BELLWORK: "What is meant by the Americas?" (10-11)

BELLWORK: "What is meant by the Americas?" (10-11)

BELLWORK 8/14: What is meant by the Americas? (HOA textbook: pages 10-11) 1. Why do the Americas seem like a homogenous region? 2. How/why do countries within this region differ? 3. Explain why History of the Americas is taught using a casestudy approach? 4. Why does the United States dominate any regional study of the Americas? 5. Why is the study of Canada unique? Why are generalizations

made about Canada consider why it is seen as devoid of their own identity? (Reference Dominant Neighbors section) 6. THINKER: Analyze the political cartoon on the bottom of page 10 What does this tell us about the discovery of America? 6 Concepts of IB History: Group Requirements A clear, concise explanation of what that concept means (do NOT just read from the handout)

Explain how that concept can be used to study history An example (either historical or modern) When studying that concept, what are some questions you may ask? (EX: causation why did the U.S. pass this law? Perspective how successful was this law?) A creative, entertaining, and easy-to-follow presentation (skit, poster, song, discussion, etc.)

IB History maps!!! 10 North/Central American Countries 18 Caribbean Islands 13 South American Countries 15 physical features

Hudson Bay Mackenzie River Rocky Mts. Rocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Sierra Nevada Mountains

Mississippi River Colorado River Also label..

Straight of Magellan Cape Horn Amazon River Andes Mountains Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean

Caribbean Sea * * * * *

* * * *

* * * * *

* * * * Maps of the Americas! Map quiz on Friday 8/23!!!

30 points Identify 25 countries in the Caribbean, North, Central & South America 5 physical features

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