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Dining Out Is InLetting someone else do the cookingis an indulgent and often necessaryluxury. So we dine out. Sometimes wedo it because we’re too busy to cook;other times we eat out because it’san easy and enjoyable way to spendquality time with family.But restaurants are in business tokeep their customers coming back fordelicious foods. Too often that meanssalty, fat-laden, calorie-dense meals inportions three times a normal servingsize. And the more often you eat out,the more normal restaurant portionscan seem. That’s why dining out cansometimes sabotage your best plan.But it doesn’t have to.The Dining Out Guide 1

Eat Out on PlanWith the help of this guide, you canmake choices that let you enjoy a nightaway from the stove without putting yourown health needs on the back burner.Dining Out will help you make healthychoices, whether you’re at a whitetablecloth restaurant or a take-out joint.This guide features everything from foodand behavior tips to meal examples.Medifast’s Registered Dietitians haveevaluated the menus of over 90 sit-downand fast-food restaurants and haveselected items that fit the nutritionalprofile of the Lean & Green Meal, soyou can stay on track—whether you’relosing or maintaining that loss.Each menu item is broken down intothe Lean/Leaner/Leanest, Green, andHealthy Fat categories. You may noticethat the breakdowns don’t always matchthe recommendations on the Lean &Green Options List. This is because thebreakdown was determined based onthe nutrition information and evaluatedbased on total calorie, fat, carbohydrate,protein, and sodium content.2 MedifastFood Choices5BehaviorChoices9MaintenanceTips11Sit DownRestaurantOptions14Fast FoodRestaurantOptions48

While this is not by any means a complete list (some menu itemsthat might have fit our Lean & Green criteria could not beincluded due to lack of nutrition information), you should findenough here to keep you happy, motivated, and on plan!Lean & Green BasicsTMWhen you dine out, use the Lean & Green Meal guidelines tomake informed choices, particularly for menu items not includedhere.The LeanLook for the leanest protein choices—such as boneless, skinlesschicken breast; fish; or lean cuts of beef and pork. The USDAlists over 29 cuts of lean beef, and five—eye of round, sirloin tip,top round, bottom round, and top sirloin—are considered extralean (5g of fat or fewer for 3.5 oz.; lean cuts are double). Chickenshould be skinless, and breasts (white meat) are better thanthighs (dark meat).The GreenFill up on non-starchy, lower-carbohydrate vegetables such as1 cup of green leafy vegetables (e.g. endive, lettuce, or rawspinach). You can also choose from more moderate or highercarbohydrate vegetables on the Green list such as asparagus,cauliflower, broccoli, or tomatoes, but limiting them to 1 2 cupserving size. You will want to choose a total of 3 servings ofany combination of lower, moderate, or higher carbohydratevegetables. All three levels of carbohydrates are appropriate forthe Medifast Program.The Dining Out Guide 3

Healthy Fats andCondiments Order your food naked, with sauces, dressings, andtoppings on the side. Ask that your food be prepared without extra butter or oil. Be mindful of the condiments you use, and consider usinglower carbohydrate Medifast Meals for the remainder ofthe day.When in doubt, choose lean, skinless chicken or grilled fish withsalad greens or steamed vegetables, which you can find almosteverywhere.Remember that even a small amount of bread, rice, pasta,potatoes, sweetened drinks, fruit, juice, desserts, or alcoholicbeverages may take you out of the fat-burning state, causecravings, and slow your weight-loss progress.Dining Out TipsWe’ve divided these tips into three categories: the first, FoodChoices, is full of good advice for making your meal selection;the second, Behavior Choices, will help you make the most outof every restaurant meal; the third, Maintenance Choices, willhelp you keep your health gains—and weight loss—for a lifetime.4 Medifast

