency to issue guidelines; establish administrative processes for correction of information; report annually to OMB Issued February 2002 (67FR 8452) 6 Federal EA Framework Mapping EPA Data to the Enterprise Architecture Framework.

7 Data Lifecycles: The Models 8 Lifecycle Models 9

Data Lifecycle Models 10 Geospatial Data Lifecycle 11 Data Lifecycle Model Simplified Data Lifecycle:

Cradle to Grave 12 EPA Data Lifecycle Framework 13 Quality at EPA: An Agency Context

14 EPA Headquarters Office 15 EPA Regional Offices 16

Office of Environmental Information Knowledge on Demand 17 Quality at EPA: Information Quality Guidelines

18 EPA Information Quality Guidelines EPA Information Quality Guidelines (October, 2002) Guidelines for Ensuring and Maximizing the Quality, Objectivity, Utility, and Integrity of Information Disseminated by the Environmental Protection Agency Provides policy and procedural guidance on how EPA ensures quality of disseminated information, including

* EPA Peer Review Process, * Action Development Process, * Quality Program Framework * Risk Characterization Handbook Describes administrative mechanism used for public challenges to EPA disseminated information, including * Requests for Correction * Requests for Reconsideration 19

EPA Information Quality Guidelines Reference existing Agency policies Quality System Peer Review Policy Action Development Process Risk Characterization Policy and Handbook Program-Specific Policies Agency Guidance Developed A Summary of General Assessment Factors for Evaluating the Quality of Scientific and Technical Information (SPC,

2002) EPA Pre-Dissemination Review Guidelines (OEI, 2006) 20 Administrative Mechanism Request for Correction Process Requests come to OEI QS Prepare DRAFT RESPONSE


KEY: Quality Staff (QS), Information Owner (IO), Stakeholders (STK), Office of General Counsel Attorney-Advisor (OGC) Send FINAL RESPONSE (IO) (Goal to respond in 90 days) 21

EPA IQG Requests for Correction As of Nov 1, 2014 Reports Data & Info Systems/Tools 25.00% 18.00% Guidance 3.00% Outreach & Communications

7.00% Rulemaking 17.00% Risk Assessments 30.00% 22 Implementing Quality at EPA Quality System Assessments

Quality Management Plan reviews EPA / ECOS adopted Data Standards EPA System of Registries EPA Environmental Data Gateway EPA Field Operations Guidelines 23 FOG Quality Guidelines Personnel / Training Field Equipment

Document Control Field Inspections Records Management Reports Sample Handling

Internal Audits Field Documentation Corrective Action 24 New Developments Modest increase in number of IQG requests (FY 2010) D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals decision (March, 2010) may

open door to judicial review of agencies IQA responses Increase in IQG requests challenging information that supports on-going agency action, such as IRIS assessments and TMDL development. EPA approved the Field Operations Guidance as a Procedure under the EPA Quality Policy 25 QUESTIONS


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