Business Communication

Business Communication

Business Communication Chapter 7 Writing Memos, E-mail, and Letters Copyright 2010 South-Western Cengage Learning Types of Business Correspondence Memos and e-mails Letters Other documents Comstock Images / Jupiter Images E-mail can be sent and received on a PDA.

7.1 Business Correspondence 2 Purposes for Correspondence Provide a record Advise, direct, or state a policy Inform Request information or reply to requests Persuade Promote goodwill 7.1 Business Correspondence

3 Planning and Organizing Messages Planning messages Identify the objective Determine the main idea Choose supporting details Adjust the message for the receiver Organizing messages Direct order Indirect order 7.1 Business Correspondence

4 Confused and Misused Words Words used incorrectly Unknown words Building vocabulary to improve reading speed and comprehension 7.1 Business Correspondence 5 Writing Memos Heading lines

To line From line Date line Subject line Body 7.2 Memos 6 Writing Memos Notations Reference initials Attachment or

enclosure notations Copy or blind copy notations Second page headings Memo templates 7.2 Memos 7 Editing and Publishing Memos Edit the memo

carefully Check for the 5 Cs Proofread the final draft Publish by interoffice mail or U.S. Mail Digital Vision / Getty Images Check each memo carefully before sending it. 7.2 Memos 8 Memo Templates

Provide a layout and standard parts for memos Available with many word processing programs Questions 1.What do the templates you viewed have in common? 2.Which template would you prefer to use for memos? Why? 7.2 Memos 9

E-mail Parts of an e-mail message To line Cc and bcc lines From line Date line Subject line Body 7.3 E-mail and Instant Messaging 10 E-mail

Work-friendly features Address book Signature file Attachment Draft Reply and reply all Forward Priority Return receipt 7.3 E-mail and Instant Messaging 11 E-mail Netiquette Assign a high priority only when truly needed

Ask for approval before sending a large attachment Do not send confidential or sensitive information Do not use all capital letters Do not send flamesangry or insulting messages Do not send spam Do not use emoticons in business e-mails Use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation 7.3 E-mail and Instant Messaging 12 Instant Messaging IM basics

Buddy, contacts, or friends list Chat window Worker-friendly IM features 7.3 E-mail and Instant Messaging 13 IM Netiquette Do not use all capital letters Remember that other users may have slower

systems Do not send confidential or sensitive information Be brief Use status options Use an appropriate level of formality Do not leave other people waiting for your response Learn about and use the security features 7.3 E-mail and Instant Messaging 14 Writing Letters Standard parts Date

Letter address Salutation Body Complimentary close Writers name and title Reference initials 7.4 Letters 15 Writing Letters Optional letter parts Attention line Reference line

Subject line Postscript 7.4 Letters 16 Editing and Publishing Letters Business letter formats Block format Modified block format Business envelopes Address format Envelope

feature Folding letters 7.4 Letters MR JIAN WANG 49 RED CANYON ROAD BISBEE AZ 85603-1890 The U.S. Postal Service recommends using all capitals in the envelope address. 17 Using Mail Merge

Available on many word processing programs Allows users to create mailings efficiently Main document Data source Field codes Merged documents A wizard makes using mail merge simple. 2.1 Diversity at Work 18 Vocabulary attachment notation blind copy notation body

contacts list copy notation e-mail emoticon enclosure notation flame instant messaging (IM) invoice letter memo mixed punctuation netiquette open punctuation postscript

reference initials spam subject line 19

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