Food ChoicesBuffetsThere’s no greater array of choices than at a buffet! But you’llneed to be particularly mindful. It’s easy to overeat and tackon extra calories. So stick with lean proteins and non-starchyvegetables. Train yourself to notice the appearance of food;butter, oil, dressings, and other toppings used to prepare foodswill often make themselves visible. So move on—or take a smallsample.Dressings & SaucesThis often-healthy source of fat is easy to overdo. Ask fordressings and sauces on the side so you can monitor yourportions. Try dipping your fork lightly into the dressing beforegrabbing a bite of salad, or drizzle the sauce lightly at your owndiscretion. Choose reduced-fat or low-fat options when theyare available, but note that fat-free options tend to be higher insugar and salt and don’t supply your body with the healthy fat itneeds. When there’s a dearth of options, oil and vinegar is an allnatural, tasty dressing that is on plan, and it even enhances somelean meat dishes!ToppingsWhether it’s a sandwich or a salad, toppings can quickly addcalories to your meal. Choose raw veggies—lettuce, tomato,cucumbers—and forego things like cheese, which is high infat; restaurants don’t typically use low-fat cheeses. Use smallamounts of mustard, ketchup, and light mayonnaise to savecalories without sacrificing flavor.The Dining Out Guide 5

PreparationRequest that your food be baked, broiled, poached, roasted,steamed, or grilled. Avoid terms like crispy, creamy, au gratin, orfried.BeveragesFollow the recommended beverage guidelines. Plain water isalways appropriate; spruce it up with a lemon wedge and ice.Stick to calorie-free beverages, like diet soda (in moderation),unsweetened tea, coffee, and sparkling water or sodium-freeseltzer.AlcoholMedifast does not recommend the use of alcohol for peoplefollowing the 5 & 1 Plan , especially if you have diabetes.Not only does alcohol add empty calories, it promotesdehydration and can decrease inhibitions, lessening one’sresistance to temptations. Further, alcohol’s effects on thosefollowing a reduced-calorie meal plan may be felt more rapidlyand may increase the possibility of related side effects.That said, the choice to drink an alcoholic beverage is up to eachindividual. So if you choose to imbibe, choose wisely. Select plain liquors with zero-calorie mixers or chasers(vodka or clear rum and diet soda, gin and soda water ordiet tonic, etc.). Avoid those fancy drinks—margaritas,daiquiris, pina coladas—with loads of calories. Drink a glass of water in between each adult beverage youconsume to slow you down and fill you up.6 Medifast

Never skip a Medifast Meal or portion of the Lean &Green Meal to allow yourself extra alcohol calories. Remember that 1-½ ounces of clear, distilled alcohol hasabout 100 calories but contains no carbohydrates, whichmakes it a better choice than wine or beer for the 5 & 1Plan . But while it’s the best choice for alcoholconsumption, abstaining is a better choice for overallhealth, not to mention weight loss. Alcohol should accompany a meal, especially for personswith diabetes, who could suffer hypoglycemic episodes asa result of a reduced calorie diet and some medications fordiabetes. Keep in mind that while the body is in the fat-burningstate, the liver is working hard to process and metabolizeexcess fat stores. When alcohol is consumed, the livermetabolizes it first instead, increasing the strain on yourhard-working organ. Your liver may become less efficientduring your weight-loss journey, and your goals may bedelayed. Adjust meal choices when selecting higher-carbohydratebeverages like light beer or wine. Choose lower-carb mealslike Medifast Eggs, Orange Blend, Caramel Crunch Bar,Fruit & Nut Crunch Bar, and Chicken Noodle Soup.Choose from the lower-carb veggies, and stay away fromhigher-carb meatless options. Eliminate all other optionalcondiments, snacks, and Infusers.The Dining Out Guide 7

Sample Day with Lower-Carbohydrate ChoicesKEY:Medifast Meals7:30 a.m.Medifast EggsLeanGreenHealthy Fats10:00 a.m.Medifast Cold Drink12:30 p.m.Medifast Crunch Bar3:00 p.m.Medifast Soup6:00 p.m.7 oz of steamed shrimp2 cups spring mix, ½ cup of mushrooms2 Tbsp low-carbohydrate salad dressing5 oz red wine9:00 p.m.Medifast Hot Drink8 Medifast

