Casting a wide net:promoting eResources - .wiki

Casting a wide net:promoting eResources - .wiki

Casting a wide net: promoting eResources Fiona McGregor Analyst & Coach, Online Services Wellington City Libraries & Community Spaces WCL databases

Large range of databases Grouped since 2004 ish into

Broken down by topic and A-Z Include large vendors : EBSCO, Gale, Proquest but also others like New York Times, Pressreader, Kompass, Oddizzi,, Mango, DragonSource Increasingly we see the mygateway databases as a subset of our overall eLibrary 12 branches 200k Wellington City residents + many

large and small businesses in the city 2 How to get the message out? Upskill staff and encourage interactions

Core resources (promotional materials) Being where our library members are 3 Upskilling staff

Coaches help staff to see the benefit for customers of the tools we provide Customer education team Database of the fortnight quizzes Including in the individual staff plans to learn new databases & share learnings eLibrary & mygateway cross-cluster teams

:championing & feedback 4 Getting the mygateway message out there Class visits Engaging with other parts of Council

locating key people eNewsletters Welcome email to new members 5 Displays & expos

6 7 8

9 10 11 Being where our customers are

12 Taking opportunities

In the library toilet doors! And shelves Launches Radio show Expos external & internal having a script!

gamification free stuff 13 14 Taking opportunities

Wcl mini app Social media to hook in databases for hot topics, eg US election Having topic pages to alert customers not only to books but also relevant databases 15

Taking opportunities Looking at customer groups: What are the relevant databases? Meetups Alerting school teachers Looking at local media, eg Charming

China magazine & Home Voice newspaper 16 17

18 19 Taking opportunities Library bookbike Staff tablets

Customer tablets 20 But there are these issues Technical support Databases turnover due to changing

customer needs Databases change content & platform Databases mutate Databases change ownership But these are also opportunities for promotion 21

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    E.g. TFDL - in our new building we will have 3 dimensional modelling, video editing, collaborative online software, and god knows what else! It will be a studio where new knowledge will be created. How do we help someone create?
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