Session: Firestop - Let’s Walk a Project and Look at Firestop Together

Firestop: Let’s walk aproject and look atfirestop togetherRichmond ICCSharron HalpertHLS ConsultingEducation, Consultation and Inspection- Firestop

Todays Topics Industry changesCautionary Tales of Common Bad Firestop InstallationsCode ClassSome cool new products

Where did Firestop Start?

March 22, 1975 30”wall Cable spreading rm 2x4 opening in cable Polyurethane foamRTV-102 They were using Band C extinguisherson a type A fire- from1:30-6pm-

Vocabulary Fire Triangle Flash Point (cotton)

Vocabulary Fire TriangleFlash Point (cotton)IntumescentEndothermicType XType C

ASTM E119ASTM E1966ASTM E814Similarities and differences

ASTM E119 Build the assemblies Allow to cure Burn assembly onfurnace Subject to hosestream test F& T rating


Rated Lids (USG)

ASTM E1966UL 2079

ASTM E1966 Build the assemblies Allow to cureMovementType Movement test1 Burn assembly on TypeThermalfurnaceType II WIndType III Subject to hoseSeismicstream testType IVCombined F& T ratingCycle Rates(cpm)# of cycles150010500301003010010400

Backing Material

ASTM E814UL 1479

ASTM E814 Assembly created Rigidly attached Cured Burned Hose Stream test F& T rating W & L rating

Time Temperature Curve

Firestop Submittal How to find the right detail What the letters and numbers mean How to find the right information

PenetrationsABC’s and 123’s of UL Systems KEY: the first letter/number is most important F-Floor W- Wall C- Combination

PenetrationsABC’s and 123’s of UL Systems WL- Framed Gypsum Wall FC- Floor Ceiling Assembly FA- Concrete floor 5” or lessFB- Concrete floor over 5”WJ- Concrete or block wall 8” thick or lessWK- Concrete or block wall over 8” thick CAJ CBJ

Now Down to the Numbers 0xxx- blank1xxx- metal pipes2xxx- plastic pipes3xxx- cables4xxx- cable trays 5xxx- insulated pipe6xxx- electrical busway7xxx- mechanical8xxx- combinations

Review . WL FC CAJ 1000 4000 8000

Submittal Package Review CAJ-1149 CAJ-5301 CAJ-3181 WL-3320 WJ-3060 WL-3065 WJ-1128 WJ-5140 WL-1297 WJ-1202 WL-1408 WL-5257 WJ-7109 WJ-7112 WL-7040 WL-7059

Does this project have Plastic pipesCable traysBus ductLas Vegas buffet

Look at your submittals 5000 (3 details) what type of insulation can be used (item 4) 7000 (4 details 5 pages) WJ 7112 & WL 7059 Note #2 WL 7040 – WL 7109 – WJ 7112 Note 3 WL 7040 Item 4 Can you have an insulated duct that is 24x24? Can you have a commercial kitchen exhaust duct

BREAKReorganize your submittal package

I’ve been Framed!- NOT

2000 & 5000

Too close for comfort

14” Steel & sleeve on plastic

Conduit bank


Is that a cable tray?

Dissimilar materials IBC 2015 714.4.3Dissimilar Materials Noncombustiblepenetrating items shallnot connect tocombustible itemsbeyond the point offirestopping unless itcan be demonstratedthat the fire resistanceintegrity of thehorizontal assembly ismaintained.

Spiral Duct

Sleeve stand off- insulatedpipes

Sleeve stand off- riser clamp

Annular space

Structural Beam

Head of wall Joint

Penetrations throughhorizontal assembly

Rated to non rated wall

Rated JointsABC’s and 123’s of UL Systems F- FloorW- WallFFFWWWHWBWStatic vs DynamicCG (corner guards)

PenetrationsABC’s and 123’s of UL Systems 0000-0999 less than or equal to 2”1000-1999 greater than 2” or up to 6”2000-2999 greater than 6” or up to 12”3000-3999 greater than 12” or up to 24”4000-4999 greater than 24”

Horiz Gyp Pens

Hollow Core Concrete

What’s the problem?

