Cakes and Cupcakes

Cakes and Cupcakes

CAKES AND CUPCAKES Culinary 2 ALWAYS FOLLOW THE RECIPE!! Ingredient amounts, mixing techniques and baking times are all developed to work together with scientific precision. Generally, ingredients should be at ROOM TEMPERATURE when you begin

WHEN MAKING A CAKE You will choose between two different kinds: Shortened Foam SHORTENED CAKES Also called butter cakes Contain Solid fat butter, margarine, shortening

Flour Salt Sugar Eggs Liquid ** The main leavening agent is either baking soda or baking powder. ** CONTINUED Quality of shortened cake: Good

volume Moist Tender Grain texture is fine and even without tunnels Skillful mixing ** Ingredients are blended thoroughly but quickly to control the amount of gluten and air.**

- conventional mixing method is typical CONVENTIONAL METHOD Fat and sugar are combined first CREAMING Sugar crystals grate against the fat, creating holes that fill with air This builds volume into the batter ** alternately adding dry and liquid ingredients

reduces the need for vigorously mixing this creates a velvety texture CONVENTIONAL METHOD DESCRIBED BELOW: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sift dry ingredients Cream the solid fat and sugar until mixture has a light and fluffy consistency (resembling whipped cream)

Beat eggs into the creamed mixture according to recipe directions Mix the liquid ingredients into a separate bowl Add the dry ingredients into creamed mixture, alternating with the liquids. Always begin and end with dry ingredients. ONE BOWL METHOD Quick way to mix ingredients for a shortened cake Combines

dry ingredients first and then adds moist ingredients ** ONLY USE THIS METHOD WHEN RECIPE SPECIFIES IT** FOAM CAKES Leavened by air trapped in a protein foam of a stiffly beaten egg whites Giving the cakes a light, spongy texture and high volume

Some call for baking powder as well ** some examples are: - angel food cakes - sponge cakes - chiffon cakes ANGEL FOOD CAKES In these fat free cakes: Eggs whites are beaten with sugar until stiff and glossy

Flour is sifted over and gently folded in SPONGE CAKES These recipes include egg yolks which are beaten until pale and thick and then mixed with liquid ingredients Flour is sifted and folded into the beaten egg whites and the two mixtures are folded together CHIFFON CAKES

Combine three separate ingredients Flour, sugar and baking powder are SIFTED together Egg yolks are beaten with oil and liquids The liquid ingredients are stirred into the dry ingredients and the beaten white gradually folded into the batter WORKING WITH CHOCOLATE

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