Hydrographic Data Management Workflow Management System MACHC18 Varadero, Cuba Learning Objectives Understand the purpose of Workflow System Understand the Workflow Automation Understand Project concepts and operational Understand challenges/advantages Copyright IIC Technologies 2016

2 INTRODUCTION TO WORKFLOW SYSTEM 3 Purpose The Workflow Management System will support for running HDM production workflows and manage teams to engage in

Production Tracking Monitor work progress Collaborate for data exchange Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 4

Workflow Management Components Data Dissemination Project Management Resource Allocation Reports Track Project activities (dashboard) Copyright IIC Technologies 2014

5 WfM Key Capabilities Create standardized business process Production line for multiple Products Sequencing Tasks and Processes Create Projects and Manage Assign Tasks to appropriate Personnel and Manage Communicate about important project events Automatically In-built Quality Control mechanism Collaboration between Hydro & GIC

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 6 WfM Key Capabilities Store Project information in a Single Repository Track work progress with Reports

Historical project information Structure of the organization integrated within the Workflow System Users Groups Roles Grant and track access to the system

Log actions Control application functionality Production of statistical information Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 7

Advantages Advantages Automated workflow and rules Systematic approach to run product production with effective and efficient process Manage Task allocation at one step Building Project/Product Metadata Inbuilt quality cycle Tight collaboration between teams Measure and analyze the production progress Faster adoption of best practices Nautical Publications efficient production and

management Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 8 Challenges Challenges Adoptability Accountability Consistency of data inputs Naming convention Metadata

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 9 WORKFLOW MANAGER ORGANIZATION 10 HDM Organization Model Project Manager Hydro

Project Manager GIC Groups Quality Lead Hydro QA Analyst Hydro HDM Organization

Structure Project Lead Hydro Hydrographer Hydro Cartographer Hydro Users

Roles Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 11 User Roles & activity mapping Project Management

Project Manager Initiate project, monitor progress, control process and Sign-off the project Project Lead Prepare datapack, populate metadata, allocate users, monitor progress Production Cartographers & Hydrographers Plan activities, Perform Tasks, update task progress, log comments Quality Control

QA Lead/QA Analyst Plan activities, perform tasks, update task progress, accept/reject results Data Dissemination GIC Manager Request product, monitor progress, access HDM products for dissemination Copyright IIC Technologies 2016

12 HDM Roles Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 Providing Tomorrow's Solutions Today 13 Sample Workflow for Paper Chart Production

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 14 WfMS screenshots Project Initiation Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 15 WfMS screenshots Project Metadata

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 16 WfMS screenshots Data Request Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 17 WfMS screenshots Collaboration

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 18 WfMS screenshots Task allocation Based on product type, system will pick predefined tasks from workflow Users are displayed based on task type i.e. production/QC Allocate estimated time for task completion

and tracking progress Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 19 WfMS screenshots Tasks forms Based on task, task form will displayed User can log work breaks and task progress (0-100%) Track Quality results Store task check lists in database

Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 20 WfMS screenshots Project closure Project sign-off complete production cycle Sharing data Notifications to teams Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 21

WfMS screenshots Project Monitoring Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 22 WfMS screenshots Reports & Dashboards Reports

Report outputs - PDF Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 23 WfMS screenshots Reports & Dashboards Project / Product Metadata Copyright IIC Technologies 2016 24

Benefits and Capabilities Standardized systematic production process Integrate and organize quality control Enhance collaboration and communication within Hydrographic Offices Centralized platform with end to end real time project management Export Metadata: reports, graphs, presentations Manage Nautical Publications Copyright IIC Technologies 2016

Providing Tomorrow's Solutions Today 25 Thank You Copyright IIC Technologies 2014 26

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