Accepted Student's Day Preparation for Social Transitions

Accepted Student's Day Preparation for Social Transitions

Social Transitions Orientation 2017 George Rusczyk Associate Director of Student Life About me: Lock Haven Alumni (2003 undergrad & 2006 graduate) (So is my wife: 2005 undergrad & 2006 graduate) Ive managed Russell Hall, Woolridge Hall, Gross Hall & Fairview Suites before my current position I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old at home For those who are wondering the last name is Polish (pronounced Russ Check) Department of Student & Residence Life Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Goals of Todays Session I. Know why connecting to LHU is important II. Know how to encourage engagement to LHU III. Identifying Common Parent (& Student!) Fears IV. Continuing Transitional Conversations with Our Students I. Why is Connecting Important? What we know: Engaged students are successful students!

Why? Students who are engaged will overcome difficulties and road bumps to success. Unengaged students will not. What can you do as a parent? - Let them fall down... Encourage them to solve their own problems. Encourage Involvement! I. What is happening with students now? - Excitement! - College is just around the corner! - Apprehension/Fear - They are beginning to consider the upcoming changes: New People, The Reality of College Level Courses, Roommates! - Adulthood/Relationships with other Adults - They are thinking about independence and adulthood. How will they interact with Parents and other Adults? How do I Adult?

II. Connecting What can you do as a parent? - Accept Your Changing Role Set Realistic Expectations Encourage Independence & Responsibility Become Informed of Available Resources Begin to Trust Your Student Listen & Provide Reassurance What else can you do or are you already doing? How Can They Get Involved? Im glad you asked

ACADEMIC CLUBS Athletic Training Club Biology Club Chemistry Club Counseling and Mental Health Club

Criminal Justice Student Organization Criminal Justice Student Organization Clearfield Campus Early Childhood Education Club El Club de Espanol English Club Geoscience Club (Geology) Health Science Club JS PASS Physicians Assistant Program Le Club Francais French Club SHAPE LHU - Lock Haven University Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (LHU AHPERD) Lock Haven University Council for the Social Studies (LHUPCSS) Lock Haven University Paleontology Lock Haven Psychological Association Marine Science Club Math Club Nanotechnology Club Philosophy Club

Physics Club Pre Law Club Pre Med Club Public Relations Club Recreation Society Social Science Club Social Work Club Society of Collegiate Journalists Sociology Club Spanish Club Vamos a Charlar! Sport Administration Society Sport and Exercise Psychology

Club Students of Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA) Therapeutic Recreation Club CLUB SPORTS Airsoft Club Fencing Club Golf Club Haven Wrestling Club Ice Hockey Club LHU Power Lifting Club Lock Haven Climbing Club Lock Haven Twirlers Lock Haven University Winter Guard Paddles for Haven Ping Pong Club Inline Roller Hockey Club Skiing & Boarding Club Ultimate Frisbee

COMPETITION SPORTS Archery Club Boxing Club Cheerleaders Mens Lacrosse Mens Rugby Mens Volleyball Quidditch Team Womens Rugby CULTURAL CLUBS Asian Student Association Black Student Union International Students Association Latino Student Association

Clubs! PRODUCTION AND PERFORMANCE CLUBS Dance Consort Diamonds N Da Ruff Gospel Choir Hip-Hop Dance Club Jazz/Rock Ensemble Modern Dance Company No Label Royalty (Fashion Design) Revamp Dance Crew University Choir University Band University Players PROGRAMMING CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS Clearfield Activities Board Fine Arts Society Haven Activities Council (HAC) Intramurals Residence Hall Association

(RHA) PUBLICATION ORGANIZATIONS Eagle Eye Newspaper SPIRITUAL AND FAITH BASED CLUBS Campus Crusade for Christ Christian Student Fellowship Fellowship of Christian Athletes Full Gospel Fellowship Hillel Latter Day Saints Student Association New Life Student Fellowship Newman Community; Protestant Campus Ministries The Wearhouse SPECIAL INTEREST CLUBS Actively Moving Forward Club

Aerobics Club American Red Cross Club LHU Student Chapter Art as Fashion Association for Computer Machinery / PCU British Television Appreciation Club Campus Violence Prevention Club Chess Club Circle K Coding Club College Democrats College Republicans Colleges Against Cancer Council for Exceptional Children Distinguished Gentlemen Eagles Nest Society Electronic Entertainment Society Environmental Club Fly Fishing Club Forensics Team (Debate Team) Gay-Straight Alliance Gender Equality and Liberation Club Global Viewers Club

Grappling Club Honors Club Inter Fraternal Council (IFC) Investment Club Japanese Animation Society Karate Club LHU American Association of University Women Student Chapter Lock Haven University Cycling Club

