JETRO Activities for PromotingDirect Investment in JapanAugust 2014

What is JETRO?JETRO: Japan External Trade Organization Government-related organization to promote mutual trade andinvestment between Japan and the rest of the world Established in 1958 73 offices worldwide, 39 domestic offices Main activities:1. Promoting foreign directinvestment into Japan2. Supporting the overseasbusiness of Japanese firms3. Facilitating economic growth indeveloping countries throughtrade promotionCopyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.2

InwardFDIFDIintoin JapanInwardJapanInward FDI into Japan, stock : 2000 –2013(Unit: billion JPY)20 00018 456 18 42518 00016 00018 03115 14514 00012 80311 90312 0009 369 9 61010 0008 0006 00017 502 17 548 17 8085 78210 0986 6324 0002 00002000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013Sources: Ministry of Finance, Bank of Japan, Cabinet OfficeCopyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.(Estimate)3

Inward FDIin Japanby intoCountryand IndustryInwardFDIJapanInward FDI in Japan, stock : 2012Unit: 100 Million JPYEuropeEurope Japan(Unit: billionJPY)(Country / Region)Netherlands 27,284France15,566UK13,354Switzerland 2,14282,142(Industry)Finance & Insurance 21,337Electric Machinery18,915Transportation Equip. 13,448Chem. & Pharm.10,782Wholesale & Retail6,731Services2,300Petroleum1,329General Machinery1,056AsiaAsia JapanNorth America24,09924,099(Country / Region)(Industry)Singapore13,278 Finance & Insurance 8,361Hong Kong4,976 Wholesale & Retail 2,889Taiwan2,170 Services2,166R. Korea2,461 Real Estate1,431P.R. China476 Communications1,269Malaysia439 General Machinery 1,140Copyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.NA Japan 54,83854,838(Industry)Finance & Insurance 32,793Wholesale & Retail 5,356Electric Machinery 3,287JAPAN1,336(Country & Region)USA53,308Canada1,53015,387OceaniaOceania Japan 1,336(Country / Region)Australia961New Zealand358Sources: Ministry of Finance, Bank of JapanCentral& SouthAmericaC&S America Japan15,387(Country / Region)Cayman Is.Brazil(Industry)Finance & InsurancePetroleum12,176307,3401,8774

JETRO’s activities in promoting foreign direct investment (FY2003-2013) Attracted approximately 1,000 foreign companies to Japan through the support of more than 10,000 projects. Entry from North America, Europe and Asia accounts for 30% each; top three countries are US, China andGermany. Number of successful investment cases in Japan (only higherranking countries between FY2003 and FY2013 are shown)Total of 1,136 projects: North America: 367, Europe: 355, Asia: 341, otherareas: 73No. ofNo. talNumber ofcases931031101151251231211116994721,136Copyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.casescases Number and share of successfulcases by regionSouthCentralAmericaMiddle East& 5

JETRO’s activities to attract foreign direct investmentWebsite and events:Distributing information on Japanesebusiness environmentOverseas offices:Finding businesses interested ininvesting in JapanHQ and domestic offices:Developing proposals (providingcustomized information)Support in exhibitions:Increasing business opportunitieswith Japanese companiesSupporting businessstartups through the IBSC(Invest Japan Business SupportCenter)Domestic offices:Providing a link to localgovernments and attractingbusinessesGovernment incentives:Providing information ongovernment incentivesCopyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved. Invest-in-Japan website( Seminars/symposia, brochures Finding companies interested in investing in Japanby visiting businesses and exhibitions Individual consultations with interested companies Providing information on markets and industries Providing information and introductions forgovernmental approval and licensesInvest-in-Japan website Support for foreign businesses to participate inexhibitions held in Japan Providing temporary office space (six IBSCs /Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka) Providing expert advice (taxes, accounting, humanresources, social security, real estate, etc.) Providing information on regions throughout Japan(location sites, local incentives, etc.) Cooperation with local governors/mayors topromote their areas Support new investments of companies alreadyoperating in Japan Providing information on Subsidy Program for GlobalCompanies and other government incentivesSeminars and symposiaSupport for foreign businesses atexhibitions held in JapanTemporary office6

