CurrentsYou can find this and many other issues at lrboi.comMegwa EzhiwebackALSO IN THISPUBLICATIONMdaamini-Giizis (Corn Moon)September 2009 Vol. 6 Issue 8Community Center Open!P.2- OFFICE OF OGEMA ROMANELLIP.3,4- COUNCIL NEWSP.6- ELDER’S NEWSP.12- DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCEP.13,14,15-NATURALRESOURCE DEPARTMENTP.20- PEACEMAKINGP.23- DIABETIC HEALTHP.26- MEMBERS SUBMISSIONSP.27- LANGUAGE CAMPOffice of PublicAffairsContact Information1-888-723-82881-231-398-6840The newest symbol of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians presence in Manistee County is finally open!The Community Center which has long been a dream in the tribe officially opened for business onAugust 10th, 2009. The large facility has offices, a great kitchen and some wonderful meeting areas.Plus it’s just down the hill from Aki Maadiziwin!Make sure to visit it when you are in town for the Fall Membership Meeting September 12th.TRIBAL EMPLOYEE COMMITS TO60-MILE, THREE-DAY WALK FORBREAST CANCER SEE PAGE 20Trading Post Makes the Grade!The Little River Casino Resort markedits 10th anniversary in July andcelebrated with a gathering of localdignitaries, tribal government officials,employees and tribal members.SEE PAGE 7!The Little River Band Trading Post has achieved yetanother milestone in meeting the requirements to be a toprated ‘convenience’ store. Dennis P. McCarthy, President ofBlarney Castle Oil & Propane announced in early Augustthat the Trading Post had achieved another Helios 100 rating.This rate system looks at a number of different factors usedto judge Convenience stores and Gas Stations in the BlarneyCastle system including cleanliness, space utilization,efficiency and customer service.The Trading Post celebrated its first anniversary on May 23rdof this year and has been a money-maker for the tribe fromthe beginning.Manager Jamie Friedel said in a recent interview that,“I’m especially proud of the way that this staff has taken holdto make this a beautiful and efficient store. We started withvery little direction and have made it something that our tribecan be quite proud of in the business world.”The Trading Post has expanded its product line (inside) inresponse to customer feedback and now carries an extensiveline of tribally branded logo wear. Tribal and non-tribalcustomers are buying the logo wear as well as more of thetribal crafts on display near the cash registers.Natural Resource heldan event on August 8that the new communitycenter SEE PAGE 28

CurrentsPage 2From the Office of Ogema RomanelliAanii:I just received word ,that the new Community Center has beencompleted and readyfor occupancy. Themeeting room portion is said to be 50%larger than our oldCommunity Center.Several governmentoffices will be housedin the new facility including the Housing Department, Elder’s andthe Warrior’s Society. More information willbe provided to you in this paper.Little River Band of Ottawa Indians has joinedthe United Tribes of Michigan. This organization consists of many Michigan tribes thathave joined together to advance, protect, preserve and enhance the mutual interests, treatyrights, sovereignty and cultural way of life ofthe sovereign tribes of Michigan.Several Council members and I attended theGrand Opening of the Firekeepers Casino inBattle Creek, Michigan on August 1st . The casino is owned by the Huron Potawatomi of FultonMichigan. We were treated very graciously by thehosts. Miigwetch. The casino is very impressive.We wish them luck in their new venture.I understand the Fall Membership Meeting willbe “live streamed” for the first time on September 12th. We did a test run at the Spring Membership Meeting to see how it would work; it seemsto work very well. Members will be able to watchthe meeting from their computer much like watching other government TV. It will be streamed onU-Stream for those of you with computer access.We can also live stream special events dependingon the availability of staff to work the camera.Mack Brushman has been working on this process and I want to thank him for his efforts tomake this happen. He is also the person who puttogether the video segment on the Ogema’s website. We had hoped to change that on a monthlyMdaamini-Giizis (Corn Moon)September 2009 Vol. 6 Issue 8basis, but we still have a few bugs to work out.Directions on how to access U-Stream will becontained on following pages.Also, we now have the ability to video tape other meetings such as Council Meetings or Elder’sMeetings pending resolutions from either body.The completed report from Osiyo, the firm doing our Organizational Assessment, has beenreceived by the LRBOI Government and wewill being reviewing the report along with itsrecommendations and will have an update forthe membership at the Fall Meeting. Until nextmonth NOTICE:There will NOT be aYard Sale at theMembership Meeting.There are not enough itemsavailable to hold the saleEffective Sept. 12, 2009Standard and Enhanced Driver’s LicensePermanent Driver’s License NumberCurrently, the first letter of the driver’s last nameis the same as the first character of the driver’slicense number (see illustration on the left).Driver’s license numbers are generated by theSoundex coding system, which uses the driver’sname, date of birth and other identifiers to createthe DLN. A new number is issued if a driver’nameis changed or date of birth is corrected.Beginning Sept. 12, 2009, all existingdriver’s license numbers becomepermanent. They will never change, evenif the driver’s last name is changed or dateof birth is corrected.The Michigan Department of State willcontinue to use the Soundex codingsystem when issuing new driver’s licensenumbers.