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Our PhilosophyACG Architects is a diversified architectural firmwith extensive experience in a broad range ofarchitectural, planning and interior design projects.Founding principals William G. Anderson and DavidCooper and principals Addison Nottingham, AlissaGiovanetti and Todd Friedlander have combinedexpertise that represents decades of experience ina broad spectrum of project types and scale in boththe public and private development field.The business philosophy of the firm is a commitment todesign excellence. This commitment is demonstratedby aesthetically and financially successful projectsin combination with the successful realization of theclient’s intentions and aspirations for their projects.ACG synthesizes both architectural and financialobjectives into design and construction executionthat assures owner satisfaction.We formed our organization to combine andeffectively utilize our extensive individual experiencewith high quality, award winning design andmanagement skills. As evidenced by the attachedmaterials, our firm has considerable high profiledesign experience. In addition, our record andreferences will substantiate that we schedule ourwork to successfully meet project cost and timerequirements. A mid-sized firm with an office inTyson’s Corner/McLean, Virginia, ACG has thecapability of applying additional manpower asnecessary to meet deadlines. We utilize both our BIMand CAD capability to provide the greatest efficiencyfor our projects. This enables the firm to respondrapidly to the exigencies of a project, or to clients’changing requirements. Our project administrativeprocedures, with consistent Principal involvement,enable the monitoring of every job to ensure qualitycontrol and that projects are on schedule and inbudget.Our experience is broad, having worked successfullyboth nationally and internationally for a large, wellestablished, high profile client base. The servicesoffered by ACG include development and financialanalysis, project feasibility studies, master planning,zoning representation, architectural design, interiordesign, space planning, construction documents, andconstruction administration.We believe that it is unusual to find, in largecorporate-style architecture offices, the projectexperience as diverse as that which ACG can offerin conjunction with the added ability to move quicklyand responsibly. Essentially, we compare more thanfavorably with these large firms in experience, butare unencumbered by the bureaucracy endemic tothem. The following work by Principals and currentteam members includes projects executed for otherfirms prior to joining ACG.

EUROMOTORCARS - MERCEDEZ BENZBethesda, MarylandComplete renovation of a 32,000 square foot Cadillacdealership into a new Mercedes-Benz dealership in the heart ofBethesda. Design concepts included maximizing visibility intothe building, providing ample natural light for vehicle displayas well as creating a functional and useful building. This wasthe first project which ultimately lead to the implementation of amulti-year, multi-building master plan successfully incorporatingthe needs and priorities of customers, office staff, sales staffand service staff.

EUROMOTORCARS - MERCEDEZ BENZGermantown, MarylandWith 40,000 square feet of retail and 30,000 square feet of officespace not affiliated with the dealership, this building seamlesslyblends the two components onto one site, with service bays inthe basement to maximize the above-ground features.

INFINITI OF CHANTILLYChantilly, VirginiaACG Architects customized the company’s prototype designto comply with Dulles Auto Park proffers and the need toincorporate a corporate suite for a new dealer in the region’smetropolitan market. The 25,000 square feet facility spanning3.3 acres accommodates multiple simultaneous new cardeliveries within the building. ACG Architects providedarchitectural and full custom interior design services, includingall furniture selections and finishes

MOORE CADILLACChantilly, VirginiaACG Architects participated as the local site architect for this99,000 square feet, new construction, state of the art Cadillacdealership. Coordinating with the design architect and thecontractor, ACG Architects resolved day to day constructionissues and provided architectural detailing expertise on specificcomplicated design issues. The buildings centerpiece is atwo-story showroom enclosed on one side by a 20 foot high,segmental curved, insulated Pilkington glass wall.

EUROMOTORCARS, ROLLS-ROYCE/BENTLEYBethesda, MarylandTo take maximum advantage of the final phase of theimplementation as a means of consolidating all major luxurybrands at one location, EuroMotorcars planned to construct a2-story 12,000 square foot showroom building, showcasing theBentley and Rolls Royce marquees. The upper level franchiseand its display models will be accessed by elevator and featurea unique sales environment.