Portion SizesPay attention to proper portion sizes. When sizes aren’t listed,remember these visual cues:3 oz protein deck of cards1-½ oz of cheese three stacked dice (about the size ofyour thumb)3 oz of any type of fish one checkbook1 oz of lunch meat one compact disc1 cup one baseball½ cup one light bulb¼ cup one golf ball1 Tbsp one poker chipBehavior ChoicesEat mindfullyStay attuned to your body’s hunger and fullness cues by eatingslowly. Chew, chew, chew, and savor every wonderful flavor.Soak up the atmosphere and the company around you. Stopeating occasionally, putting your fork or spoon down betweenbites, taking sips of water, talking with your companions. Halfwaythrough the meal, determine whether you’re still hungry. Ittypically takes your stomach 15 to 20 minutes to signal your brainthat you’ve had enough food.Be preparedIt helps to apply this motto to just about everything these days,but it’s especially helpful when dining out. Should a spontaneousdining opportunity present itself, you’ll know just what to do. Thefollowing tips will help you maintain control.The Dining Out Guide 9

Research menusThese days, it’s common for restaurants to have a web presence,and this means you’ll probably find a menu online. Some evenpublish the nutrition information of their dishes. If there’s noinformation online and the eatery is close, consider stopping infor an advance peek.Looking over the offerings in advance lets you take your timeand make careful choices. You’ll know what to order once you’reseated, without feeling rushed or self-conscious.If you can’t find something that’s appropriate for your phaseof the plan, ask! Many restaurants are willing to accommodatesimple requests for something within the Lean & Green Mealguidelines.Just as you would not think twice about ordering somethingspecial for a child or adult with food allergies or other specialneeds, you should feel good about inquiring about healthychoices just because you’re worth it!Pick good companionsSometimes whom you eat with is almost as important as whereyou dine. The first few times you eat in a restaurant after startingthe 5 & 1 Plan , be sure your dinner companions are supportiveof you and your endeavors. Soon, you’ll be comfortable enoughto make the right choices, no matter the company.Feed your spirit and your relationshipsDining out and enjoying social gatherings strengthen bondsbetween people, so food doesn’t have to take center stage.10 Medifast

Think positive thoughtsOur inner dialogue can get us into trouble when we worry thatrefusing food or drinks will offend someone or call attention toourselves in a negative way. Likewise, you might tell yourselfthat if you have one bite of cake, it’s all over and you’ve blownit. Try counterbalancing these ideas with more constructivethoughts, such as, “It’s going to be tough not eating dessert, butI’ll be okay. I have techniques I can use, and my health goals aredefinitely worth it.”Be assertiveIf someone pressures you to eat something you know isn’t inline with your health goals, stand up for yourself. You have theright to be heard and don’t have to apologize or explain yourselfto anyone. You can respectfully communicate your wishes,thoughts, and feelings, and not have to feel at the mercy ofanyone who doesn’t understand. “Thanks, but no thanks: I’mcompletely committed to healthy eating right now.”Maintenance TipsAlready reached your goal? When you’ve worked hard toachieve your new standard of health, knowing your way around arestaurant menu is a valuable skill that will keep you healthy. Andwhile all the tips above still count, you’ll get a little more leeway.Choose the right carbohydratesChoose reasonable servings of whole-grain bread or brown rice,whole fruit, and vegetables. Avoid refined carbohydrates—sugar,white bread, pasta, rice, pastries, baked goods, frozen desserts,sweet sauces (barbecue, ketchup, duck sauce, syrup, fruit glazes),The Dining Out Guide 11

and sugar-sweetened sodas, liqueurs, and mixed drinks. Onceyou’re in Maintenance, healthier cocktail options include a glassof dry red wine or a shot of spirits in a calorie-free mixer.Limit fatOpt for lean protein and healthy fats like olive oil. Steer clear offried foods (including wontons and tortilla chips), butter, creamysoups and sauces, peanut sauce, coconut milk, scampi, creamysalad dressing, mayonnaise, pâté, ice cream, melted cheese,burgers, hot dogs, bacon, sausage, cold cuts, ham, and fattymeats.Limit caloriesRestaurant portions—even of healthy items—are oftenenormous. Learn to visually measure appropriate portion sizes.Estimate a serving size of protein as the size of a deck of cards—about 3 ounces. A half-cup of vegetables would fill a light bulb.A tablespoon of fat is about the size of a poker chip. When yourdish comes, plan to take at least half of it home. If it helps, askthe kitchen to put half in a to-go container before they bring itout!Consult the Medifast Maintenance Guide foradditional food choices and guidance forhealthy eating over the long term.The next few pages focus on specific meals you’ll find at manypopular restaurants. But remember: while this guide is designedto help you when you eat out, be sure you’re doing so fewerthan three times per week for a healthier life. Cooking healthy12 Medifast

meals at home is another positive way to bond with friends andfamily! Spend that extra effort on your health—you’re worth it!Key for Restaurant he Dining Out Guide 13