* Once these numbers are issued,they are permanent and will not change.A sample of a vertical, permanent13-character driver’s license.Note that the last name of theapplicant and the driver’s licensenumber do not correspond.Note that the last name of the applicant andthe driver’s license number correspond. A newnumber would be issued if the last namechanges or the date of birth was corrected.*Please note: In 2010, the Michigan Department ofState will switch from the Soundex coding system toone that randomly generates the 12 numerals of thedriver’s license or PID card number. The firstletter of a new applicant’s last name will continue tobe used as the starting alpha character.All numbers issued will be permanent.More information will be providedcloser to the implementation date.Government Closes for the following Holidays*New Years Day*Treaty Recognition Day*Memorial Day*Independence Day*Labor Day*Reaffirmation Day (September 21st)*Veteran’s Day*Thanksgiving Day*Friday after Thanksgiving Day*Christmas Eve Day (Half Day)*Christmas DaySome areas of the government will be continue to be available on theseholidays, such as Public Safety.Currents will inform you of any scheduled closings of the Governmentfacilities. It’s always a good idea to call first if you are not sure.Just use the toll-free number of 888.723.8288.

Mdaamini-Giizis (Corn Moon)September 2009 Vol. 6 Issue 8Tribal Council Activity Report July 2009LEGISLATION:The Tribal Council enacted changes to the TaxOrdinance. One of the changes included revisions to address fundraising activities by nonprofit organizations as well as individuals.This change differentiates between the profit offundraising activity, and allows an exemptionfor taxation on the profit, or “benefit” amount.This change was viewed as a positive step by theCouncil. The new Ordinance can be viewed onthe Tribe’s website, or, you can request a copyHEALTH CLINIC OPERATIONS:The Tribal Ogema and Tribal Council have beenworking cooperatively to address open positionswithin the Health Department of Little RiverBand. The former physician, Dr. Julie Dixonhad a contract with the Tribe that expired in Juneof 2009. The Tribe had announced the positionas a vacancy, and the Ogema and Council haveworked jointly to hire a temporary physician inthe interim period while recruiting for the current position takes place. As of July 31, therewere three candidates that were interviewed bythe panel established to review the doctors applying for the position. As the Recorder is preparing this report, there has not been a definiteselection of a permanent physician for the clinic. The Ogema and Council are exploring otheropportunities, such as forming cooperative arrangements with the local medical facility (WestShore Medical Center) to improve patient careaccess. In addition to hiring a physician for theclinic, other operational areas that are currentlyunder review are: Patient access (ability to beseen at the clinic), third party reimbursement ofclaims, and consideration of adding other professional staff such as a Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant. The potentialexpansion of providers within the clinic will bea decision that is made carefully, and jointly, bythe Ogema and Tribal Council. Both the Ogemaand Council are carefully considering the costsassociated with any changes in the Health CareDelivery System.Council NewsOGEMA/COUNCIL RELATIONS:The Tribal Council and Ogema have resumeda routine meeting schedule in an effort to workmore closely together, providing support and assistance to one another in an effort to heal thebroken relationship that has been longstandingwithin the Tribe’s political structure. The Ogema routinely attends meetings with the TribalCouncil, and communicates regularly with theTribal Council’s Speaker, Steve Parsons, as hedeems appropriate. The improved communications have resulted in the Ogema and Council acting together on important matters, suchas the recruiting of a physician for the HealthDepartment, or changes in the Management ofthe Little River Casino Resort. Both the TribalCouncil and Ogema have committed to working together cooperatively for the benefit of theTribe and its membership.AKI MAADIZIWIN GROWS:The Tribal Council authorized the constructionof 7 new homes at Aki Maadiziwin, the Tribe’sHousing