GSCCC Daisy SafetyAward PinWorkshopAn At-Home Program

GSCCC Daisy Safety Award Pin Workshop (At Home)In this Daisy Safety Pin Award Program, girls will learn how to stay safe during all of their fun adventuresand some tips on what to do if they find yourself in a scary situation!Program Outline:Materials: PaperSomething to write withStep 1: What if I get lost?If you find yourself separated from your parent or guardian, what do you do?First, freeze! Stay where you are so that it is easier to come find you! If you wander away, no one willknow where to look for you!Look for people you can trust. Do you see a police officer? Someone who works in the store you are in?Maybe another mom with her own kids? Tell them you are lost and let them help you. Please rememberthat even if they are helping you, do not let them take you anywhere else.Ask your parent or guardian about what to do.Pause here to complete this activityDo you know what number to call?Use this worksheet (below) to practice memorizing and dialing the phone numbers you should know.Pause here to complete this activity

Do you know your address?Use this worksheet (below) to practice memorizing and writing your address.Pause here to complete this activityWhat can you do to keep yourself safe?There is information that you should not share with another person that you do not know and there issome information that it is ok to share. Watch this video for more information. MjPpG2e71EcStep 2: What do you do if you are choking?Choking is when something is stuck in your throat, you cannot breathe, and you cannot talk. Theuniversal sign for choking is putting your hands around neck.So what do you do?It is extremely important to stay put. Though you may be scared, do not run away or else nobody will beable to find you in order to help.Find something loud to bang on. This will make noise to alert an adult that is nearby that you need help.How do you help a friend who is choking? Watch this video. BbuIBmE3Kp4Step 3: Learn how to Stop, Drop, and RollIf your clothes or hair is on fire, what do you do?Stop – Stop what you are doing and do not run or this will make the fire bigger and more dangerous.Drop – lay down on the groundRoll – Cover your face and roll over and over until the fire has gone completely out.Play this game to help practice what you just learned. Whenever the music stops, quickly Stop, Drop,and Roll! LJDWKvsmhss

Congratulations! You have completed your Safety Pin Award! I hope this has helped you learn moreabout how to keep you and your friends’ safe!Happy Scouting!Fill out this form when AtHome