Sit Down Restaurant OptionsApplebee’sComplete Lean & Green Meal:Grilled Shrimp & Spinach Salad, Half Size (no dressing)1x3xGrilled Chicken Caesar Salad1x3x2x2xSalad:Applebee’s House Salad (no dressing)Protein:7 oz House Sirloin1x9 oz House Sirloin1xChili Bowl1xVegetable:Steamed Broccoli1xBahama BreezeSalad:Breeze Salad1x1xProtein:Beef:Center Cut Filet Mignon with Onion & Tomato1xChicken:Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken1xGrilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Lighter Portion½xWood Grilled Chicken Breast14 Sit Down Restaurant Options1x

Grilled Chicken with Cilantro CreamaLighter Portion Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Creama1x½xSeafood:Jerk Painted Fresh Salmon, Lunch Portion1xJerk Painter Fresh Mahi, Lunch Portion½xJerk Painted Fresh Tilapia, Lunch Portion¾xJerk Painted Fresh Halibut, Lunch Portion½xJerk Painted Fresh Salmon, Dinner Portion1xJerk Painted Fresh Mahi, Dinner Portion1xJerk Painted Fresh Tilapia, Dinner Portion1xJerk Painted Fresh Halibu, Dinner Portion¾xSimply Grilled Fresh Salmon, Lunch Portion½xSimply Grilled Fresh Mahi, Lunch Portion½xSimply Grilled Fresh Tilapia, Lunch Portion½xSimply Grilled Fresh Halibut, Lunch Portion½xSimply Grilled Fresh Salmon, Dinner Portion1xSimply Grilled Fresh Mahi, Dinner Portion¾xSimply Grilled Fresh Tilapia, Dinner Portion1xSimply Grilled Fresh Halibut, Dinner Portion1xPan Seared Fresh Salmon, Lunch Portion1xPan Seared Fresh Mahi, Lunch Portion½xPan Seared Fresh Tilapia, Lunch Portion½xPan Seared Fresh Halibut, Lunch Portion½xPan Seared Fresh Salmon, Dinner Portion1xPan Seared Fresh Mahi, Dinner Portion½xDining Out Guide 15

Pan Seared Fresh Tilapia, Dinner Portion1xPan Seared Fresh Halibut, Dinner Portion1xVegetable:Green Beans1xTomato Salad2xBlue Hickory Blues & BBQComplete Lean & Green Meal:Spinach Salad with Turkey1x3xProtein:Grilled Salmon Plate1xVegetable:Collard GreensGarlic Green Beans2x2x1x1x3xBob Evan’sComplete Lean & Green Meal:Cobb Salad, Savor Size (no dressing)Protein:Beef:Breakfast Sirloin Steak1xChicken:Garlic Butter Grilled Chicken Breast1xGrilled Chicken Breast1xWildfire Chicken Breast1x16 Sit Down Restaurant Options

Grilled Chicken TendersCitrus Herb Chicken¼x per, eat 41xEgg:1 Hard Cooked Egg11 Scrambled Egg12 Scrambled Eggs23 Scrambled Eggs 3x 3x 3x1x3 Scrambled Bob Evans Egg Lites½x3 Scrambled Egg Whites½xBorder Scramble Omelet with Bob Evans Egg Lites1xBorder Scramble Omelet with Egg Whites1xFarmer’s Market Omelet with Bob Evans Egg Lites1xFarmer’s Market Omelet with Egg Whites1xGarden Harvest Omelet with Bob Evans Egg Lites1xGarden Harvest Omelet with Egg Whites1xHam & Cheddar Omelet with Bob Evans Egg Lites1xHam & Cheddar Omelet with Egg Whites1xWestern Omelet with Bob Evans Egg Lites1xWestern Omelet with Egg Whites1xSeafood:Garlic Butter Salmon1xSalmon1xWildfire Salmon1xBlackened Whitefish1xDining Out Guide 17

