Blast Detroit

Blast Detroit

BLAST DETROIT Skills Trades Training Bootcamps Construction Trades Training (9 Weeks) Learn the Theory and technical aspects of Construction Computer Science IT Bootcamp (7 Weeks) Learn Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) Competencies Based Learning Blast Skills Trades Training Agreement Provide training on the theory and technical aspects of the construction trades in classroom & on job-site, along with Unionized Apprenticeship Direct Entry, Utilization, and Retention Neighborhood Investment Strategies: For Employment Training & Education, Job Development, Career Pathways, and Entrepreneurship Development

Training Agreement- Provide the highest level of Skilled Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Trades above industry standards for the purpose of providing Detroit residents with Job opportunities and sustaining wages. About Blast Detroit Improving lives and Communities Competencies Based Skills Trades Training Program Non Profit Organization 501 c 3 Detroit Land Bank Partner U.S. Treasury Community Development Entity (CDE) Property Improvement & Development Management LLC

Literacy Provider For Department of Human Services Foster Care Wayne State University Academics, Athletics Youth Camp Service Provider for Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) Blast Construction Trades Performance Project Blast technical aspects of the construction trades will train and place pre- apprentices to perform basic residential housing improvements supervised by a licensed contractor for hands on learning while earning a stipend conducting the following tasks: Installing and replacing energy efficient lighting, and other smart energy upgrades. Replacing showerheads, faucets, toilets and pipes.

Painting, drywall, installing light fixtures, fixing door locks and handles and other safety healthy living improvements. Upgrading or replacing energy efficient appliances Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets replacements and accessories Installing and checking fire alarms and extinguishers Blast IT Skills Trades Performance Project Blast will train individuals in basic to advanced Computer Science IT Skills who are unemployed, underemployed, adults, youth and returning citizens who lack the necessary computer knowledge skills to advance in computer related careers.

Understanding computer science related careers Install computer hardware, software and firewall protection Diagnostic hardware software performance Upgrading hardware. Software and Anti Virus Gaining mastery over Microsoft Office Software (MOS) Installing and checking operating systems functionality

Internet connections and diagnostics Blast Skills Trades Project Agreement The project agreement is to ensure blast preapprentices are provided above industry standard related training instructions for building/construction trades industry and on the job placement; Blast Detroit work with Developers, Contractors, Construction Labor Industry, Unionized Apprenticeships and Michigan's Going Pro Campaign to increase Skilled Trades Opportunities, promote efficiency to help train and employ individuals who are low skilled individuals. Apprenticeship Career Pathways Joint Project based learning

Outreach & Assessment to low income underemployed or unemployed Unionized Apprenticeship direct entry, utilization, retention and employer sponsored Apprenticeship Collaborative case management Intensive orientation, skills trades workshops Employer sponsored training

Stipends for participants Blast Skills Trades Minimum Standards Entry requirements minimum age 16, employment skills sets test, application, orientation and valid ID or Drivers License Comprehensive assessment tools to measure applicants competencies, math skills and required skills for relevant trades; Classroom visits from representatives from the construction industry, unions as well as visits from Michigan Talent Connect Going Pro Representatives; Shop Arithmetic / Construction Math (class room) Construction Trades Safety OSHA 30 Certification (class room)

Residential Electrical (Class room & On-site project based learning) Residential Carpentry (On-site project based learning) Residential Plumbing (On-site project based learning) Blast Skilled Trades Orientation (Classroom contact hours) Blast Commitment Standards Provide stipends for participants for performing hands on project based learning

Pre-screen and assess participants employability skills, professional and personal goals Provide referral services to local community service providers to help program participants obtain necessary other social services Provide a gateway into apprenticeship programs and job placement Follow up after 90 days, 6 months, and one year to track participants readiness and effectiveness. Blast Training Impact Opportunities for individuals & Returning Citizens to move towards independence and gainful employment Win-Win Economic

Efficiency Save Tax Payers Millions of dollars Meeting the needs of Skilled Trades diverse workforce Career Pathways for participants Pathway towards gainful employment Reduction in crime For Questions Contact Blast Detroit Ray Smith (Training Coordinator) 400 Renaissance Center Drive #2600 Detroit, MI 48243 (313) 309-7083 [email protected]

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