Andrew Jackson -

Andrew Jackson -

VAGLIO Essential Question: Champion of the Common Man?

OR King Andrew? Voting Requirements in the Early 19c

Voter Turnout: 1820 - 1860 3 3 Why Increased White male suffrage increased

Democratization? Party nominating committees. 3 Voters chose their states slate of Presidential electors. 3

Spoils system. 3 Rise of Third Parties. 3

Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.) 3 Two-party system returned in the 1832 election: Dem-Reps Natl. Reps.(1828)

Whigs (1832) Republicans (1854) Jacksons First Hermitage Residence

First Known Painting of Jackson, 1815 General Jackson During the Seminole Wars The Common

Mans Presidential Candidate Jacksons Opponents in 1824 Henry Clay [KY]

John Quincy Adams [MA] William H. Crawford [GA] John C. Calhoun

[SC] Results of the 1824 Election A Corr upt Barga

Yankee Misfit in the White House Characteristics Puritanical honor Great popularity Plans for Administration

Construction of roads, canals, national university, astronomical observatory Means higher tariffs Cherokee were dealt with fairly by JQA but Georgia resisted those attempts of equal treatment States Expand Voting Rights Under John Q. Adams voting rights expanded because many states eliminated

property qualifications 1824 election 355, 000 Americans voted or 26.9% of the electorate 1828 1.1 million Americans voted or 57.6% of the electorate voted giving A Jackson the presidency Rachel Jackson

Final Divorce Decree Jackson in Mourning for His Wife 1828 Election Results

The Center of Population in the Country Moves WEST Jacksonian Revolution Jackson won the popular vote and the EC Jackson received support from the South and West while New England States liked Adams

Political gravity shifting away from the north (Essex Junto/ Hartford convention anyone?) Adams still had a great political career getting elected to the House of Reps Peoples President Orphaned at the age of 14 Received little formal education Elected to represent TN in congress before the

age of 30 Famous for the Battle of New Orleans in the 1812 War Captured Spanish Florida Took part in 5 duels killing 1 of his adversaries Advent of Old Hickory Personal Battles Dysentery, malaria, tuberculosis, lead poisoning

Characteristics Rough, jack of all trades, genuine folk hero Violent temper, got into many duels From the west lived in a fine Mansion (the Hermitage) Ignored the Supreme Court on Occasion used the veto 12 times Inaugeral Bowl

King Mob The New Jackson Coalition The Planter Elite in the 3 South

3 People on the Frontier 3 State Politicians spoils system

3 Immigrants in the cities. 3 Jacksons Faith in the Common

Manof Eastern Intense distrust establishment, monopolies, & special privilege. 3 His heart & soul was with

the plain folk. 3 Belief that the common man was capable of uncommon The Reign of King

Mob Andrew Jackson as President The Peggy Eaton Affair Cabinet Crisis & National Set

Back Matty or the Little Magician Eaton Malaria Maysville Road Veto Nullification Crisis Tariff of Abominations 1828 --- many South Carolinians threatened to secede

John C. Calhoun The South Carolina Exposition and Protest Robert Hayne (SC) & Daniel Webster (MA) Debates Jackson Position Our Federal Union is tmust be Preserved Congresses passes the Tariff of 1832 considerably less on the % of tax on imports

SC not satisfied --- adopted an Ordinance of Nullification Jackson considers this treason orders a war ship to Charleston FORCE BILL Henry Clay Great Compromiser 3

1832 Tariff 1828Conflict --> Tariff of Abomination 3 1832 --> new tariff

3 South Carolinas reaction? 3 Jacksons response?

3 Clays Compromise The WebsterHayne Debate Sen. Daniel Webster

[MA] Sen. Robert Hayne [SC] 1830 Webster: Liberty and Union, now

and forever, one and Jackson : inseparable. Our Federal Unionit must be preserved. Calhoun:

The Union, next to our liberty, most dear. Indian Removal 3 Jacksons Goal?

3 1830 Indian Removal Act 3 Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) * domestic dependent nation

3 Worcester v. GA (1832) 3 Jackson: John Marshall has made his

decision, now let him enforce The Cherokee Nation After 1820 Indian Removal Trail of Tears

(1838-1839) Jacksons Professed Love for Native Americans Jacksons Use of Federal Power

VETO 1830 Maysville Road project in KY [state of his political rival, Henry Clay] The National Bank Debate

Nicholas Biddle President Jackson Opposition to the nd

2 B.U.S. Soft (paper) $ 3 3 state bankers

felt it restrained their banks from issuing bank notes freely. supported rapid

Hard (specie) $ 3 felt that coin was the only safe currency.

3 didnt like any bank that issued bank notes. 3

suspicious of The Monster Is Destroyed! 3 pet banks? 3 1832 Jackson vetoed

the extension of the 2nd National Bank of the United States. 3 1836 the charter

expired. Jackson & BUS Jackson regarded the bank as a monopoly that benefited the wealthy Jackson crushes the BUS Removed Federal Money from BUS and placed it in state banks (PET BANKS) ---WILD CAT BANKS BUS called in loans and stopped lending

(Nicholaus Biddle) Leads to Panic of 1837 The Downfall of Mother Bank An 1832 Carto

on: King 1832 Election Results Main Issue? The Specie

Circular (1836) 3 wildcat banks. 3 buy future federal land only with gold or silver.

3 Jacksons goal? Results of the $ Banknotes their Specie loose Circular value.

$ Land sales plummeted. $ Credit not available. $ Businesses began to fail. $ Unemployment rose. The Panic of 1837! New Party Emerges KING ANDREW a new party emerged to

oppose him --- WHIGS named after the party in England that worked to reduce the power of a monarch Platform larger federal govt, industrial and commercial development, 1836 Election Martin VanBuren defeated 3 Whigs The 1836 Election

Results Martin Van Buren Old Kinderhook [O. K.] The Panic of 1837

Spreads Quickly! Andrew Jackson in Retirement Photo of Andrew Jackson in 1844 (one year before his

death) 1767 - 1845 Van Buren Presidency Panic of 1837 Highest unemployment in American History Tippecanoe and Tyler Too Tyler his Accidency

Third Bank? Webster Asburton Treaty

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