EUROMOTORCARS - MERCEDEZ BENZBethesda, MarylandComplete renovation of a 32,000 square foot Cadillacdealership into a new Mercedes-Benz dealership in the heart ofBethesda. Several design concepts for the primary componentof the building were studied and vetted. The selected optionbelow was ultimately selected and developed into the buildingthat exists today.

BILL PAGE HONDA PLAZAFalls Church, VirginiaMaster planning option of the Westlawn shopping center tointegrate one or two new ground up dealerships into a retailcontext of anchor grocery story, fast food outlet, post office andbank. In order to maximize development and provide for up to2000 parking spaces, the concept included a complete levelbelow grade equivalent to the whole site area 100,000 squarefeet of retail /dealership and multiple suspended parking levelsabove grade.

KENNEDY FORDFeasterville, PennsylvaniaKennedy Ford is a new ground-up 72,000 square foot threebuilding automotive dealership located in the northern suburbsof Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under development, the facilityanticipates a two-story showroom with lower level displaysareas and third floor administrative offices. The facility willserve as the headquarters for the Kennedy Automotive Groupof five dealerships for the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

TYSONS FORDVienna, VirginiaTotal front and back of house renovations of a 30 year old35,000 square foot facility. The showroom features a sixty footskylight with bulkhead. The ceramic floor tile configuration wasdesigned to match the Ford elliptical logo. Both phases, whichincluded new site lighting, new HVAC, new showroom andservice reception, were executed while maintaining full dailyoperations.

MOORE CADILLAC / HUMMERTYSONS CORNERMcLean, VirginiaMaster planning, strategic plans and both new and renovationconstruction to allow for body shop relocation/shop expansion,showroom expansion, the addition of a new two-story service/reception drive through building a 650-car garage and Hummerdealership. Critical to the success of this complicated phasedproject was maintaining uninterrupted operational efficiency.Work included replacing an existing central boiler with rooftopunits and a complete new roof. Total value of this work wasover 12M.

OURISMAN HONDABethesda, MarylandRenovations to an existing Honda dealership utilizing Hondaof North Americas exterior, furniture and finishes designstandards.

COWLES PARKWAY FORDWoodbridge, VirginiaThis 98,000 square foot dealership presented a unique rangeof challenges, not the least of which was to maximize there-use of an existing pre-engineered structure previously aHechinger Home Improvement store, while transforming itsimage, without premium costs. The plan includes 48 workstalls and an expansive indoor showroom for 70 new andpreviously owned cars. The unique plan concept incorporatesa main street circulation path linking all aspects of the operationcreating self evident destinations for customers.

OFFICE AND AUTO DEALERSHIP COMPLEXMcLean, VirginiaACG prepared a feasibility study that integrated commercialoffice development with a high-end dealership. A renovatedfrontage along Route 7 creates self-evident circulation routesfor both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, avoiding conflictsand confusion. The Project features complimentary innovativedynamic building forms, which create curb appeal for bothfunctions. The prominent elevation is highlighted by a glassenclosed 12-car vertical lift, which will function as display andnew car delivery experience, and a 4-story suspended glasswall allowing direct visual access to the new car inventory.

SHERWOOD FORDBerlin, MarylandACG developed several design concepts for a new Forddealership in this farming community just west of Ocean City.This project demonstrates ACG’s ability to design to any “style”in order to meet the needs and preferences of the client whilestill providing a functional building.

