Bridge of Weir Primary 1 Class Newsletter

Bridge of Weir Primary 1 Class Newsletter

Welcome to our Primary 7 Newsletter
Session 2018-2019
We are happy to take on the role of senior pupils in setting an
example to the rest of the school and accepting responsibility. We
enjoy being monitors, house captains and buddying children in P1.
Part of this involves wearing our uniform smartly. We need a white
shirt and our special P7 tie for formal occasions and for assembly
every Monday morning.
Our teachers this session are Mr Barrett P7a and Mr Duffy P7b. P7a have PE
on a Monday, Thursday and Friday and P7b have PE on a Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. All jewellery must be
removed before coming to school on PE days. This year we are
expected to take more responsibility for completing our work and
improving standards in preparation for moving on to Secondary

As pupils we like to feel we can make suggestions to Mrs Bell,
the staff and the Parent Council. We can do this through the Pupil
Council, which meets about once a month. P7 are allowed to elect 6
Mr Barrett
Mr Duffy
Representatives to the Pupil Council, 2 of whom become the
Chairperson and Secretary.
Primary 7 will be a very busy year and we are looking forward to
our Bring & Buy Sale, our Burns Supper, our residential trip to
Ardentinny, visits to Gryffe High, our Leavers Dance and the

In line with Curriculum for Excellence, the focus in the curriculum
will be skills development. Our context for learning in Social Studies
will include the Rainforest, World War ll and Robert Burns and
various other topics
Our year planner which gives an overview of our year programme is
attached. (Please note this is subject to change).
We will visit Whitelee Wind Farm
We will also be studying some topics in Science such as Structure of
the Earth, Space Exploration and Renewable Energy.
Learning At Home
Our homework will consist of spelling and sentences,
maths and activities from other curricular areas. Homework will be
set on a Monday and must be returned at the latest on a Friday.
This system is used to encourage us to take some responsibility for
planning our own homework schedule in preparation for secondary
Every week, reading from a given text is set. In addition
we are expected to be reading novels of our own choice for
homework, which is important preparation for transition to high
Unfinished class work may be sent home for completion as
homework. The pattern of homework changes when particular
preparation is needed for special events, such as learning
poems for the Burns Supper or song words for the Christmas
To help us remember our homework we use a homework diary.
We should bring 2 sharp pencils, rubber and ruler to school each
If any of our Mums or Dads have a special interest or knowledge in
any aspect of our school work then please let our teachers know. We
would be delighted to hear from you.
Finally, if you have any concerns about any aspect of your childs
in P7, please do not hesitate to contact us, through the school office
to arrange an appointment.
Mr Barrett and Mr Duffy

We have been reminded by Mrs Bell that all of our privileges (including Ardentinny) depend upon our continued
high standards of work and behaviour throughout the year.

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