Office: (845) 452-7453Station: (845) 452-8770Fax: (845) 452-0552Fairview Fire District258 Violet AvenuePoughkeepsie, NY 12601www.fairviewfd.netFor EmergenciesDIAL 9117ntegritlft 'Valor, :ExcetTence ana Teamwork"Sen'illg Sillce 1910BOARD OF FIRE COMMISSIONERSMONTHY MEETINGMay 3rd, 2016ATIENDEES :I.II.III.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and MOMENT OF SILENCESPECIAL PRESENTATION BY THE LOCAL 2623 VI.FIRE COMPANY REPORTSNo ReportsCORRESPONDENCE VIII.No additionsMINUTES TO BE APPROVED Postponed Motion to accept the minutes from February 2, 2016 Monthly Meeting. Postponed Motion to accept the minutes from April 5, 2016 Monthly Meeting. VII.The Local 2623 presented each Commissioner past and present with a Timothy Gunther Memorial Coinand thanked them for all of their help & support during the tragedy last May. Lt. Ridley read a letter tothe Commissioners before prese nting them with the coins. The letter is attached.The Commissioners were extremely honored by the Presentation and stated that even though it wasnot necessary it was greatly appreciated. The Board thanked the Local 2623 for all of their hard workand dedication.AGENDA ADDITIONS V.Chief Christopher MaederBrie Novack, District SecretaryJim Passikoff, Trea surerGeorge Lithco, AttorneyMEETING CALLED TO ORDER @ 7:00PM IV.Comm. Andrew CalamariComm. Aldo Milanese - Not PresentComm. Jim Doxsey - Excused AbsenceVice Chairman Ron DiazChairman Robert GephardNo CorrespondenceDISTRICT STAFF REPORTSA. Chief Report - Christopher Maeder

DCC w ill hold and EMT Class in 2017The District received a re-imbursement check for the Recycling Center FireComm. Milanese & I went to NJ to check on th e pre-build ofthe ambu lance. It is under-budget.Letter from the Red Cross - will be discussed in the Chairman's Report Lighting for the new sign was com pleted by Vieth Enterprises. He donated th e work .Motion for the Fire Compa ny to park the Antique Ladder Truck behind the firehouse .Moved by : Chairman GephardSeconded by: Comm. Calamari Survey of th e property was comp let edFF Bohlmann was honored as a 40 Under 40 honoree by the Chamber of Commerce. Th eCommissioners congratulated FF Bohlm ann on his achievement. Annual se rvice s are being performed on 41-45. It will be out of service until the en d of theweek. A Motion to tran sfer a 200 un solicited donation into a special fund for the Fire Company.Moved by: Chairm an GephardSeconded by: Comm. Calamari B.Poll of Commissioners:YESCommissioner Ca lamari:Vice Chairm an Dial:YESChairma n GephardYESResolution : 5-2016-4-GCo ntra ct was signed for roof sca nPoll of Commissioners:Commissio ner Ca lamari:YESVice Chairman Dial:YESCha irman GephardYESResolution : 5-2016-10-F185 Calls for April. Highest in the la st 5 years without including disasters. Curre ntly up 15.6%over 5 year average of 160 calls. So far this year cu rrently 6.7% more calls than last year. Onpace for 2200 calls. 62% are ambulance calls.There was no overtime in April.Treasurer Report - Jim Pa ssikoff A motion to acce pt th e Treasurer's Report for April 2016Moved by : Vice Chairman DialSeconded by: Chairman GephardPoll of Commissioners:Commissioner Ca lamari:Vice Chairman Dial:Chairman GephardResolution: 5-2016-8-F YESYESYESApprove the Accounts Payable AbstractUpon Motion made by Commissioner Ca lamari and 2nd by Vice Chairman Dial and afterdiscussion held, the following resolution was approved:Be it resolved to pay all bills as approved by the commissioners on each specific bill presentedat this meeting. All purchases complied with the procurement policy of the fire district and allnecessary bids/quotes were obtained prior to recommendation for approval.

