Billing and Subscription Management in Microsoft Azure

Billing and Subscription Management in Microsoft Azure

Spark the future. May 4 8, 2015 Chicago, IL BRK2454 Billing and Subscription Management in Microsoft Azure Matt Steele

Principal PM Manager [email protected] Billing management & the cloud The cloud promise is arriving Elastic consumption of resources Pay only for what is used Dynamically scale to the needs of the business So this months bill could be $100 or

$100,000. IT has unprecedented ability to scale the resources needed, but budgets didnt go away. The agility of the cloud places new requirements on the agility of budgeting and forecasting Were beginning an ITFM journey New capabilities are on their way Together lets shape them to meet your needs Agenda

1. 2. 3. 4. Basic Billing & Subscription Management Billing Invoice & Usage Walkthrough Usage API & Demo Q&A

Basic Billing & Subscription Management Where to go? For all usage and billing activities, use the accounts portal: For resource

management, use the management portal or preview portal: How to get there? Usage & Billing: Or from management portal:

Resource Management: Or from accounts portal: How you buy affects how you manage How do Azure offers vary? Direct vs. Partner vs. EA

Commitment vs. pay as you go Credits & included quantities Discounts Overall and on specific resources What offers are popular? Free trial Pay as you go EA MSDN Bizspark / Bizspark+

MPN Azure in Open (AIO) Where can I learn more? What can be managed? Billing management Viewing and understanding usage Viewing and understanding the invoice

Managing costs and usage by cost center & project Changing payment instruments Subscription management Managing administrators Transferring subscription ownership Changing account details Canceling a subscription Demo: Basic

subscription & billing management Matt Steele Subscription management starts with selecting the right identity Azure uses both Microsoft identity services Two services: Azure Active Directory (AAD) system Microsoft Account (MSA) system

Two types of accounts: Work or school account (AAD) Microsoft account (MSA) The impact: Two different accounts can exist with the same username Different passwords Different access Signup defaults to use MSA

Identity for Subscription Management (contd) AAD is used for organizational identity management Directory admins can apply identity, authentication and authorization policies for apps Azure is modeled as an app that belongs to the directory The directory has different roles than the subscription Contoso s

Directory Applied to Azure subscriptions: Every Azure subscription belongs to a directory (n:1) Even if you sign up with an MSA, you get a directory A subscriptions directory: Azure Subscription 1

Azure Subscription 2 Office Subscription Limits the work accounts that may be added as a co-admin or RBAC role Contains policies that impact authentication & authorization for the subscription Directory global admins of the directory have the ability to access subscription Demo: Navigating

identity for subscription management Billing Invoice & Usage CSV walkthrough Overview of the Azure Invoice Understanding the detailed usage CSV

file Usage API & Demo Azure Cost Management Usage API and RateCard API are part of the IT Financial Management (ITFM) category of customer tools ITFM functionality and phases: Basic cost capture, cost modeling and

budgeting, forecasting (cost optimization) Intermediate financial management, incl. subscriptions, budget allocation, and project management Advanced performance management, advanced financial management including charge back, throttles

Join the private preview: [email protected] m APIs for Cost Optimization Usage API Usage API REST API to provide customers and partners programmatic access to azure consumption data. Hourly and Daily aggregations Azure 1st party and 3rd party (Azure Marketplace) data available

Includes usage for all Azure offer types Includes resource tags Resource metadata (service, service type..) included Supports Azure RBAC 19 APIs for Cost Optimization RateCard API RateCard API REST API to provide customers and partners

programmatic access to all resource details and pricing for nonEA offers. Gets list of all available Azure resources Localized Resource metadata (service, service type..) available Included quantities available Support for graduated pricing as well as flat rate pricing No support for EA offers Pre-tax rates Supports Azure RBAC

20 Demo: Usage API Partner: Cloud Cruiser (booth# 220) Simplify Your Cost Allocation with Azure Division by

g i Ta ivis D n o Arch & Design Assembly Engineering Materials

Production Eng. Shipping Tags and Cloud Cruiser Partner: Cloudyn (booth# 4) Keeping your cost & usage under control Q&A: What do you need next? Coming soon:

New CSV format with resource groups and tags Usage API to public preview and GA Usage CSVs to storage Areas where were investing: Notification & alert management More ways to buy Azure More geographies Signup Azure preview portal

More self-service More payment options Ignite Azure Challenge Attend Azure sessions and activities, track Sweepstakes your progress online, win raffle tickets for

great prizes! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to event attendees. Winners must be present to win. Game ends May 9th, 2015. For Official Rules, see The Cloud and Enterprise Lounge or MyAzureChallenge Enter this session code

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