» .: /1.'*J-* J - / . V jf'"--' '- * * . v ' - - .' 1 * ('': ; & )freakwas reported last 'Mamie Brown ofJEhis 1 CHRONICLE CLASSIFIEDCALL 276-6000Reported by HardwickOpen Weekdays: 9 5wuuwmo 'on the! CentennialAve. side of Hillsjdr MiddleOvercrowding,JackjoLlate itranspprtation funds Jpledged—Overcrowding,JackjoLlate itranspprtation-ofHhe-security iiarnvi h t service,icomfortable" by the PoffAuQiorily are useonightuncomfortable"useoT"i' RResidentsi d t :of?& AdainsAdam Avjfcseating, and the hoiseY smell, to improve bus service," saidtold poUce Sunday morningff bus travel areare Hardwick. ; andd fumesofthat outside lampposts at Noa.REAL ESTATE FOR SALEmajor rider , complaints Sixty-three percent of those104, 106 and, lf/T had 'beenreported in a survey released surveyed: protested that thehrjoken duiihgHhe' night. - : ay byDistrict. Last Thursday morningFACING T H E PARKunpleasantAssembly candidate Chuck commuting.YOU R HOMJEoMrs. Gene Sedlekot 773 nrhanother 53 percent-listeHardwick:Hera's a home value That youCentral Ave, Rahwpy,;toldFor detailswouldn't believe possible today."The survey indicated bus noise a s a "constant ;j lce;f'a ;::;tu!e ioh'v.nfir lW5wlthnoobllootlon*,Better built because it was a Modelwidespread dissatisfaction discomfort," said the can.Hdme.' '. CALL 272-WOwith bus service on which didate. 9 rooms, Jalousie' porch, 2 c a u lAsk for Mel Llssner Hardwick reported that 73many commutere totallyalycommuters area dhed in the rear of her home. - College.fisrage, basement and an extraperceAtof those, polled said LTORtarge lot.i i d e busesb s e s becauseto work dally,"'the GOP ththey irideASSOCIATED DISPLAY. candidate for the'SOth District they're inexpensive and theW., reported to police from her car sparked. «*,P R I C E D I N SACS.OF HOMESrevealed. Volunteers, headed riders have no -"reasonable"between 500 ana fjoo Cranford Hall,! 600 LincolnCLOSE-IN L O C A T I O Nternativ togby graduate student Christian alternativeget to work.Member of Multiple listing"The ffctfafct so many cocom*Abeel, conducted the survey , : "ThA Split-level featuring a large firstForum pn Street Chriiro Set Oct 26throughout the District, which muters are forced to dependfloor Family room, plus a fUnion,level family room and lav.OPEN SUN.van- Training Bureau, will serve asCranford, Garwood, Hillside, urgency off improving it,"There's a lull- basement nicelycommentator, d into a play room, a Master1as.s,ertecL"TheRoselle,205 Retford Ave. .street crime from the point ofneedapf thesetp plewillbeaBedroom 14x34. Central Airrandthefts"thaf.'touchinWestfield., needapfthesetp plewillbeaOH Walnut Ave.viewa law enforcementconditioning, deep rear yard witht p priorityfor me in thecreasing; numbers of citizens o f f i c e r ofAsked to rate bus service on top priority for me in the.Cyclonefencing, gas grill,-.patio.' . .? * ; : , / ; / , ; ; 'ELEGANTCUSTOM',sevenfactorsoha."scaleAssembly;and metal tool house.The forum is the third in a.BUILTJUTOREasy walk to town and schools.ranging from excellent to v . „ . Wednesday, six-Dart series on crime'Newly Utted featuring 4 Ig. BR's.,Many extras In this fine homepoor/only 23 percent of riders Chemical\ A baths, bright sunny H tpolledfoundpmaking it a Really w sep. dining area, LR 6 DR., polled found anything " * - Headed hy !