LHU Eagles Elite LHU Fishing League Worldwide Fishing LHU Magic The Gathering Club LHU Minecraft Club LHU Nerf Club LHU Pokemon Club Lock Haven University Triathlon Lyrically Speaking Mixed Martial Arts Club Model United Nations Outing Club Outreach for Humanity Panhellenic Council Photography Club

Safe Haven Scuba Diving Club Sign Language Club Soaring Eagle Paint Ball Club Sophisticated Ladies Sports Broadcasting Club Strategy Gaming Club Strength, Conditioning, & Fitness Student Athlete Advisory Committee Students Against Sweatshops Student Government Association Student Veterans Support Our Troops WLHU Radio Yu Gi Oh TCG Club First 30 Days in Residence Halls There will be at least 1 event in each residence hall every night for the first 30 days. They will not even need to go outside Events will run the include: crafts, food, alcohol alternatives, educational seminars, talks from faculty and staff, movies, video games and more! Other Ways to Get involved:

Clubs associated with their major Student Government Residence Hall Government Intramurals Community Service Trips Welcome Week! A whole range of events through labor day weekend. Plenty of opportunities for involvement and getting to know their peers, faculty and staff. Lets Talk about Labor Day and the 1st Weekend Its the first (and 2nd) weekend without: You Home Friends from High School They are: Feeling uncomfortable

Unsure But So is everyone else We want them to stay because it is much better for them to be uncomfortable together in the beginning when they are all seeking to make those connections. The first 14 days are critical! We do understand that some students will have critical family events (weddings & other family obligations!) What can you do? Encourage them to: Stay on campus Make friends Go to Lock Havens Labor Day Regatta (A quick walk <1 mile but busses will be available too) Attend Hall Programs Introduce themselves to others on Campus, their Residence Halls, the dining hall etc III. Identifying Common Fears LHU will both support and challenge your/OUR student. WE WANT YOU TO BE OUR PARTNER! Common Fears Identified By LHU Parents: 1. Will my student have difficulty living on campus without me? 2. Will my student be able to keep up on school work without the structure high school provided? 3. Will my student eat healthy?

4. Alcohol & drugs are associated with college life in the media. What will happen with my student? 5. What happens when my student gets sick? 6. Will my student think less of me because I never went to college? 7. Who is going to protect or look after my student if I am not around? III. Identifying Common Fears - What other fears are you experiencing? - Why do we take the time to identify our fears? Good Conversation Starters to talk about parent and student expectations - Examples It is just as important for your student to feel comfortable talking about their fears with you, as it is for you to talk about your fears with your student. Starting these conversations now helps to: 1. 2. 3. 4. Grow Your Relationship With Your Student/Your Parents Build Trust Foster Independence In Your Student (and helping your parents accept it) Show Your Student You Both Support Them & Have Confidence In Them III. LHU Support & Resources Disability Services- If your student has a learning or other disability, they should register right away with Office of Disability Services. Health Services Available to all students while classes in are in session. Counseling Center- helps students achieve academic success and personal growth through quality brief counseling

and psychological services, outreach and consultative services. Public Safety 24 Hours Per Day Located Right On Campus. Career Services Resume Building; Interviewing Techniques; Professionalism Food Services Variety of Choices located across campus. Tutorial Services & Writing Center Located in Stevenson Library III. LHU Support & Resources Campus Ministries- comprised of pastors and lay leaders who serve the LHU community by offering students a place to worship and a ready ear to listen. Student Affairs- provides a variety of resources to students including crisis assistance and opportunities to get involved and connect to campus. Center for Excellence & Inclusion leadership opportunities, support & FROSH Floor Activities Student and Residence Life Staff Professional Staff Members with an advanced degree & Upper-class Student Leaders living with your students on campus. Athletics Student Activities Clubs & Organizations; Intramurals; RHA; Leadership IV. Transitional Conversations With your/OUR Student What can you start doing today? - Look at your relationship with your student as a process that is changing - Ask questions to initiate conversations - Listen closely to what they tell you and show interest - Identify common roadblocks that you both share IV. Transitional Conversations With your/OUR Student Questions for the Car Ride:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What are your reasons for going to college? How much contact will we have while you are at school? Money. Who is paying for what? Will you get a job? Will you have a credit card while in college? Do you have expectations about communication (telephone, visits, social media?) What are your expectations about drugs and alcohol? What are your expectations about relationships and sex? If your student is taking a car to school, are there any rules? SO - Grow Your Relationship With your/OUR Student Build Trust Foster Independence In Your Student Show Your Student You Both Support Them & Have Confidence In Them The relationship you have with your student also connects to the relationship you and your student have with LHU.

Lets work together and make it a memorable one! Thank you for attending Orientation today! The Keys to a great semester for Students: Get involved! Go to Class! Questions/Concerns/Thoughts

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