Adaptations - Mrs. Nethery's Class

Adaptations - Mrs. Nethery's Class

Adaptations Environmental Science Adaptation Features that help an organism survive in a particular environment. There are 3 types Structural Behavioral Physiological Structural Adaptations Physical structures on an organism that help it survive. Examples: Claws, spots, thumbs , beaks Behavioral Adaptations Adaptations that affect how an organism acts Examples

Migration Being nocturnal Following the sun Physiological Adaptations The body process that help an organism survive Usually cannot be seen from the outside Examples: Pheromones, ink, spray Adaptations for Each Biome Desert Plants Structural: Succulents store water in stems/leaves

Large root systems to get more water Behavioral: Flowers opening at night, when pollinators are more active Physiological: Sweet smelling fruit to attract pollinators Animals Structural: Small size Fat storage in humps or tails Behavioral: Staying in the shade

Burrow underground for shelter Nocturnal Physiological: Absence of sweat glands to prevent water loss Grassland Plants Structural: Large strong root systems to get more water and protect from fire Thick bark to protect from fires Behavioral: Wind pollinated

Physiological: Poisonous bitter tasting leaves Animals Structural: Tan color to blend in Flat teeth Behavioral: Migration Reproduce during rainy season Burrowing Herding Physiological: Young have little to no smell when born

Tropical Rainforest Plants Structural: Drip tips and waxy/smooth surfaces help water run off Collect rainwater in the center and absorb later Behavioral: Plants live on other plants Flowers on forest floor since there is no wind Physiological: Sweet smelling and colorful flowers/fruits to draw pollinators. Animals Structural:

Camouflage Strong beaks Tails for climbing Behavioral: Specialists Living only in trees Physiological: Toxic skin Deciduous Forest Plants Structural: Thick bark to prevent against cold winters Broad leaves to capture sunlight Behavioral:

Flowers grow on forest floor before, trees leaf out Going dormant during winter Physiological: Sweet smelling fruit and flowers Animals Structural: Antlers Claws Teeth Behavioral: Lose winter coat during warm season Storing food for winter Migration/hibernation

Physiological: Defense sprays Pheromones Taiga (Coniferous Forest) Plants Structural: Needle like leaves to prevent water loss and shed snow Branches droop downward Behavioral: Evergreen to save energy Physiological: Acidic needles to prevent plants from growing under the trees

Animals Structural: Insulating feathers/fur Behavioral: Migration/hibernation Physiological: Change in fur color Tundra Plants Structural: Covered in hair to keep warm Behavioral: Flowers that follow sun to absorb seat

Small to prevent freezing Grow in clumps to protect each other from wind and cold Physiological: Perform photosynthesis under snow Animals Structural: Thick coats Small ears Large feet Behavioral: Migration/hibernation Physiological: Sprays

Marine/Fresh Water Plants Structural: Flexible stems to al Behavioral: Plant leaves float at the top of the water to get more sunlight Physiological: Lack strong water transport system, instead everything is absorbed through the leaves Animals Structural:

Fins or webbed feat Gills Behavioral: Migration Physiological: Swim bladder to help with buoyancy

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