All of the commissioners in attendance were presented with bills and attached vouchers.Each commissioner approved the bills indicated on such vouchers. Audits of the bills werecompleted except as discussed in these minutes, no discrepancies or issues were noted.The abstract total of 249,908.08 was approved for payment.Poll of Commissioners:Commissioner Calamari:Vice Chairman Diaz:Chairman GephardResolution: 5-2016-9-FYESYESYESChairman's ReportC. D.thMarist Donation - Due on or about April 15 Check has not been received . 150,000 goes tothe General Fund, 100,000 goes toward the infrastructure.A motion to accept the request by the Red Cross to relocate their "shelter trailer" for outsidestorage on FFD property. See attached.Seconded by: Commissioner CalamariMoved by: Chairman GephardPoll of Commissioners:Commissioner Calamari:YESVice Chairman Diaz:YESChairman Gephard:YESResolution: 5-2016-3-GAttorney Report - George Lithcond Fairview Commons -1" appeal has been perfected. 2 will be perfected by next week. Dalia - ha s the potential for a settlement In regard s to public's question s on Hudson Heritage. It wa s explained that a draft impactstatement is being constructed.Attorney Golden: IX.No ReportCOMMITTEE REPORTS - No reports ond/or discussions unless otherwise notedA. Apparatus Committee: Commissioners Calamari and Milanese/ Chief Maeder No reportB. Check Audit Committee: Commissioners Gephard and Diaz Audit for March 2016 wa s complete and no problems found.C. Computer Committee: Commissioner Gephard/Chief Maeder Will be purchasing the business version of AVGD. Election Committee: Commissioners Doxsey and Diaz/Secretary No ReportE. FFD Hyde Park/Poughkeepsie Representation: Commissioners Doxsey and Diaz/P.E.C. BohlmannF. No ReportFiscal Committee: Commissioners Gephard and Milanese/Chief Maeder/ Treasurer

No ReportG. Grant Committee: Chief Maeder/Commissioner Milanese FF Bohlmann is working on a Public Education grant. There are a few small grants, but thereare not many available at this time .H. Negotiating Committee: Commissioners Doxsey and Gephard/Alt. Commissioner Diaz The committee continues to meet, there will be a meeting this Friday morning.I. Personnel Committee: Chief Maeder/Commissioners Calamari and Diaz Waiting for Firefighter test results. Captain and Lieutenants tests were posted.J. Policy Committee: Chief Maeder/Commissioner Calamari Working on a draft for the Abse ntee Policy.K. Property Committee: Commissioners Milanese and Gephard/Chief Maeder/Alt. Comm. Diazl. Reviewing plan sRecords Retention Committee: Commissioner Doxsey/Secretary No ReportM. Safety Committee: Chief Maeder/Commissioners Calamari and Doxsey/Anspach/LocaI2623/FireCompany X.OLD BUSINESS - No reports and/or discussions unless otherwise noted XI.No ReportCOMMISSIONER ITEMS - No reports and/or discussions unless otherwise noted XII.No ReportNo ReportPUBLIC COMMENTS Oil rail cars are running on this side of the river between 12-3am. Chief Maeder commentedthat they are light, sweet crude oil trains and the Coast Guard has jurisdiction.XIII.EXECUTIVE SESSION- 7:45pm Discussion of legal matters related to Fairview Commons and DaliaprojectsXIV.ADJOURN MEETING @ 8:10PM

Motion for Red Cross to store their Shelter Trailer on FFD property.WHEREAS, the Board of Fire Commissioners has received a request from the Red Cross to relocate theirShelter Trailer to the FFD property. See attached letter addressed to the attention of Chief Maeder; andWHEREAS, the Board of Fire Commissioners finds that it is in the best interest of the community to grant thisrequest ; andWHEREAS , there is adequate area on the FFD property that is not presently required for FFD purposes suchthat the Trailer would be kept on the property without inconvenience to any current FFD operations or need touse any FFD resources for that purpose;NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fairview Board of Fire Commissioners authorizes ChiefMaeder to implement this request by signing a Document of Understanding that shall include all the conditionsof the attached request, and provide for (I) receipt of a liability policy endorsement naming the FFD as anadditional insured and providing at least 10 days notice of cancellation before the Trailer is placed on the FFDproperty, (2) annual receipt ofa certificate of insurance naming FFD as an additional insured , (3) the Red Crossto hold FFD harmless for any damage to Red Cross property, and (4) that the Red Cross will be solelyresponsible for the security of the Trailer and its contents, and for maintaining the Shelter Trailer and itsimmediate surroundings in a condition defined by Chief Maeder; andBE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution shall take effect immediately.Moved by: Chairman GephardSeconded by: Co mmissioner CalamariPoll of Commissioners:YESCommissioner Calamari:Vice Chairman Diaz:YESChairman Gephard:YESResolution: 5-2016-3-G

Attn: Chief Christopher MaederFairview Fire District258 Violet Ave.Poughkeepsie, NY 12601The American Red Cross - Eastern New York Regionjulianne Ersfeld33 Everett Rd .Albany, NY [email protected] Chief Maeder,I am writing in regards to the shelter trailer that is currently being kept at 103 Hooker Ave. inPoughkeepsie, NY, which we must relocate.Due to our existing relationship with your organization, centralized proximity, and ease of accessibility,your facility lot would be an ideal location for us to store this trailer. Contents within the trailer wouldinclude cots, blankets and a few other suppli es needed for sheltering were o ne to become activated inthat area. Volunteers and staff of the American Red Cross would likely be accessing the trailer seasonallydue to scheduled inventory reports and inspections, or if needed, upon a shelter activation.Towing of the trailer as well as insuring this resource will fall under the responsibility of the AmericanRed Cross. Upon request, we will provide an official COl (Copy of Insurance) .Thank you for your attention and considering helping with this matter. Please feel free to reach out if youhave any questions or concerns.Sincerely,julianne ErsfeldDirect Services Support Manager