****&&Good Buy.(«5,5oq,cellent." T .beautiful natural chestnut trim,rarit from . ew Jerseydepentobility of serviceHapsen,c h r i /s t i a nH.committeeHmaintenance free exterior. Roof 3Council fdrthe,' Humanities.7Sixtypercentcomplaineaor.WHEN YOU CAMMAVEyrs. old. Walking distance topresident of Linden .Chlorine preparing for llth jr,nual DpThoma's 'A. Reppetto, - - " - and 43HE SiplUVEthe seatingcapacityTHE BEST*Products, Inc., Cranford, has dinner dance to benefit dean of the graduate sehool ofliiNortn AVOTJJ* W./ Cranford 276-4700Ross R. Anzaldi, Summitpercent called for back-up been elected to a two-year"WADE ASSOCIATESvWHY SETTLE FOR i43 Chestnut ; Roselip park 241*797 , 2 3 NORTH AVE., E. CRANFORD,term as chairman of the Hospital,Mountainside. University of New.York-knd campaign chairman for the lilO W; Third Ave., R o l t 241-27Q0 '.1 - K . J . .' : :' . : 'at-rushhour,HardwickChemical Industry. Council of0. G. NUNN, Realtors276-1033reported; "Clearly, we need New. Jersey. He succeeds Sponsored by Senior professor of criminal justice .'- Union County March of Dimes276-8110 . .more buses and seating George F . Folzer of Fair Auxiliary,dancpls Friday, aflmlnistration,. wUl Captainbe. Dr, Edward Goodkin,capacity." said Hardwick, "I Haven,Toms chairman of the Union CountyNov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at keynote speaker,executiveviceSEE the HOME OF THERENTALSwould fight to see that aShackamaxonr 0 Siv,«v " r I,River directoroftraining for " c M p t e r ' " ' ' " " WEEK:on pa&e«available,-M i r- r\w\K\ niD r r IMPORTthroughWAD Eansen is a Trustee of theASSOCIATES, Realtors, J3Serving Cranford, Kenilworth and Garwood. .VOL. 84NO. 43 Published Every ThursdayThursday,October27,1977;Second Class postage Paid Cranfordf N.J. 15 CENTS.-. - ,WEEKEND SPECIALMbkhn CarnationREKEMEIER FLOWERS"' - . \ 'CALV' ';' :North Av«., Cranford. 27*1053 l. APPRAISERSociety of Real tftate .AppraisersKLUMAS&GAISSOUTH CRANFORP OR CLARK AREA Quiet young man desires' 3 or 4.rooms in 2 'family s houseFREE PUPPIES to good homes. Call(preferred).EaMn -'kitchen,'276-3813. .reasonable.,rate. Cal 399-9439,7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. week night* or.-. Sat. and Sun. « . « .PETSINSTRUCTIONS:663RariUnRd. .Cranford, N ) .CLEAN. QUIET, MID AGED BUSINESSMAN needs 3-4 room apartment inhouse In Cranford. Reasonable rent. Looking for permanence. & J 2729883 attar 5 pirn, or WNkanda.%2Zpointed by Governor Byrne toHELP WANTED HJLP WANTEDE t o b e t h Hospital, Elizabeth. Helen, and a sister,? Bom in Como, N. J., he; Erickson,of Bloomington.Aservice will beresided in Hillside before& funeral service"moving to Ganvood.24 years- conducted Friday at 2 pja. atjflgo.' ' "'.'" Werson Funeral Homey 635Mr. Sanders was an Army v,Wood Ave N., Linden. Rj-ialveteran of World War II and a will— be in Ftosedale Memorial.member of the, Garwood Park, Linden.Presbyterian Church and theI Garwood Lions Club.He is survived by