Alexander Screw Products, Inc.

Alexander Screw Products, Inc.

ALEXANDER SCREW PRODUCTS, INC. ISO 9001: 2008 REGISTERED Excellence In Manufacturing Indianapolis Indiana 1 Thessalonians 4 11-12 ALEXANDER SCREW PRODUCTS Alexander Screw Products, Inc. is a specialty machine shop which opened in 1950. Since then we have grown from a small shop, to one of the premier machining facilities in the Midwest. Our value-added services help us to be a great business partner for our customer base. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver quality products on time and at very competitive prices. Our team is waiting to assist you with all your machining and fabricating needs. Contact

us and let our partnership begin. ISO 9001 2008 quality system. Modern, certified inspection equipment and a well trained inspection team to insure quality. CAPABILITIES Mitsubishi Laser, to 1 thick CNC Mills & Lathes, swiss style lathes Multi spindle Screw Machines to 2 5/8

Blanchard grinding to 60 round MIG, TIG, & Robot Welding, steel, alum and stainless Centerless Grinding up 12 ft bars Standard & Custom Bolts Steel Fabrication

Punch Press & Shearing Anchor Bolts & All Thread MITSUBISHI LASER Capable of cutting a verity of material types and thicknesses, including Stainless Steel up to , Aluminum up to 3/8, and Hot Rolled Steel up to 1. Able to use multiple assist gases including oxygen, nitrogen, or compressed air.

Machine envelope allows for sheet sizes up to 1 X 60 X 120. CNC MILLS 3 single pallet machines 20 x 40 2 double pallet machines 20 x 40 1 single pallet machine 26 x 50 1 single pallet machine 16 x 30

Modern Mazak and Hass equipment CNC LATHES 5 large 10 chuck machines with bar feeds to 2.5 capacity 3 high speed gang tool machines Milling turning and broaching from 1 machine in 1 operation SCREW MACHINES 4 CNC screw machines to 32mm

Auto bar loaders for 24 hour unattended operation 7 standard multi spindle machines to 2 5/8 diameter From 1 piece to tens of thousands MIG & TIG WELDING Steel, Aluminum and stainless steel ROBOT WELDING

Robotic welding for high production Consistent high quality welds in steel and stainless CENTERLESS GRINDING Ultra high precision, tolerance to +/-.0001 4 machines with 2 capacity Grinding length to 12 feet

SURFACE GRINDING Blanchard type to 60 round 3 machines Standard grinders up to 36 x 72 CUSTOM BOLTS Specialty bolts are our specialty SAE J429 grade 2, 5 or 8

1 piece to thousands ASTM A 193 stainless Quick service ASTM A354 any head styles= Hex, socket, flange, 12 pt flange, pentagon, square, button,

ASTM F593 nylon patch per IFI 124 Lab tested and stamped with registered mark Coatings= black oxide, zinc, cad, lubrite ( mag phos), Precision shoulder bolts to 2 shoulder

Cross holes, oil holes CUSTOM BOLTS F1554 Gr. 36, 55, & 105 A449 Cap Screws B7 High Strength

Stainless A325 Galvanized B7 Up to 3 diameter 354 Gr. BC & BD All Thread Standard Bolts

Hex Head Round Head Stainless Torx Head B7 CONSTRUCTION FASTENERS ANCHOR BOLTS Bent anchor bolts to 3 round, straight to 4.5

Roll thread to 3, cut thread to 4.5 We can weld nuts washers or plates We can make custom cage assemblies Plain, galvanized or stainless Wilson sleeve distributor, most sizes in stock

Turn buckle or clevis available, most sizes in stock Quick delivery, we have common sizes in stock ASTM F1554 gr 36, 55 or 105 304 or 316 stainless steel With our laser we can make custom plates and templates,

TANK STRAPS Tank straps for Ag equipment, Construction or military, Stainless steel or galvanized steel, plain or with rubber covers, Hook end, stud end, swivel ends Various Ends and strap material and rubber in stock for quick delivery WEIGHTLIFTER TRUCK LIFT WWW.WEIGHTLIFTERTRUCK.COM Up to 2000 lbs. Lift Anything - Lift Anywhere [email protected] Alexander Screw Products, Inc.

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