DUTCHESS-F AI RVIEWPROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERSLOCAL 2623 INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERSAFFILIATED WITH N.Y. S. PROFESSIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION, INC.(845) 452·8770258 Violet AvenuePoughkeepsie, NY 12601May 3, 2016Chairman Gephard, fellow Fire Commissioners both past and present,La st year on May 5th the fire service suffered a huge loss. We were notified a f3miliar face off ofPoughkeepsie's Engine 2 had died operating at a 20d Alarm of Fire. In the coming days we foundourselves mourning the loss of Poughkeepsie Firefighter Timothy Gunther. In the days t hat followed, thecareer and vo lunteer membership mobilized to assist the Pough keepsie Professional Fi refig hter withburying one of their own.Early on I met with Chief Maeder as president of th e Union. He said that he had contacted theboard and relayed to me early on that you were in fu ll suppo rt of Fai rview, and we would providewhatever we cou ld to the Poughkeepsie Fire Department. What started out with help ing figuring outfood items soon transformed into hundreds of 6 foot subs, donuts, water, rolls and hot dogs pouringinto the civic cente r. Assistance from the East Fishkill Fire District was req ue sted for helping out with t heservices on a hot day at th e funeral home down in Hopewell Jet. Fi refigh te rs came from across New YorkState and the States of Connecticut and Maryland, utilized Fairview as a rally point to attned these rvices. As thousands of Emergency Services personnel came to Poughkeepsie, the district providedboth career and volunteer personnel to assist in the EMS aspects of protect ing a large group ofmourne rs. We provided the use of our support ve hicles to transport people and food 10 the civic center.We had volunteer and ca re er personnel waking up in the early hours of the morning t he day of theservices, to help detail support vans from the FDNY to transport th e family . lieutena ms Allen Jones andTim othy O'Connor went down to the Mid Hudso n Civic Center to paint a stencil of Ti mbo's famousmustache on the sidewa lk s. We didn't have 100% involvement here in this organization. We had 300%invo lveme nt. Every member of the caree r staff was doing something to help out. They we re backed byVo lu nteer members of the Fa irview Fire Company. Never was I so pro ud to be aFairvi, wfi refighter as Iwas then.Ti m often came t o Fai rview under mutual aid on Engine 2. He was a familiar fece th at everyonerecognized. As I relayed in a prev iou s letter to Poughkeepsie President McPadden, everyo ne from theChief down to the Firefighters felt safe r w hen we we re in Tim's presence. To honor Tirn, we came upwith a cha llenge coin to present to our brothers and sisters in Poughkeepsie on t he an nive rsa ry of hispassing. The coin symbo lizes the brotherhood and wo rk we were able to do toget her in a time of need .

In recognition for your support during that tragic time, we would like to present each of you with achallenge coin. Inscribed on the coin is a picture of Engine 2 and the quote "Gone But Not Forgotten"and on the other side " Brothers Helping Brothers ." It is a small token for everything you did to supportour family helping another. Thank you.Sincerely,Ro be rt Rid I::.y"" .;:g2i!""' :: - :'. .,,,PresidentFairview Professional Firefighters Local 2623

Fairview Fire DistrictBills to be approvedon May 3, 2016Bills to be paid174,708.03Bills paid75,200.05Total249,908.08 :;::;;;;;

9:13 AMFairview Fire District05/02/16Bills to be paidAs of April 30, 2016TypeDate-'-'-----NumOpenBalan"c.::e911 UniformsBill04/21 /201688.2088.20Total 911 UniformsAirgas EastBill04/0212016160.83Total Airgas EastBill160.83American Printing & Office Supplies04/01120161,135.75Total American Printing & Office Supplies1,135.75Bohlmann , DanielleBill04/30/2016150.00150.00Total Bohlmann. DanieUeC .T. M ale AssociatesBill04106120162,328.222,328.22Total C,T. Male AssociatesChmura, Mary AnneBill04/30/2016275.00275.00Total Chmura, Mary AnneCSTCBill04/25/2016325.44325.44Total CSTCCummins Northeast, IncBill04/01 /2016550.00550.00Total Cummins Northeast. IncDe lage Landen Financial ServicesBill04/28/2016T otat De Lage Landen Financial Services172.80172.80Diaz. RonBill04/01/2016100.00100.00Total Diaz , RonDormeyer, Richard L.Bill04/09/2016188.25188.25Total Oormeyer, Richard L.Edible ArrangementsBifl04/04/201663.78Total Edible ArrangementsBillBill63.78Emergency Medical Products04/07/20 1604/22/20 16436 .5428.44Total Emergency Medical Products464 .98Flower BarnBill03/12/2016Total Flower Barn60.0060 .00Page 1