his widow, v\YALTERATIONS Dormers.Porches,Stairs,Additions, etc. Free estimates.Reasonable. Cal Jim,985-4166two sons, Kenneth at homeDRAPERIES. N A M E D DIRECTOR . - - and Ronald of Woodbridge,and a grandchild., -'- .CUSTOM MADE ANDINSTALLED. Robert F. Prussack ofSARGENT INDORSED .mine. «»« Also uClarkwasnamed direr-torYour 'material or mum.jrn wa s ndincuUMCV-VIdraperies' rehung, -repaired,,George A. Morris, Jr, of'""' ' marketing andj'hd businessat: United Cranford, *r former, Elizabethpoliceman, has announced hislndorBement of ntester A. .of 1 FA I nsurance Services, Sargent, J r . of Cranford,'Republican candidate sheriffInc., of Cranford.A L U M I N U M SHOWROOMof Union County. In makinghis indorsement: Morris said,MASQUEBALLATUCPorch and Patio EnclosuresSuper heroes and heroines "Although I am a life-longwill take over Union College's Democrat, I do not feel that' Jalousies Awning WindowsTomasulo Art Gallery on partisan politics Should beFriday, Oct. 28( at 8 p.m. when considered when-selecting aNuprine Replacement the college DramaSociety person for. Sheriff. That job.Windows- should be filled by the besthostsitannualpublicmasqueStorm »ndbaU. Admission is l,':wjth qualified man and in thisScreen-Combinationsdancing aird refreshments. election at-fflan-Hte LesterCombination Doors -.25 Styles Guests are asked to come as Sargent." i'-.' ' . . : their favorite hero or heroine.,LIFETIME ALUMINUMTOWNSHIP OF CRANFORDPRODUCTS INC.FOR SAILANTIQUESPART TIIK - Work 3 hours an' .eweninj; 3 evenings a week,' earn'— i 3 f j a n . Jwahlru th.owJn8 LUaJewelry. Ideal for mothers witjiyoung children Must drive. CallTHE TARNISHED SWANAntiques & Collectibles2lEllab«thAveEUnMon.&Werf. eves. 6-8 p.m.Tues.S,Sat.2-6pm.or by appointment, 527-1709464-8940.FL,E;A M A R K E T SCLERK EXPEDITERFLEA MARKETEBerywednesdayrFrlday, Saturdayand Sunday. Dealers call 574-S599To assist production cbntrormanager. Light experience helpfulbut not necessary. Ail companybenefits paid. Cal Rich Con* atHOUSEKEEPER - Light housekeepingfor y person, flexible "hours,ievening meal. 243-92237 avanlnn oror. 941 9328after 6 p.m.abO.ANTIQUE SHOPSM M RAHWAY AWE., AWEMELFrom France's RhoneValleyCotes D u Rhone5276-1044"YOUR WINE UNE"."BldiorrfiiT peSiirawrorisan )iortii OF 1Aoreement may be obtained at the of f letof the TowrtiWp Enalneer during anybujlness day between the hour* of 8:30 7fflT»llU «:wni.w.", r- ««,The purpose ol receiving ttwiato contract (or trw hire of snow1 rernovalequipment on an.hourly basis. Theequipment requirements are:* wheel drive fJMp" or equivalenttrucks - a' irtow'ptow attached 4 cubic yard minimum (water level)single axle trucks wltb ; to W snowplows attached .* 'All bids must be submitted In a sealedenvelop* clearly marked - "Proposal forComplete Remodeling, . A Hire of Snow Removal Equipment Snow Season W7-WV and the bidders.Residential & Commercial P ' nameand add,re.u.References on requestBidders must be prepared to enter Intoan Agreement or (Contract with theTownship Immediately upon award bythe Township Committee and furnishcertificates of Insurance as required by aaw " fc. . am. .