Development. There are 5 homes slatedfor low income rental units, to fill a much needed void in housing offerings at this time. Theother 2 homes are being constructed as ‘marketbased’ rentals that will provide housing alternatives beyond low income eligible housing. TheTribal Council met with the Ogema, the Housing Director, Frank Figgels, and the CommerceDirector, Robert Memberto, in an effort to movethis initiative forward. By adopting the actionto move forward with the new home construction, the Little River Band will finally resolveany issues related to unused grant funds that theTribe has been awarded by federal agencies, buthad not used in prior years. The Housing Grantsawarded to Little River Band dating back several years had sat stagnant, and were not used. Byadopting this housing initiative, the Ogema andCouncil not only completely resolve any prioryear grant matters, but also continue to provideemployment opportunities through the Tribe’sConstruction company, Muschigon Construction. By using the Tribe’s own company, theconstruction can be completed at cost, savingthe Tribe a substantial amount of money overhiring an outside company for that purpose.Keeping members working ensures that Tribalfamilies receive the income and benefits that theconstruction would provide to an outside firm.ELDER’S SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE:The Tribal Council authorized changes to theElder’s Supplemental Insurance provided by theTribe. When the program was initially started,the original cost was 77,755.60 for FY 2006.For FY 2007, the annual cost of the supplemental insurance had grown to 463,698.30, and inFY 2008 the cost was 537,385.64. By adoptingthis change, the coverage for the Tribal Eldersremains the same, but the Tribe will see a decrease in cost by an estimated 138,000.00 peryear. The Tribal Council was assured that therewould be no impact to Elders currently utilizing the coverage, and that the switch would becompleted without an increased burden to ourElders. If you are participating in this insurance program, you will be receiving letters stat-CurrentsPage 3ing your coverage ends on September 1 for yourprescription coverage. That letter is being issued by Aetna Insurance, as they are required tonotify you that they are not going to be providing that service any longer. Participating Elderswill also receive another letter that details thenew prescription coverage, including new cards.Mr. Steve Fredericks presented information during the August Elders meeting to those in attendance for the upcoming change. Those thatwere not able to attend in person should havereceived letters in the mail by the time you receive this publication.CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT AT LITTLERIVER CASINO AND RESORT:During the past month, the Ogema, TribalCouncil, and the Board of Directors met to review operational concerns within the Tribe’scasino enterprise. The end result was that adecision was made to end the contract with theGeneral Manager. Following this decision, theOgema and Tribal Council met with the Boardof Directors to discuss an interim assignment ofthat position while recruiting efforts take placeto find a permanent candidate for the GeneralManager’s position. The Ogema, Tribal Council and Board of Directors will continue to meetto address operational concerns, in an effortto improve the Resort. The Tribal Council isalso currently reviewing existing legislation inplace, the Board of Directors Act of 2005, whichgoverns the management of the Gaming Enterprise. Once final revisions have taken place, theTribal Council will post the legislative changesfor 30 day public comment on the Tribe’s website and in its governmental buildings. TheTribal Ogema has been in consultation with theTribal Council as it moves forward to revise andstrengthen the Ordinance, to enhance management and identify greater accountability to theTribe and its members.FINANCIAL REPORT PRESENTATION:The Tribal Council has instituted a new practice, requiring members of the financial department for the Government as well as the Casino,to meet monthly for a formal presentation offinancial information to the Council. The firstmeeting with the Controller for the Governmentwas held in July, and the financial statement wasreviewed in its entirety. This process has beeninitiated to provide the Council greater detail regarding the financial operations of both the Casino and Government. In addition, the formalpresentation allows for direct access to staff inthe event questions are posed, or corrections areidentified. Once this process has been successfully implemented, financial information willbe provided (in general) within the Recorder’smonthly report. This information will hopefullybe routinely reported beginning in October.Respectfully submitted,Janine M. SamRecorder

