2016 MYRCA Nominees - River East Transcona School Division

2016 MYRCA Nominees - River East Transcona School Division

2016 MYRCA Nominees 5 Vote for your favorite book as long as you have read from the following list. All nominated books are either written by a Canadian or an author currently living in Canada. Tell us what you think! Visit www.myrca.ca and click on the book covers to leave a message for your favorite authors. Sometimes they write back! In Real Life

by Cory Doctorow 1st time a Graphic Novel is on the list! Gaming Anda lives a super heros life in the online game Coarsegold. But when she discovers that some other players are not treated fairly in real life, shes ready to help them. Until everything goes horribly wrong. Rocket Blues by David Skuy Hockey Fiction

When Bryan, also known as Rocket, gets cut from his longtime AAA team the Huskies, his only choice is to play with the AA team, the Blues. How will he make it through the year when his new teammates play can barely play? If you liked: Home Ice Advantage, Undergrounders. The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel Adventure Historical Fantasy This epic Titanic-style Steam

Train has a secret treasure hidden in the funeral car behind the locomotive. At the very back of the train is young William and he has the only key to the treasure. Who can he trust with this secret? Will he get to the front of the train before the brakemen catch him? A Year in the life of a total and complete Genius by Stacey Matson

Humour, Comedy Diary style Arthur Bean has an ambition to become a famous author. When the school announces a writing contest, he KNOWS he will win, he thinks hes that good! And when his secret crush Kennedy, turns out to be his writing partner, things just couldnt be better. Or could they? Laugh out loud funny Saving Houdini by Michael Redhill Time Travel Adventure

Magic Dash gets accidentally transported into 1926 by an illusion called the Magic Soap Bubble. His only hope is to try and find the great Houdini. Maybe he has the power to undo the Soap Bubble trick and send him back home? Unfortunately the Social Services Society is on his tail and he needs to convince a bully to be his friend. If you liked: The Boundless Zomboy by Richard Scrimger Zombie Fiction

Mystery Humour When Imre, a very strange new student, arrives in small town Ontario, Bob is repulsed. Not only is Imre creepy, hes dead! And to make matters worse, his best friend Evil-O (Olive spelled backwards) instantly begins to defend Imre and accuses Bob of being antizombie. Are you serious? Bye-Bye, Evil Eye by Deborah Kerbel Romance Suspense Daniella and her friend Kat visit

Greece for three weeks and Dani thinks it's the perfect opportunity to find a boyfriend for Kat. That is until Dani is stricken by the evil eye and her life becomes a string of bad luck. Only Kat's superstitious mother Mrs. P. can help her - but will the cure actually work? Gone Girl for Tweens The Elevator Ghost by Glen Huser Ghost Story Read it out loud! Make the recipes! Mrs. Carolina Gibble

isnt your average babysitter. She can solve any problem with storytime and a snack. As long as you dont mind her pet tarantula and arent afraid of ghosts! Like a spooky Mary Poppins The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier Gothic Thriller Orphans Molly and Kip find work in Cedar Hollow where no other villager will go. Rumour has it that the tree

growing through the Windsors mansion is capable of fulfilling anyones deepest wishes. So why wont anyone work there? And what are the Windsors hiding in the secret room? If you liked: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. The Story of Owen Dragon Slayer of Trondheim by e k Johnston Urban Fantasy Dragon Battles Music, Storytelling Owen is the nephew of the worlds

most famous dragon slayer, Lottie Thorskard. But after her career ending accident, the family moves to small town Ontario where Owens familys fame makes it hard for him to fit in. Siobhan is recruited to be his tutor and his friend, even thought he really wants her to be his bard. If you liked: How to Train your Missing in Paradise by Larry Verstraete Mystery Treasure Hunt Nate finds clues and a map in a cardboard box that

leads him and his friend Simon on an adventure to find the missing shipment #35 Gold! But when creepy Old Man Fortier finds out about it, they are in a race to get there first. If you liked: Indiana Jones Outside In by Sarah Ellis Modern, Realistic When Lynn gets rescued from choking by a total stranger, she is determined to try and find her savior. As it turns out, her savior is an

Underlander named Blossom living off the grid and outside of citizen society. Can two girls living opposite lives really become friends? Think outside the box Wings of War by John Wilson World War I Adventure, History In small town Saskatchewan, Edwards uncle likes to build airplanes in the barn. Curious, Edward begs him to teach him

how to fly. But the technology is very new and crashes are common. How will he convince his parents that being a pilot and joining the Royal Air Force is his lifelong dream? The Comic Book War by Jacqueline Guest World War II Robert finds a meteorite and suddenly begins to notice some strange coincidences: when he holds it, great things happen! Since his 3 brothers are fighting WWII, he can use

it to keep them safe. But when Mom insists on his allowance going to the war effort, Rob will have to find a way to make money to buy his favorite comic books. Because, in Roberts mind, the comics are magically linked to his brothers very survival really? Red Wolf by Jennifer Dance Spirit Animal Fiction Aboriginal History 5 year old Red Wolf happens to howl back one night to the

call of an orphaned red wolf pup, Crooked Ear. It forges a lifelong bond between them. When Red Wolf is sent to residential school, Crooked Ear cannot follow and must try to find his own way into wolf society. Can either Wolf find love and acceptance in a hostile world? The Cat at the Wall by Deborah Ellis Armchair Travel Destination: Palestine If Claire could speak, she would tell you about the time

she was stuck in the tiny home of a little Palestinian boy whose house was taken over by 2 Israeli soldiers. But shes a cat and she only cares about trying to stay alive in the middle of a war zone. Be careful what you wish for Walking Home by Eric Walters Armchair Travel Destination: Kenya Muchoki and Jata are normal African children when their father is suddenly killed in a political uprising. Now, living

in a refugee camp, and with their Mothers health deteriorating, their only hope is to walk hundreds of miles to find their last remaining family and get help. Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis Armchair Travel Destination: Iran Farrin is a keeper of secrets. If she reveals her parents' political opinions to anyone at school, it will send her whole family to jail. If she reveals that she is in love with her

female classmate, Sadira, she could be put to death. Based on a true story.

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