* ».''' k.f'dPMOVING TO N.Y. - Norge aircondiUorter, 25,000 BTU's, 225 new, excellent condition, 135; Apt.size washer,' new 135, excellentcondition, S75; Solid oak bedroomset, dresver,' desk, single bed, 300, excellent condition O i l 27«-"CulZ4iibMMZZ,Moanuintia«. Z93-SSMthe requirements of p.L. 1W5. c. 1W.The Township Committee reserves the rloht to relect any or M bids If Jutb;COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICEMonthly care, repair, put In new action will best serve the Interests of theTownship.wi.l.yN.Phl.0lawns. Power rake, seeding,1'Township Clerkfertilize, remove and put in newDATED:OctoberJO,W shrubs, Trim shrubs. Free Estimate, tLANDSCAPEGARDENINGFEZ:376-2165.SausagePLASTIC SLIPCOVERS»"mwle' Din lltted ' expertlylomftnys 0 ( a a n d2MASON WORKWATERPROOF KlG aridREPAIRSSteps, walks,patios drainsBOOK A TOT & G i n PARTY—DEMONSTRATORS ALSO NEEDED W f M l l l C STAMPSMI V P V lU.S. PLATE BLOCKS. Singles,Over 400 newest most-wanted itemsAccumulations, Collections,For further information, writeCanada. Top prices paid. Cal 527SANTA'S PARTIES8011.Box P, Avon, Conn. 06001. OR Call Toll Free 1-800-243-7606BACK TO SCHOOL i* lust the time tohave a part time opportunityearning V75-J1S0 WeeMy, showingfor junk cars. Local distanceQueen's-WayFashions. No'investment tor.samples. Car and towing. Cal 232-2350,phone necessaiy. Cal coUad b«. t Ma6aiMl7p.ia. onl» J609) C87- WE BUY used cars,' cars., needingrepair and junk cars. Cal 382-8434.2992 or (609) 693-9749.ask for Eddy.HI6HSST PRICES f AllREAL ESTATE SALES BROUNELLAND KRAMER one of New. lersey'slargest, most active Realtor firms,will train you to become among the LOST TIGER CAT. grey and black,top earners in Real Estate. Call fornew mother. Answers to SUKI oran appt. 6S6 1BO0.MOMMA. Lost vicinity of Holly andAldeh St. REWARD. Call 276-5282.LOSTLOST -T OLO ST. CHmSTOPHEHCHARM, Oct. 15. Phone 276-1771.REWARD.Cranford and vicinity. Part orfull time. Call Mel Llssner.Associated Display of Homes.'ud'\ '272-M90. ExceiTenT.TrainingProgram—.- ' .Directory lor c-lprridc*Call us a t 276-9200callJohn Borden '.Brake Rellne Job4 Wheels' REPLACE SHOES4 WHEELS WHO.LE-CARTool «Self.Ad).,;OfnCUU. l T » t l MMSKCTIOH STATKM .S0.ELM0MITiFricuciTm*8'Heavy DutyTangle FreeBooster Cables12ft Deluxe12 ft.All CopperBooster CableBooster CableSALEReg. 12.99""t a n g l e - p r o o fconductivity, with color construction vinyl coatedclampscoded cables and grips. v1*5WSAIEIN YOUR HOME OR IN OUR SHOPSettlea can218 CENTENNIAL AVE « CRANPQRQ276-1160Reg. 1.2? ea.Oamp15"Dry Gas*22*AtIn StoreEngineJhermostatMoistureQuick Start*4 for % 00For Increased car heaterefficiency. Pellet type for most cars 180 degree type.16" or 18"CRANFORD AUTO PARTSHillside schoolRight Off G5P Exit 136Ghosts Give InterviewsOnly for Halloween1Chronicle ContentsAbiorbent418 CENTENNIAL AVENUE, CRANFORD "1k &Candidates Wrap Up Answers Save M.004amp BatteryCharger 18«Auto Shut OffGuarantee.CMtpOiUJMember of Cr«n(o»d Chamber of CorKmerc*Your ChoiceRadiator Sealer and Stop.Leak, Flush or Anti-rustand Watfjr Pump Lube. A LX 'HalloweenPairadeSundayTreatmentfor your RubberWiper Bladeor pair of refillsTELEVISION REPAIRSReg. i.5.99Starting EtherSafety ValueFASTSALEHigh amperagef « reliable tartsStarting fromWu (W Air Cundiliomna toolC H A N F O R D , N. J. 