CurrentsPage 4Council NewsMdaamini-Giizis (Corn Moon)September 2009 Vol. 6 Issue 8COUNCIL LIAISONS APPOINTED: The Tribal Council appointed Liaisons to its various Commissions and Boards. The Liaison appointment isto facilitate communication to and from the Tribal Council with the specific Commission that each person is assigned to. The Liaison appointmentsand current Commission members are as follows:Little River Band of Ottawa Indians2009 Committee/Commission Members and TermsElders CommitteeBinojeeuk CommissionRon Pete - ChairJoan Spalding09/20/09Marcella LeusbyVacant09/20/11Connie WaitnerVacant09/20/11Martha KaseVacant09/20/09Sherman MooreVirgil Johnson09/20/11Pat Ruiter- LiaisonCandace Chapman - LiaisonGaming CommissionLee Ivinson09/20/11Dave Corey09/20/11Joan Spalding – Chair09/20/09Vacant09/20/09Terri Nauta09/20/11Robert Whiteloon - LiaisonJanine Sam – AlternateCommerce CommissionEnrollment CommissionConnie Waitner09/20/11Katie Glocheski09/20/09Housing CommissionVacant09/20/09Aldeanna Kelsey09/20/09Judy Nedeau09/20/09Denis Miekle09/20/09Margery Lutz09/20/11Ron Wittenberg09/20/11Vacant09/20/11Alvin Patricio09/20/11Aldeanna Kelsey09/20/11Vacant09/20/11Diana O’Neal09/20/09John Ross09/20/09Janine Sam - LiaisonDonna Schultz09/20/11Julia Chapman09/20/09Charmaine Stone09/20/09Stephen Parsons - LiaisonRobert Whiteloon – LiaisonNorbert Kelsey - AlternateVirgil Johnson - AlternateNatural Resource CommissionVeterans Warrior SocietyHealth CommissionBrenda Hyma-Cogswell09/20/11Virgil Johnson - LiaisonMarty Wabindato09/20/09John Koon09/20/11Pamela Johnson09/20/09Mike Ceplina09/20/11Legislative LiaisonDenise Lewis09/20/11Vacant09/20/09Loretta Beccaria – LiaisonAl Patricio09/20/11Alyce Giltz09/20/09Rosemary Edmondson09/20/11Virgil Johnson – LiaisonLoretta Beccaria – LiaisonPat Ruiter - AlternateJanine Sam - AlternateIn addition to the Liaison Appointments to the various Commissions, the Tribal Council also took action to appoint delegates to other bodies: NationalCongress of American Indians (NCAI), the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) and the United Tribes of Michigan. The appointees are asfollows:NCAINIGAUnited Tribes of MILarry Romanelli - DelegateLarry Romanelli – DelegateLarry Romanelli - DelegateLoretta Beccaria - AlternateRobert Whiteloon – AlternateLoretta Beccaria - AlternateCandace Chapman – AlternateJanine Sam – AlternatePat Ruiter - AlternateStephen Parsons - AlternateCandace Chapman – AlternateRobert Whiteloon - AlternateWORK GROUPS FORMED AT OGEMA REQUEST: The Ogema had requested that special ad hoc committees be formed to address operationalor program issues within the Little River Band. The Tribal Council agreed to work with the Ogema and members of the Executive Staff on thefollowing issues:BEREAVEMENT LEAVECandace Chapman & Loretta BeccariaPREFERENCE HIRINGSteve Parsons, Janine Sam & Virgil JohnsonCONSTITUTIONAL CHANGESLoretta Beccaria, Candace Chapman &Norbert KelseyTRIBAL MANAGERSteve Parsons & Bob WhiteloonPROMOTIONS WITHIN WORKFORCEJanine Sam & Loretta BeccariaFMLANorbert Kelsey,Steve Pasons & Candace ChapmanThese workgroups are meeting to discuss potential policy changes for operations, as well as otherissues such as possible Ordinance changes. One ad hoc committee will address moving forwardConstitutional changes as well. These work groups are a result of the improvement in the Ogema/Tribal Council working relationship, and will work together to solve matters. Other ad hoc committees may be formed as appropriate or as requested by the Ogema. If the Tribal Membership hasany input they would like to provide, feel free to contact members of the Tribal Council for thatpurpose.The Recorder reminds the Membership that the Tribal Council publishes a weekly meetingschedule on the Little River Band website, under the Tribal Council uncil%20Calendar.pdfPlease also be reminded that the Council’s schedule changes frequently for work sessions, and youare encouraged to call the Council office to verify the schedule remains the same if interested.Respectfully submitted,Janine M. SamRecorder

Mdaamini-Giizis (Corn Moon)September 2009 Vol. 6 Issue 8The Michigan Women’s Hall of fameTribal Elder to be Inducted to theMichigan Women’s Hall of FameCurrentsPage 5Submitted by Valerie ChandlerIt is with great pleasure to announce that on October 21, 2009, Tribal Elder Margaret (nee Bailey) Chandler will be inducted to the MichiganWomen’s Hall of Fame. Although Margaret hasalready passed on to the Creator, it is with greathonor that she will be receiving the HistoricalHonors Award by the Michigan Women’s Studies Association.Each year a limited number of accomplishedwomen are selected for this special honor andit all begins with the nomination process. Earlier this year, Margaret’s granddaughter, Valerie Chandler, who works in the Tribe’s HistoricPreservation department, completed the application, prepared an essay and submitted the nomination. Margaret was nominated based upon herlife-long dedication and diligence to the LittleRiver Band of Ottawa Indians and other northernMichigan Ottawas that she worked with and represented. Margaret’s years of work and memories ar