ACG Architects Team ProjectsOver the course of our 28 years in existence, ACGArchitects has completed numerous projects for ourautomotive clients more and beyond those featuresin the preceding pages. Below is a more completelist of previous projects.EuroMotorcars Bentley/Rolls RoyceBethesda, MarylandTo take maximum advantage of the final phase ofthe implementation as a means of consolidating allmajor luxury brands at one location, EuroMotorcarswill construct a 2-story 12,000 square foot showroombuilding, showcasing the Bentley and Rolls Roycemarquees. The upper level franchise and its displaymodels will be accessed by elevator and feature aunique sales environment.EuroMotorcars Mercedes-Benz, Master PlanBethesda, MarylandCompletion of the final sixth phase of the masterplan for renovation and modernization which wasoriginally conceived in 1990 creating an exclusive90,000 MB facility linking four buildings together witha new three story focal point entrance, garage spacefor 600 vehicles and 80 work stalls below grade.Each of the six individual phases was designed andconstructed with minimal impact to the ongoing dailyoperation of the dealership as a whole, which wasfurther complicated by the need for maintaining theefficient flow of vehicles, supplies, customers, staffand paper for each of the service parts and salesdepartments. At no stage of the plan were bottomline figures adversely impacted, while maintainingcode compliant bathroom access and egress at alltimes.EuroMotorcars, GermantownGermantown, MarylandThe project includes an exclusive 40,000 squarefoot Mercedes-Benz dealership facility togetherwith 40,000 square feet of retail and 30,000 squarefeet of office space, and the completion of CenturyBoulevard. The two-story retail/office componentwill maintain the continuity and scale of Main Street,incorporate below-grade parking for the officetenants, and provide retail parking on the surface.The office entrance and elevator lobby will beintegrated into the retail frontage at a point wherepedestrian traffic links from the street through to theparking area. The dealership has a primary focusto MD Route 118 and will function, both from acirculation and operational standpoint, completelyindependently from the retail/office component.The service functions will be accommodated belowgrade, avoiding their negative and unsightly nature.Total project cost was 13.6M.The dealership wasthe first Autohaus project to be approved by MB.Euro Motorcars SaabBethesda, MarylandRenovation of an existing 10,000 square footfurniture store into a Saab/Rolls Royce showroom.Flexibility required that the building be capable offuture subdivision into three retail stores each tobe provided with independent HVAC and utilitymetering, for Euro Motorcars.Exclusive Acura DealershipBethesda, MarylandThe renovation of an existing 14,000 square footAMC Jeep into a 16 car showroom, parts andservice reception facilities, the service stalls ofwhich were relocated into an adjacent facility. ForEuro Motorcars.Cowles NissanWoodbridge, VirginiaComplete facility upgrades to the 26,000 squarefoot dealership including a new Service Receptionlink between the New and Previously OwnedVehicle showrooms. This is the first major work tothe exterior of the building since being built in 1980.The entire span of the façade along Route 1 will bere-skinned to meet Nissans latest imaging program.Kennedy FordFeasterville, PennsylvaniaKennedy Ford is a new ground-up 72,000 squarefoot, three building automotive dealership located inthe northern suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Under development, the facility anticipates a twostory showroom with lower level displays areasand third floor administrative offices. The facilitywill serve as the headquarters for the KennedyAutomotive Group of five dealerships for thePhiladelphia metropolitan area.Cowles Parkway FordWoodbridge, VirginiaThis 98,000 square feet dealership presented a