IBSC Tokyo incubation office services Maximum period of use: 75 business days(free of charge up to 50 business days) Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.(excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) Desks, chairs, telephones, fax, internet connection(telephone / fax charges borne by tenant) Receptionists, advisory service (on the Japanese market,industry, legal and accounting issues, human resources, etc.)(advisory service on appointment basis)Private office space・13.5 Conference roomRefreshment space(two-person office)・18.0 (three-person office)・36.0 (six-person office)Copyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.7

JETRO’s support and servicesIBSC (Invest Japan Business Support Center)IBSCs are located in six major cities of Japan. At each IBSC, experienced staff and advisors provide informationmaking use of broad networks, and offer consultation according to your company’s needs. IBSCs offer these andother services, including temporary office space for both foreign firms that are new to Japan and those alreadyoperating in the country.Scope of consultationIncorporation of acompany or localbranchIBSCs in six locationsTypes of incorporation, taxation,regulations, etc.Registration of the businessKobeOsakaTax noticesOpening a bank accountHuman resourcerelated issuesHuman resources and laborEmployment proceduresSocial insuranceVisa-relatedissuesConsultations for acquisition ofJapanese visas with suitableresidence statusTokyoFukuokaAssistance in opening a Japanese officeProviding temporary office spaceNagoyaYokohamaSupport in establishing a permanent officeCopyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.8

Incentives by the Japanese GovernmentSource: JETRO website ( programs/)ImplementtionstatusProgram nameOutlineThe Act forPromotion of Japanas an AsianBusiness CenterThe Japanese Government will take support measures forcertified global companies, including tax breaks and patentfee reduction, in order to motivate them to locate their R&Dfacilities or regional headquarters in Japan.Effective from Nov.2012Trade and InvestmentFacilitation Division, Tradeand Economic CooperationBureau, METISubsidy Programfor ProjectsPromoting FDI, SiteLocation andRegionalDevelopment inJapanSubsidy program for establishment by global companiesof R&D facilities or regional headquarters in Japan.Covers survey design costs, facility costs, equipmentcosts, and facility rental fee.Application Periodfor 2014:March 24 – June 2Trade and InvestmentFacilitation Division, Tradeand Economic CooperationBureau, METIComprehensiveSpecial ZonesIncentives, including special regulatory measures and taxreduction, are available for companies with business plansin 7 designated zones: Hokkaido, Ibaraki, Tokyo,Kanagawa, Aichi/Gifu, Kyoto/Osaka/Hyogo, Fukuoka.Special regulatorymeasures differfrom onedesignated regionto the other.Regional RevitalizationBureau, CabinetSecretariatSpecial Zones forReconstructionIncentives, including special regulatory measures and taxreduction, are available for companies with business plansin the recovering areas stipulated in the Act on SpecialProvisions of Article 3 of the Public Finance Act.In effectReconstruction AgencyPoints-basedPreferentialImmigrationTreatment forHighly SkilledForeignProfessionalsUnder the points-based system, foreign professionals whoearn 70 points or more will be recognized as "highly skilledforeign professionals" and will be given preferentialimmigration treatment.(* Personnel of selected companies for the SubsidyProgram for Projects Promoting Asian Site Location inJapan are given 10 points.)Copyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.Effective from May2012Authority in chargeForeign ResidentsInformation Center,Immigration Bureau,Ministry of Justice9

