Ayur Hindustan Resource Pvt Ltd

Ayur Hindustan Resource Pvt Ltd

Ayur Hindustan Natural Resources Pvt ltd MISSION STATEMENT Spread Knowledge , thereby uplifting global community needs in HEALTHCARE, FOOD, HOUSING Business profit by welfare of society To be a global organization dedicated to wealth creation by bridging opportunity with resources while promoting the interest of the stakeholders and society.

VISION STATEMENT Our primary purpose as an organization is to deliver high quality service to the Society. Empowering challenged people by enabling them to, have access to Best health Best Education

B est shelter Educate , Empower, Help & Grow Investing in viable economic ventures for a profit while promoting the interests of stakeholders and the society. KEY VERTICALS Ayur Hindustan Healthcar e Agricultur e Low cost

housing BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr Abdul Raj Vakil Siddquie- Chairman Dr Nigar Abdul Siddquie- Director Dr Abdul Mateen Siddquie- Director PROFILE OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS Medical Practitioner Since 1985 at Nagpur. Professional Assistance in Establishing 14 primary, Middle and High School in Nagpur, Wardha, Chandrapur, Bhandara (Maharashtra), Raipur (Chhattisgarh) Professional

Assistance in Establishing Ayurvedic & Unani, Allopathic Medical Colleges in Nagpur and Pauni. Professional Assistance DR. RAJ VAKIL SIDDIQUI for Establishing Universities of Bio-Technology, Life Science, Engineering, Business Management, Education and Information Technology at Raipur, (Chhattisgarh). Professional Assistance for Establishing College of Engineering & Technology, at Nagpur for pallotine Education Society, Nagpur. Ten years field-working experience with Gramin Vikas Shikshan Sanstha, Pauni in promotion of Rural Education. Ten years working experience in programs for Quality Up Gradation of Rural primary Education in Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh for Minorities, Backward Classes and Tribals.

Ten years working experience with first De-Addiction Centre for Alcoholics and Drug-Addicts, Matruseva Sangh Nagpur. (World Bank Project) ADVISORS Dr V Ponraj His one of the Advisor cum shisya of Dr A P J Abdulkalam Mr Armoogum Parsuramen Excellency Honable Former HRD Minister Mauritius Dr Raghunath Anant Mashelkar former Director General of the CSIR Dr Prasad Durjati Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

University of Delaware BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr Abdul Raj Vakil Siddquie- Chairman Dr Nigar Abdul Siddquie- Director Dr Abdul Mateen Siddquie- Director INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER


Corporatio ns Pooling of IP & know how CLEARING HOUSE Regional knowledge partners & STI innovation networks for direct application Non-Profit organizations Local

Banks Planners and global develop ment agencies Scaled up AHRPL intervention with strategic linkage to national & international organizations engaged in fostering STI Private Enterprises VC

CONSULTIN G & LEGAL SERVICES CONVENING TRAINING CAPACITY BUILDING Public & Private research networks for translational research UNIVERSITIES SME Funds

GOVT. LABS PART II Inflow / Outflow of IP Capacity Enhancement should be an integral part of holistic approach in technology transfer and enterprise commercialization AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE HEALTH CARE

AHRPL is a company with well established network of supplier of generic medicines distribution. We are authorised by Pharma companies to supply low cost medicine to rural areas and govt hospital. We partner with ICMR ( Indian Council of medical research) ,DBT, MOHFW, Alliance Dept in IIT , NIT , and other major research institute university of Delaware , UGC, DST, ITPO, WTO, World Bank, CIUBL DEPT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY OUR PARNTER PVT PLAYERS

Abbott labs Akumentis Healthcare USV Healthcare Centaur Pharmacueticals Cipla Dr. Reddys Laboratories

East India PharmaWorks Ltd Emcure Pharma Glenmark Macleods Sun pharma Wockhardt Ranbaxy AGRICULTURE Technology Transfer for Pro-Poor Development Creating, accelerating and nurturing global technology access for socio economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities AGRICULTURE 1. Technology Transfer: A solution to

prevailing agricultural and environmental problems 2. The AHRPL- DARE partnership: a potential model for implementing this solution 3. Scaling Up AHRPL- DARE the model Implementation THE POTENTIAL AND FAILURE OF AGRICULTURAL/ENVIRONMENTAL TECH TRANSFER AND COMMERCIALIZATION

Technologies created in developed countries can solve agricultural and environmental problems, meet local nutritional needs, and create business opportunities in developing regions HOWEVER. the technologies are not delivered to the appropriate entrepreneurs, businesses and agencies who can adapt them to local economic, structures and markets What are the reasons for this failure? AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES

drought tolerant crop technologies Late Blight disease resistance and improved agronomic traits in potato insect resistance in eggplant novel fruit and vegetable cultivars nutritional enhancement and shelf life extension of foods biological controls for crop protection cell lines for veterinary medicine research tools and technical properties SCALING UP CHALLENGES

Economic development related factors Enhancing technology access for international licensing Enticing Corporate innovators to contribute to public good and encourage them to engage in partnership with low income economies Create polities in countries that inhibit technology transfer and commercialization for economic growth Capacity building implications (TTOs)

Creating qualified human resource across the developing nations with active cooperation of bodies and Associations located in Part 1 countries Creating sustainable Technology Transfer Organizations that can network globally Enhance capacity beyond TTOs for enterprise development and accelerated commercialization Enhance competency framework through continuing access to knowledge OUR ALLIANCE

DARE ( Dept of Agriculture research & Education) IIT , NIT, Godrej Agrovet. Ltd, Bayer Agro IFFCO NABARD RCF LOW COST HOUSING

Technology Transfer for Pro-Poor Development Creating, accelerating and nurturing global technology access for socio economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunities ACCORDING TO THE UNITED NATIONS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, THERE IS AN ESTIMATED 100 MILLION HOMELESS PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. THIS IS A STARTLING STATISTIC WHEN YOU CONSIDER HOW AFFLUENT SOME PARTS OF THE WORLD ARE.. LOW COST HOUSING Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHIP) The scheme Affordable Housing in Partnership aims to promote

various types of public-private partnerships private sector, cooperative sector, financial services sector, state parastatals urban local bodies, for realizing the goal of affordable housing for all. This scheme is Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) and takes into account the experience of implementing Basic Services to the Urban Poor (BSUP) and Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP). PROMOTION OF TECHNOLOGY FOR LOW COST

HOUSING MATERIALS THE COLLABORATIVE EFFORT Technology Employme nt Generation Simple Machine. Small Enterprises. Local People involved. Environmen t Friendly

Utilization of agro industrial wastes. Substitution of wood by composite materials made of waste and local natural resources. Top Soil Preservation. Energy Efficient Simple Machines Less energy consuming Products Better Thermal

comfort. OUR ALLIANCE IIT , NIT, Rural Housing technology, National institute for Rural development ACHIEVEMENTS Educational projects with SAARC Socio economic uplifment of tribals with Manav seva lok kalyan mahasangh

Thank You Ayur Hindustan Natural Resources Pvt ltd

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