'o 7 O 1 6WATERPROOFING ,- , Monto bas'-'mfniiGeneiil Miinlcntncu Co/b yejis oxpeiierw,'''b year warranty . , 789 171,9.i*\ 7885Save'3.00Copper clad constructionl-T 6 ' ' ,m a x I m u rBURNHAMAMERICAC E N T E N N I A L AVE.PAINTING - Interior and exterior. Call276-5774. .--—Fails to Rock-Town BoatConviction UpsetBlowingSave *3:00Delco BatteriesDECORATTNGGallon'.-.'-Reg. 5.99'3766594Estimates. Fully Insured.CALL ANYTIME 399 2873 J 1 to iwaaher tank.Removes bugi, grime,clears driving view.UnBiwttod SupplyDeolert Welcome,99bularo n\«fu ol your monuyin untaku thTHOMAS KOlATISi pt'nencfd .'() ye.irs p.iinlmi .ind(Itcof.iiuiK Interior ,md exteriorusing Dutch Bov pacnls F eeGallonBOOSTER CABLE SALEM i l iiAKE SPECIAL!LCLEANEDRUBBISH REMOVALI.JIWu tnjy b« jblo 10 ftjvu v u ntothii Winttt/ by InatjlHng tri unaavinu hoi w/urJ h oal ing »vst«mWANTED TO BUYAnti FreezaFrteieupfno additives-all naturalOffer Good tit Oct. 2,7th. ' ,"'Umllnii timu. wl)hWaiherajoinltAfter 3 DrunkDriving Arrests9nS S ' igisgriBgffwOur FREE Home Heating SurveyCAN Save you Money THIS WinterCall 376 3S20NEEDLEOUn M5-63OOMlMiHi w imm mmm &&&&&&& &WindshieldDependableAntiw* 99:chairs or 3 (iiec« section 120.5EtL REAL ESTATECwhmtMASONRYc u )j n y o u r h d m 8:„S10.80PeakPrettone 11241-852(1Mtt. SiAXft*i 7 « » J - S,-««4»wrt.I\ ANTHONY J. VERLOTTI It's easy with quality productfrdm Cranford "Supply.Horae Made HalianSausageEDaiCH REMODEIM272-6334Ready to Plant Next YearCranfotoW/NTERIZC 2.00 m a n u f a c t u r e r ' srebate with purchase of 2Gallons of Prestone 11 antlfree?e and; PrestoneCoolant tester Details andmail-In coupon In store.,prestone coolant tester,Reg. Eastman SI. CnnfefdCranford TkMtraWINES AND ITeacher ReductionIsi['HOME OF T H E W I N E BARRELROOAA24-oz. BottleCase of 12. 24.30Rhone wines represent some ofthe best wing values of the currentmarket. We feel that this is anexcellent example of a smooth,mellow French red wine at a*down-,11 WajnuTAvefiueCranford-276-4507- Money Savor Couponv\o JabiToogood running condition. Asking 35. Cal 7*9-1901 alter 3 p.m. I .TWELFTH CIRCLE, 229 W. 57th St.,NYC. Rm 404.CRANFORD, NEW JERSEYNOTICE TO BIDDERS 'P OpOSAfepOSAfe FOR HIRE- --:*HIRE102 S o u l h - A v e . W 2 7 A J 2 0 5 . OF SNOW REMOVAL EQUIPMENT—-"—Sealed bids will be received by thel»77lnlheHome Improvements Town»hlpClerkorvOctober3\,Committee - Room 1n the MunicipalBuUdlno, SSprlnslltlcl.Avenue, Bt 11 -.00GAftAOE SALES """" BT GAR9444. , . INSTRUCTORS MEN. * WOMENNEEDEO full time or part time tor H O L I D A YSUGGESTIONSnatural foods Weight loss program. Think ChristmasBuild a secure future. InterviewingDOUS, DOLLS CLOTHINGThursday, Oct. 20 only. 11 a.m. - 5Allsizesfor.p.m. and 7 p.m. - 1 0 p.m. Apply toFamous Name Brands.parson «to MUs Anton. U 3 NorthDiscounted.A M . W., Crairtord. . 