AP Language and Composition

AP Language and Composition

AP Language and Composition Its a whip-smart Wednesday! March 4, 2009 Mr. Houghteling AGENDA ACT Bellringer

Mark Twains Corn-Pone Opinions (717-721). Corn-Pone Opinions Read Twains essay. Using a dialectical journal, annotation, or other graphic organizer, analyze Twains essay.

In pairs or trios, work together to come to some conclusions about Twains style, rhetoric, and meaning. Be prepared to present your findings during class on Wednesday. Homework Preview the 16 Questions for Discussion and Questions on

Rhetoric and Style on pages 720 and 721. Which questions on pages 720 and 721 are we doing? 3rd Period is doing (720 #1 and 2) (721: 1, 2, 8, and 10)

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