9:13 AMFairview Fire District05102116Bills to be paidAs of April 30, 2016TypeDateNumOpen BalanceG. E. Picke ring 3.50Total G. E. Pickering Inc.Garrison Fire & Resc ue0312512016Bill35.00Total Garrison Fire & Rescue35.00Haight Fire Equipment Supply0411112016Bill250.00250.00Total Haight Fire Equipment SupplyHome DepotCheck10109120010113112005General Journal3175J E 1· 3·109.10109.100,00Total Home DepotJacobowitz & Gubits, ,611.4604/1 412016Total JacCJbov.litz & Gubits, LLP7,067.76Lambert Plumbing & Heating, Inc.0410712016Bill946 .36946 .36Total Lambert Plumbing & Heating, Inc.Mianese, Aldo0410112016Bill100,00100.00Total Mianese, AldoNichols Oxygen Service0412212016Bill1,198.121,198. 12Total Nichols Oxygen ServiceNovack. Brie D.0412812016Bill35.0035.00Total Novack. Brie O.NYCOMCO0410112016Sill2,911 .50Total NYCOMCONYS Income Tax EFTPSBill Pm! -CheckGeneral Journal2,911.50101121200101 13 1120053185J E 1·2· 1,287.541,287 .540.00Total NYS Income Tax EFTPSPERMA04112/2016Bill147,531.00147,531.00Total PERMAPestech0411512016BillT etal Peslech117.00117.00Page 2

9:13 AMFairview Fire District05102116Bills to be paidAs of April 3D, 2016TypeDateNumOpen BalancePoughkeepsie Journal0312712016Bill17.8017.80Total Poughkeepsie JournalPurchase Power0410312016BillTDIal Purchase Power108.50108.50Receiver of Taxes0410712016Bill148.00148.00Total Receiver of TaxesRose & Kiernan , Inc.04111 12016Bill3,066.003,066.00Total Rose & Kiernan. Inc.Royal Carting Service Co,Bill0313112016Total Royal Carting Service Co,151 .73151.73Sarjo Industries0312812016Bill6.666.66Total Sarjo IndustriesSheehan , Michael0412812016BillT etal Sheehan, Michael275.00275.00Testing Unlimited CorporationBill0410912016Total Testing Unlimited Corporation1,212.501,212.50The First Signs of Fire0312812016BillTotal The First Signs of Fire132.00132.00Westchester Medical CenterfThe WorkplaceBill0410512016T olal Westchester Medical CenterlThe Workplace1, Public Safety GroupBill04111 12016Total W ilmer Public Safety GroupTOTAL181.35181.35174,708.03Page 3

Fairview Fire District04129116Transactions by AccountAs of April 30, 201 6r""0,.1205 · 151 Hilgillr, /HSB C) New Checking04115i2016Medical 1115 Statement #498 - May()4115i2016"".NYS Empbyees· He3lltl1l15L1"anceB,. Pmt ·Chedl3,."Sunro049(i.QO. I 23277-6 #4412M24B,. Pmt-Chedt04/15i201633530f"' . ew Fire OlStrielTr8l15fer finis EfTPS \ 100091 102357 1DebitC drt18.63080"6 40.00000811 Pm1-Checlc041221201633531MVPMVP Medic 7620964BII Pmt -Check041221201633532Central Hudson {E\eC1ric)EIec1nc M arl().Apr1274 552811 Pm ! ·Chock04122120163 Central Hudson (Gas)Gas M arl().Aprl2553558,. Pml ·Chedc04122f2016140550412212016MVPB. Pm! -ChecII0412212016"'""'"7187·8592-5813-5200 .t604e,l Pml -Chedt-ChecJ 041221201633531Venzon Wireless342045163-00001 //9763526755041291201633".Passil J) ff It Scott2016 ApIll T reas .er Service 118 13222.958 0004129r'201612653Otlchess Fairview Prof FirefightersUl"IOn Dues Apr 20161.27500CommISSIOner of TaxatIOn and FonarceMCT MT 14-6000328 MT ABit PmtBII Pml-ChedlTOTAl Bil Pml ·ChedIe,l Pml -Chedl8,. Pm! ·CheckTotall2Q5 l t NliII9!1f8 (HSBCj New ChecI irg.,-' om04130120 1633536E rVMol;);ISeIecI Care. IncTime Warner Cable9.32134DeI1:al245021 #755905611550ACCOI.lll 8150410150091389 11'IYII'26585624"' 2"" "9123900075.20005 Page 1 of 1