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Mr.Spicer retired nine years agoas a steamfitterfor KenworthCo. here, where he had beenemployed a number of years.Born in Bloomingtbn, Jill.,Mr, Spicer lived in,linden 16.GARWOOD" ; Funeral years before moving here 17services for John Sander, 53, years' ago. ri Ie formerlyof 501 Third Ave. are being worked for Farber Bros,;.held today at the McCracken Linden lumber firml and Sobel" -flbrner Jnion'r-at-11 J. SandersPIANO LESSONS given in my home. 7 .Plrtsfield Stv If interested, call JudyAnderson at 272-2873.CARPET Spicer Dies, WasSteamfillerKENILWORTH- The bodythe State Commission onFrank Spicer, 70, of 4 Red Government Costs and TaxofLane, was found in thePolicy. He lives in Highlands. Maplecar in his garage yesterday272-4100'Curbsidepickup of and tin, as sources of revenue, material from their refuse1 will be made in behalf of scout 'newspapers, and glass is These materials as "well as, have seen the' reduction in collections. .targeted to go into effect in glass were formerly collected the quantity of- waste left for .Tony Biago of 121 Herningby tHe Cranford Recycling,-, scavengers " stated Mrs. Aye., representing Boy ScoutCranford Jan. 1.\rThis was the date set by Project, which has terminated Morneweck. VNot only does Troop 75, said the curbwill be infringingMayor Barbara Brande the collections.recycling conserve resources pickupsAt the moment, there is no but" will" prolong the. life of upon the scout paper collecTuesday following a 90-minutehearing and adoption of an municipally-sponsored r'ecy- something more precious than tions, and charged the comtrees and sand — our dwin- mittee with establishingordinance authorizing the cling program in effect. trorig ndoreemenrofthe-drlnR— landfitr— nreas double- standards—by—en"pickups.",.couraging private scavengersThe measure was opposed curbside pickups was read at The scout representatives, to preserve the ecology and atby representatives of BoyTuesday's meeting by Leslie however, maintained, that the. same time putting. Scout troops, who asked that Morneweck, representing the youth was the resource that discarded articles at the curb.officials should be . mostpaper pickup be left in the League of Women Voters.Alfred Sauer of 17 Hemlock'Those citizens who have concerned about. Brandehands of the scouts to supportContinued on Page *been separating recyclable agreed, citing the efforts thattheir activities.,Brande said the scouts cancontinue to collect newspapersas in the past, arid that theTownship -Committee -willencourage residents to setaside newspapers for them.Curbside pickup of paper,and glass will occur"twteemonthly on a voluntary basis,,YARp WQ(ftK AT 100 — Anthony Sangiuliano, who will reach the century mark with residents separatingto shoWshow a reflectionofAn administration propbsaljelementary teachers being toreflectitomorrow, continues to do backyard rhnrp al hnmp Mfl?Benjamin St. At left, he"these' recyclable-materials— trt7 1metrtaryschtH)l Mrs.keepshimself,examines grape arborkh i l f as wellll as theth grassss trim,trim and at rightrib hehfrom other household waste teaching positions from the boardBrenda Klein,ow! membersmomt»« RronrlnKlpinMrs RosemaryRosemarV CCharlesand leaving them at the curb. 1978-79 school budget