Turkey:Turkey Sausage Link, 1 Link 3x1Salad:Farmhouse Garden Salad (no dressing)2x1xHeritage Chef Salad, Savor Size (no dressing)½x1xFresh Garden SaladSpecialty Garden Salad1x2x1xVegetable:Green Beans1xBroccoli Florets1xCondiments:Light Ranch Dressing2xBonefish GrillProtein:Beef:6 oz Filet1xFish/ Seafood:Long Fin Tilapia1xSalmon1xRainbow Trout1xGrouper1xGrouper, Small1xNorwegian Salmon1x1x18 Sit Down Restaurant Options

Norwegian Salmon, Small1xMahi Mahi1xMahi Mahi, Small1xRockfish1xRockfish, Small1xHalibut1xHalibut, Small1xSea Scallops and Shrimp1xSalad:Bonefish House Salad2x1x1x1xVegetable:Side Green BeansSide Steamed Broccoli (no butter)2xSide Steamed Vegetable Medley2x1xCondiments:Light Balsamic Dressing1xBubba Gump Shrimp CompanyComplete Lean & Green Meal:Salmon and Vegetable Skillet (no rice)Shrimp Caesar Salad1x1x3x3x1x1x2xProtein:Bourbon Street Mahi (no mashed potatoes)Shrimp and Vegetable Skewers (no rice)Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (no sauce)1x1xDining Out Guide 19

Salad:Caesar Salad2x1x3x1xChicken Caesar Salad1x3xBlackened B & B Salad with Non-Fat Dressing1x3xChicken Fajita Salad1x3xVegetable:Steamed BroccoliCactus Jack’sComplete Lean & Green Meal:Salad:House Salad with Non-Fat Dressing2xCalifornia Pizza KitchenComplete Lean & Green Meal:Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp, Half Sized1x3xRoasted Veggie Salad with Grilled Shrimp, Half Sized1x3xClassic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast, Half Sized1x3x2x2x1x2xCapital GrilleSalad:Spinach SaladProtein:Beef:8 oz Filet Mignon with Mushroom and Onions20 Sit Down Restaurant Options

Seafood:Broiled Lobster (no butter)1xOysters on Half Shell½xShrimp Cocktail (no sauce)1xVegetable:Field Green, Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs Appetizer1xFresh Asparagus (no hollandaise)1xCarrabba’s Italian GrillComplete Lean & Green Meal:Carrabba’s Caesar Salad with Shrimp, Light Balsamic Dressing1x3xCarrabba’s Caesar Salad with Chicken, Light Balsamic Dressing1x3xItalian Cobb Salad with Shrimp, Light Balsamic Dressing1x3xItalian Cobb Salad, Light Balsamic1x3xProtein:Grilled Chicken, Small1xSalad:Side Caesar Salad, Light Balsamic Dressing1x1xSide House Salad, Light Balsamic Dressing2x1xAsparagi Alla Romano1x2xGrilled Vegetables2x1xBroccoli Alla Gratinatta2x2xVegetable:Dining Out Guide 21

Chevy’s Fresh MexSalad:Mixed Baby Green Salad (no dressing)3x1xOriginal Chicken Sizzling Platter (chicken and vegetables only)1x2xChicken & Steak Sizzling Platter (meat and vegetables only)1x2xChicken & Shrimp Sizzling Platter (meat and vegetables plete Lean & Green Meal:Grilled Chicken Salad1x3xProtein:Beef:Classic Sirloin1xSeafood:Grilled Salmon with Broccoli (no rice)1x1xSalad:Lunch House Salad (no dressing)2xCondiments:Low Fat Ranch Dressing1xAvocado Slices1x22 Sit Down Restaurant Options

Vegetable:Steamed Broccoli1x1xCracker BarrelProtein:Chicken:Country Dinner Plate: Grilled Chicken Tenderloins1xSeafood:Country Dinner Plate: Catfish Spicy Grilled½xSalad:Tossed Salad1xVegetable:Green Beans1xDamon’s Grill & Sports BarComplete Lean & Green Meal:Grilled Chicken Breast Salad1x3xProtein:Beef:Butchers Filet Mignon1x8 oz Grilled Prime Rib1xChicken