Asian Business Location Promotion ProjectInwardSubsidyFDI intoJapan-2Source: Press release by METIProjects selected for the subsidy program for FY 2010-2013FYFY22FY23FY24FY25Company Co., Ltd.USAR&D SiteZydus Pharma Japan Co., Ltd.IndiaR&D SiteDyesol Japan Co., Ltd.AustraliaR&D SiteEurocopter Japan T&E Co., Ltd.FranceR&D SiteDou Yee International Private LimitedSingaporeR&D SiteSanofi-Aventis K.K.FranceRegional Headquarters3M Health Care Ltd.USAR&D SiteDSM Japan Engineering Plastics K.K.NetherlandsR&D SiteNihon Cabot Microelectronics K.K.USAR&D SiteNeoPhotonics Japan, Godo KaishaUSAR&D SiteMikado Kyowa Seed Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Vilmorin & Cie S.A.)FranceR&D SiteMedasys Japan K.K.FranceR&D SiteIntelligent Energy Holdings PlcU.K.R&D SiteUmicore N.V.BelgiumR&D SiteVolvo Technology ABSwedenR&D SiteGE Japan LimitedUSAR&D SiteJohnson & Johnson K.K.USAR&D SiteTenneco Japan Ltd.USAR&D SiteFaurecia Japan K.K.FranceR&D SiteBASF Japan, Ltd.GermanyR&D SiteComverge Japan K.K.USAR&D siteNippon Busch K.K.GermanyHead site / R&D SiteSiemens Japan K.K.GermanyR&D SiteCopyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.10

Recent Cases Supported by JETRO 投資の現状Zabbix SIA (Latvia)Tommy Bahama (United States) The monitoring software development company withHQ office in Riga, Latvia. In October 2012, ZABBIX established a subsidiary“Zabbix Japan LLC” in Tokyo with an aim to expandsales and support channels in the Japanese market.【JETRO’s Support】 Providing a temporary office space at JETRO TokyoIBSC Expert advice in company registration, local taxconsultancy, legal affairs and labor matters Introducing outsourcing companies With the brand concept of “Make Life One LongWeekend,” Tommy Bahama maintains an island-lifestyleapparel brand and runs more than 100 storesworldwide. In April 2013, Tommy Bahama opened its first Japanesefreestanding store in Ginza, Tokyo. It is the first storewith a bar and a restaurant outside the U.S.【JETRO’s Support】 Consultation on entering the Japanese market Information about import regulations Introducing some service providers in JapanSanofi (France)Mikado Kyowa Seed Co., Ltd. (France) Major French Pharmaceutical companyheadquartered in Paris. In January 2013, Sanofi established its regionalheadquarters in Tokyo for its medical andpharmaceutical product business to manage thefinancing, human resources, strategies, and regulatoryaffairs in JPAC regions (Japan, Korea, Australia and NZ).【JETRO’s Support】 Provided information on incentive and other supportprograms. (Especially Subsidy Program for ProjectsPromoting Asian Site Location in Japan.) Mikado Kyowa is a member of Vilmorin & Cie group(France) and is a vegetable seed company. In February 2013, Mikado Kyowa established its R&Dcenter in Otaki Town, Chiba Prefecture. The R&Dcenter will research and develop high quality seedswith resistance to diseases specially unique to Asiamainly for Tomatoes, Crucifer and Cucurbit vegetables.【JETRO’s Support】 Provided information on incentive and other supportprograms. (Especially Subsidy Program for ProjectsPromoting Asian Site Location in Japan.)11

RecentCases Supported by JETRO (Czech 資の現状MORAVIA ITELMARCO Ltd. Provider of translation, localization,and testing services Industry′s first and leading supplier of industrialscale nanofiber production equipmentZONER softwareINSTAR ITS JAPAN, Inc. Photo studio software Provider of IS ENERGIS - global software tool forthe support of energy managementLOGIS JAPAN Consulting and advisory companyproviding expert services andinformation technologies focused onimprovement of the managementquality and competitive strength12

Seminars and Events for Investment Promotion in JapanFY 20141.2.Business Matching Events Business matching at the 4th International Smart Grid EXPO (February 2628, 2014, at Tokyo Big Sight) Business matching (EU and Japan) at InnoTrans 2014 (September 23-26,2014, Berlin, Germany)Seminars and symposia to promote direct investment into Japan Investment Symposium in London (Jan. 2014) "Invest in Japan: A Regional Roadmap" - Japan Business PromotionSeminar (May 1, 2014, in London) "Polish Japanese Economic relations – the next 10 years" – Japan BusinessPromotion Seminar (July 3, 2014, in Warsaw) Czech Japanese Economic relations – Business nad Investment PromotionSeminar (October 31, 2014, in Prague)Copyright (C) 2014 JETRO. All rights reserved.13

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