Archetypes for Senior Research Paper

Archetypes for Senior Research Paper

z Archetypes for Senior Research Paper z What is an Archetype? - Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung developed the idea of the archetype, which occurs in literature, movies, and television shows. - An archetype is an image, story pattern, character type, representation, or recurring idea (situational,

symbolic, or character). - Archetypes engender strong associations to the reader or observers. z What should I look for to identify archetypes? - A shared idea with all humanity (an inherited part of the human being that connects us all) - A constant and universal idea (though it may differ from place to place, the concept is worldwide) z

Character Archetype: The Hero (The Savior) Simba The hero is traditionally the protagonist of the story who leaves his kingdom, only to return upon reaching manhood. He is characterized by courage, strength, and honor. The hero endures hardships, even risks his life for the good of all. He leaves his familiar world to enter an unfamiliar and challenging world. This character often has supernatural abilities. He is successful in defeating the villain.

In The Lion King, Simba is considered the hero because he is born into royalty. Next, his father tragically dies. His Uncle Scar makes him think it was his fault, so he goes on a spiritual journey. On his journey, he realizes he needs to save his tribe from his evil uncle. z Another Character Archetype: The Villain (The Bad Guy) Scar The villain threatens the life of the hero and acts in evil in order to stop the hero from accomplishing his

quest or reaching his destiny. The villain is sometimes a monster, usually summoned from the deepest, darkest parts of the mind. Villains usually represent sin, greed, or wrath. They face death, ironically brought about by their own flaws. In The Lion King, Uncle Scar is the villain because he is jealous of his brother, the king (Mufasa), so he plots his death, exiles Simba, and takes over the throne. z

Another Character Archetype: Supernatural/Mythological (The Guide) Rafiki This character provides the hero with something/someone to help them along their journey. The character is seen as a protective figure or guide.

Also, supernatural forces relate to what is above/beyond what is natural (i.e., fighting off monsters with your bare hands). In The Lion King, Simba sees his fathers spirit but also gets help from Rafiki, a medicine man-type character. Rafiki is a supernatural force who influences and inspires Simba. He also provides him with important guidance along the way.

z Situational Archetype: Good vs. Evil (The Battle) Simba vs. Scar This is a battle between two primal forces (protagonist vs. antagonist) Traditionally, good will triumph over evil. Mankind shows eternal optimism in the continual portrayal of good triumphing over evil despite great odds.

Of course, Simba defeats his uncle and masters what it means to be a just and responsible king on Pride Rock. Now, you need to choose a topic for your research paper. Keep in z mind that you will discuss this same archetype for Beowulf, Macbeth, and Medieval literature (or double-up with the previous two texts)! z More Characters to Consider

z Additional Archetypes The Outcast (Character) The Companion (Character) Light vs. Darkness (Symbolic) The Number 3 (Symbolic) The Color Red (Symbolic) The Quest/The Task (Situational)

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