XHEZ Page 3 (4th paragraph)1. Thickness of floor matches requirements of the system2. Max size of opening is 7” dia (7”x7”)3. Cores are filled with in 4” mineral wool, ceramic fiber,concrete, grout or mortar


What’s wrong Sealant depth Annular Space Torn paper

Secured Cables Secured Pipes


Lubrizol Compatibility

Innerduct- CAJ-2291 Sleeve 4” dia FLUSH (2) Annular Space Min ¼” to periph andpen (3) Firestop material 3” mineral wool (4.a) ½” sealant (4.b)

Angles On Ducts

Coefficient of Linear ThermalExpansion When an object is heated or cooled, its length changes by anamount proportional to the original length and the change intemperature. The linear thermal expansion of an object canbe expressed as dl L0 α (t1 - t0)(1) where dl change in object length (m, inches) L0 initial length of object (m, inches) α linear expansion coefficient (m/moC, in/inoF) t0 initial temperature (oC, oF) t1 final temperature (oC, l-expansion-d 1379.html

Angles on Ducts48” Duct70 degrees1700dl L0 α (t1 - t0)48.9389”

WL-70253.C Steel Retaining Angles- Minimum 16 ga galv steel anglessized to lap the steel duct a min of 2” and to lap the wall surfacea min of 1”. Angles attached to steel duct on both sides of thewall with min No.10 by ½ in long steel sheet metal screws locateda max of 1” from each end of the steel duct and spaced a max of6” OC.

WL-7169 4. Steel Reinforcement Angles – Min 2 by 2 by 0.070 in. (51 by51 by 1.78 mm) steel angles attached to all four sides of ducton both sides of wall 4 in. (102 mm) away from the surface ofthe wall. The angles shall be attached to the duct with min 1/8in. (3 mm) diam steel rivets or No. 8 (or larger) sheet metalscrews spaced max 1 in. (25 mm) from each end of duct andspaced a max of 3 in. (76 mm) OC.

Framing Ducts and Cable Trays


When do electrical boxes in ratedwallsrequire protection?This is found in IBC 2015 514.3.2 exception 1 Steel electrical boxes in maximum 2 hour rated walls When the boxes are over 16 square inches. When the boxes facing opposite sides of the wall are within 24horizontal inches of each other and facing opposite sides of the wall. When the boxes facing opposite sides of the wall are not separated byan individual non-communicating stud. When boxes facing opposite sides of the wall do not have a horizontalseparation between the boxes is less than the depth of the wall cavity. When there are more than 100 sq in of opening in 100 sq ft of wall When the annular space around the box exceeds 1/8”

When do electrical boxes in ratedwalls require protection?Any other electrical box that is listed for use in a rated assembly When the horizontal separation exceeds manufacturersrecommendation When the annular space around the box exceeds 1/8” When the boxes are not separated by solid fire blocking (note thereare no distances called out except that noted by the manufacturer)

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets 24 Horizontal Inches 100 sq inches in 100sq feet Boxes over 16 sqinches NEC gaps under 1/8” Back to back boxes Percent fill

Low VoltageCover Plates and CLIV

Evaluating Electrical Box Wall Assembly (depth and type of insulation)Electrical Box ( material, size, percent fill, annular space)Spacing of boxesProtection requiredType of cover plate

Plastic Boxes Rated

ASTM E84This is NOT ASTM E814Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics ofBuilding Materials


Great Stuff- (Pro) 2.94 for 12 oz (notPRO) 99 for case of 12 24 oz

DAP Fireblock Foam 13.05

Handi-Foam 13.95

ABESCO FC 3088WJ 1192WJ 1233WJ 1320WJ 3201WJ 3202WL 1390WL 1476WL 1482WL 3291WL 3397WL 3398

WJ 1192 What sizepenetration? What are therequirements for thesleeve? Can you use a cast insleeve like a pipe? What materials willyou need to firestop?

Fire BLOCK vs Fire STOP

Stair wells What comes first? Concrete shafts Block shafts Gypsum shafts Prohibitedpenetrations

Joints Joint size Movement allowance Backing material Penetrations T ratings

EOS- common problems

EOS- common problems

EOS- common problems

T Rating 714.4.1.2 Floor penetration fire stop system. Throughpenetration shall be protected by an approved throughpenetration fire stop system installed and tested inaccordance with ASTM E814 or UL1479 the system shallhave an F rating/T rating if not less than one hour but not lessthan the required rating of the floor. Exceptions: 1 floor penetrations contained and located within the cavity of awall above the floor or below the floor do not require a T rating 2. floor penetration floor drains, tub drains or shower drainscontained and located within the concealed space of a horizontalassembly do not require a T rating 3. Floor penetration of a maximum four inches nominalpenetrating directly into metal enclosed electrical powerswitchgear do not require a T rating

Changes in the industry IBC 1705.17UL – membrane penetrationsASTM E3038Firestop TAPE!Terrorism Liability Protection

IBC 1705.17 ASTM E2174- Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection ofInstalled Firestops ASTM E2393- Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection ofInstalled Fire-Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter FireBarriers ASTM E3038- Standard Practice for Assessing and QualifyingCandidates as Inspectors of Firestop Systems and FireResistive Joint Systems

Changes in the industry IBC 1705.17UL – membrane penetrationsASTM E3038Firestop TAPE!Terrorism Liability Protection