Attachment-Based Early Intervention for Foster and Adopted ...

Attachment-Based Early Intervention for Foster and Adopted ...

WORKING WITH DCFS: WHAT EARLY INTERVENTION PROVIDERS NEED TO KNOW IECC Conference Tacoma, WA5/06/16 Julie Fisher, MSW, LICSW Infant Mental Health Clinical Supervisor & Lead CHERISH Trainer KinderingBellevue, WA TODAYS LEARNING OBJECTIVES Show increased

understanding of the child welfare system and its terminology Explain the early intervention policies that apply to children in foster care Create a plan for incorporating more relationship building into your work with child-welfare involved families

FOSTER CHILDREN AND DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS Foster children under age three experience developmental delays at TEN times the rate found in the general population --National Center for Children in Poverty, Sept. 2010 INTERSECTION OF SYSTEMS Early Intervention

Infant Mental Health Child Welfare Well-Being, Safety, & Permanence DEVELOPMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS CAPTA & TITLE 1

The Child Abuse & Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 2003 requires that infants and toddlers involved in substantiated cases of maltreatment be referred to EI services (renewed in 2010) Title I - Extension of Child and Family Services ProgramsSection 101 (9/30/11) Requires each state plan for oversight and coordination of health care services for any child in a foster care placement to include an outline of: (1) the monitoring and treatment of emotional trauma associated with a child's maltreatment and removal from home http:// CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM--WHO DCFS/Childrens Administration (CA) DSHS (larger umbrella) CPS (Child Protective Services) CWS (Child Welfare Services) Foster Parent Relative Caregiver/Kinship Caregiver Fictive Kin Suitable Adult Placement Birth/Biological Parent & Other family members


FVS DLR ICWA AA Placement Desk FAR Court Report ICPC RESOURCES & SUPPORTS FOR OUTOF-HOME CAREGIVERS Dependency 101 Treehouse (King County) Caregiver Report to the Court

Visitation Rules Free memberships, etc. (state parks, aquarium, museums, some YMCAs) Guidelines for foster child activities PRIDE classes (to become a foster parent) Respite Care Fostering Well Being Care Coordination Unit Ombuds office Caregiver Connection (Newsletter) FOSTER PARENT SUPPORTS Foster Parent Liaisons Fostering Together/Eastern WA University

Private Foster Licensing Agencies (ex: Amara, Olive Crest, Bethany, CCS, City Church) F.I.R.S.TFoster Intervention Retention & Support Team Western WA (Region 2 and 3): (253) 219-6782 Eastern WA (Region1): (509) 928-6697 FPAWSFoster Parent Association of WA State Foster Parent & Caregiver Crisis & Support Line 1-800-301-1868 FOSTER PARENT CONSULTATION TEAM (1624 TEAM) A consultation team that enables foster parent representatives to bring issues before high-level Childrens Administration leaders was established through a provision in a 2007 state law. ----------------------------------------------------------------That team, known as the Childrens

Administration Foster Parent Consultation Team (1624 Team), includes four representatives from each of the states three regions. Team members were elected in late 2015. The statewide team meets quarterly. KINSHIP/RELATIVE CAREGIVER SUPPORTS A Resource Guide for Relative as Parents: https:// cations/documents/22-996.pdf Services/Kinship Navigators: https:// https:// BIRTH PARENT EDUCATION & SUPPORTS Dependency 101 (& Dependency 2016 week course) Parents for Parents (P4P) Parenting Coaches Family Treatment Court Navos SEC Various mandated services: parenting classes, chemical dependency treatment, MH

treatment, DV treatment, etc. PLANNING FOR RELATIONSHIP BUILDING IN YOUR WORK What to call the foster child? What to call the foster parents? Who has legal rights? Who is the ESIT parent? Who signs releases? (EI policies) Should I call the social worker?

The CASA/GAL? When? ESIT PARENT; LEGAL GUARDIAN ESIT Parent cannot be the state social worker, but the state social worker (legal guardian) determines who the ESIT parent is (usually the person child is living with): http :// ice_guide_foster_care.pdf

Legal Guardian the DCFS SW is the childs legal guardian. HOW DO I REACH THE SOCIAL WORKER? THE CASA/GAL? Children's Administration Staff Directories: https:// tration-staff-directories CASA: King

County Superior Court Dependency CASA 206.477.4245 Pierce County Juvenile Court CASA/GAL Program 253.798.7948 Snohomish County Juvenile Court CASA/VGAL Program

425.388.7854 WHERE DO I FIND THE TIME? A MOMENT FOR REFLECTION YOU WILL LIKELY HEAR ABOUT Sleeping and eating concerns Aggression, anxiety, withdrawal Caregiver feeling incompetent re: how to help THIS child (feelings of rejection) Symptoms related to Prenatal Substance Exposure (PSE)dysregulation/sensory issues

Systems concerns/complaints Stress regarding being in limbo Visits and their effects on children in care VISITS WITH BIRTH PARENTS Mandated by court We can make suggestions to Childrens Admin Social Worker/advocate for best practice Issues that come up: Nap

time Long time in car Lack of education for visit supervisors Environment for visits Length of time in visits Parenting coach? Things said to children during visits TRANSITIONING HOMES Planning is key; slow it down Transition attachment relationship

biological systems cued into primary caregiver Replicating routines; sensory experiences Pre and post placement contact considerations ANOTHER MOMENT FOR REFLECTION DCFS RESOURCES Parents Guide to CPS: https:// cuments/22-484.pdf

FTDM FAQ: https:// cuments/22-1171.pdf Understanding the Dependency Court Process: https:// cuments/22-1499.pdf DCFS RESOURCES Family Assessment Response (FAR) Brochure: https:// ocuments/22-1508.pdf

Fostering Well Being (phone number to callmedical info): https:// ocuments/22-1512.pdf Impact of Trauma (defines trauma/gives tips for caregivers): https:// ocuments/22-1591.pdf Caregiver Connection (newsletter): https:// DCFS RESOURCES

Life Story Book: https:// ations/documents/22-485.pdf Guideline for Foster Child Activities: https:// ations/documents/22-533.pdf ITEIP: https:// ations/documents/22-645.pdf (Explains EI/how to access) Rights of Children & Youth in Foster Care:

BOOKS FOR FOSTER & ADOPTED CHILDREN Kids Need to Be Safe by J. Nelson The Way I Feel by J. Cain Maybe Days by J. Wilgocki & M. Wright Hug by Jez Alborough Families Change: A Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights by J. Nelson My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss Calm-Down Time by Elizabeth Verdick CHILD WELL-BEING RESOURCES

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