Bellringer: Nov 4

Bellringer: Nov 4

Bellringer: Nov 4 In your NOTEBOOK. What could symbolize your life right now? Explain. For example, a symbol of Mrs. Bowe could be an APPLE because she is a teacher. Another symbol of Mrs. Bowe at this point in her life could be a PAIR OF SNEAKERS because she likes to run. Another symbol could be a I-95 because she uses that highway almost everyday and life for her is busy like I-95.

Only Daughter responses I need the SOAPSTONE notes and the response and the scoring guide. Put the response on the top. Put the scoring guide on the bottom. Any Parent Conference Letters? NEW SEATS! Look at the color of the note card I gave you.

Look at the number. If it is ODD, find the other person who also has the ODD number in the same color. If it is EVEN, find the other person who also has the EVEN number in the same color. ODD find ODD EVEN find EVEN. Theme review Which of these is a theme?

1. Coming of Age. 2. Sandra Cisneros grew up without her fathers approval. 3.Growing up is a difficult process but everyone must do it at some point. 4. Being accepted for who you are is something that all people desire. Rites of Passage Remember when we looked at the Rites of

Passage? Get out that handout. The main character in Through the Tunnel is about to undergo a rite of passage. As you read today, think about how his experiences compare to the stages in a rite of passage. This comparison will help you determine a theme. How do symbols develop theme? Through the Tunnel by Doris Lessing

Fun fact! Lessing was born in Iran and spent much of her childhood in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) She dropped out of school at 13. (It was 1932) She then educated herself. She recently commented that unhappy childhoods seem to produce fiction writers. "Yes, I think that is true. Though it wasn't apparent to me then. Of course, I wasn't thinking in terms of being a writer then - I was just thinking about how to escape, all the time.

A Symbol is a item that stands for something besides itself it usually carries some part of the authors theme. Frequently, in a story, an object, a person, a color, etc. may appear that functions on two levels Literal-it is the thing it is Figurative-it has a hidden meaning that the author is hinting at

The Power of Environment (how setting can be symbolic) Write down specific sensory details from the next 3 images. What is the mood? What details in the photo help determine this atmosphere (mood) Share your results with a neighbor. Take note of similarities and differences.

Sensory details/Mood/Atmosphere SEASONS can be symbolic! Chapter 20 Fosters text Spring Summer Fall Winter Be aware authors can stick to the traditional symbolism OR they can use it ironically.

(Its called a May/December relationship for a reason!) Sensory details/Mood/Atmosphere Sensory details/Mood/Atmosphere TIME OF DAY! It too, can be symbolic. What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?

From Oedipus Rex BUT THERE CAN BE MORE THAN ONE SYMBOLIC MEANING! Night a time of shadows/hidden desires NOON a time of truth Analyzing a poem for symbolism Read the poem, The Street With your partner, underline the different elements of the setting.

Next, write down what could be a symbolic meaning for those elements. What message is the author conveying about the speaker through the setting? Write your response on the back. Use details to show your point. Be prepared to share out. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -Thomas A. Edison

Contrition Promontory Supplication Luminous Sputtering

Gout Inquisitive Persistence Incredulous Tenacity Importunity Diligent Beseeching Clambered Minute

Finally, use 5 of them to answer the prompt below. Prompt: What happens to a person when s/he achieves a goal? What motivates people to take risks? Reading Through the Tunnel Create this four category chart using the blank paper.

DETAIL ABOUT THE SETTING POSSIBLE SYMBOLIC MEANING Childish behavior Adult-like behavior Reading using PALS We will be using steps 1, 2, and 3

Step 3 uses a timer Countdown Timer Take notes on your chart as you read and remember to stop and discuss the pause and reflect questions. Exit ticket Turn in the vocabulary activity for the exit ticket. See the handout.

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