ACG Architects Team Projectsunique range of challenges, not the least of whichwas to maximize the re-use of an existing preengineered structure previously a Hechinger HomeImprovement store, while transforming its image,without premium costs. The plan includes 48 workstalls and an expansive indoor showroom for 70new and previously owned cars. The unique planconcept incorporates a main street circulation pathlinking all aspects of the operation creating selfevident destinations for customers.Infiniti of ChantillyChantilly, VirginiaACG Architects customized the companies’prototype design to comply with Dulles Auto Parkproffers and the need to incorporate a corporatesuite for a new dealer in the region’s metropolitanmarket. The 25,000 square feet facility spanning 3.3acres accommodates multiple simultaneous newcar deliveries within the building. ACG Architectsprovided architectural and full custom interiordesign services, including all furniture selectionsand finishes.Ted Britt FordChantilly, VirginiaA new ground up 38,000 sf satellite point in DullesAuto Park to Fairfax County Design Standards.Cavalier FordChesapeake, VirginiaRenovation and addition to a former retail storeof 65,000 sf., scope of work included all new frontfaçade and shop addition to allow for 50 work stalls.Complete project was provided for 50/sf.replacing an existing central boiler with rooftop unitsand a complete new roof. Total value of this workwas over 12M.Bill Page Body ShopMoore CadillacMerrifield, VirginiaTenant fit up work in abandoned distribution center,project includes down draft spray booths, alignmentracks, parts storage, staff accommodations andcustomer service center.Bill Page Honda PlazaFalls Church, VirginiaMaster planning option of the Westlawn shoppingcenter to integrate one or two new ground updealerships into a retail context of anchor grocerystory, fast food outlet, post office and bank. Inorder to maximize development and provide forup to 2000 parking spaces, the concept includeda complete level below grade equivalent to thewhole site area 100,000 sf. of retail /dealership andmultiple suspended parking levels above grade.Moore Cadillac/Hummer Tysons CornerMcLean, VirginiaMaster planning, strategic plans and both newand renovation construction to allow for body shoprelocation/shop expansion, showroom expansion,the addition of a new two-story service/receptiondrive through building a 650-car garage andHummer dealership. Critical to the success ofthis complicated phased project was maintaininguninterrupted operational efficiency. Work includedChantilly, VirginiaACG Architects participated as the local site architectfor this 99,000 square feet, new construction,state of the art Cadillac dealership. Coordinatingwith the architect of design and the contractor, ACGArchitects resolved day to day construction issuesand provided architectural detailing expertise onspecific complicated design issues. The buildingscenterpiece is a two-story showroom enclosedon one side by a 20 foot high, segmental curved,insulated Pilkington glass wall.Office and Auto Dealership ComplexMcLean, VirginiaAs an integral component of Metro expansion toDulles Airport and the comprehensive plan for theTysons Corner area ACG has prepared drawingsthat integrate commercial office development witha high-end dealership. With a rejuvenated frontageand exposure to Route 7 the challenge was toindividually create self-evident circulation routesfor both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, avoidingconflicts and confusion, while providing joint firetruck access. The Project features complimentaryinnovative dynamic building forms, which createcurb appeal for both functions. Both a horizontallyand vertically segregated traffic concepts alloweach function to work totally independently. Theprominent elevation is highlighted by a glassenclosed 12-car vertical lift, which will function as

ACG Architects Team Projectsdisplay and new car delivery experience, and a4-story suspended glass wall allowing direct visualaccess to the new car inventory.Dulles FordChantilly, VirginiaWorking as an approved architect for Ford MotorCompany’s Trustmark program, ACG developedthe site plan and facilities design of this 37,000square foot dealership to incorporate the ideals ofthe Trustmark brand into a design capable receivingboth zoning and architectural review approval.Tyson’s FordVienna, VirginiaTotal front and back of house renovations of a 30year old 35,000 s.f. facility. The showroom featuresa sixty foot skylight with bulkhead. The ceramicfloor tile configuration was designed to match theFord elliptical logo. Both phases, which includednew site lighting, new HVAC, new showroom andservice reception, were executed while maintainingfull daily operations.Darcars FordLanham, MarylandRenovation of an existing 65,000 square foot Fordand Kia dealership built in the 1950’s. Designedto meet Ford Trustmark Standards and credits,the exterior will display a new distinctive corporatearchitectural image for the Ford Dealership.The interior displays a new receptionist area, acentralized customer lounge, new display vehiclearea, and sales offices. The design also includes anew customer service vehicles drop-off area withina temperature-controlled environment with plateglass windows for views to the service area. Newparking configurations, vehicle display pads andlandscaping completes the visual aesthetic from themain entrance and improves circulation throughoutthe property.Darcars Wilson-Powell Lincoln-MercuryTemple Hills, MarylandWith similar program requirement and demandsto the Darcars Ford renovation, the originalfacility consisted of a 5,500 square foot salesfacility constructed in the 1950’s. The new designrenovations were established to meet LincolnMercury Standards and to improve sales andservice circulation. The renovation proposesseveral new floor plan arrangements including anew sales/showroom building and an interior servicewrite-up facility. The exterior will display a newLincoln-Mercury distinctive corporate architecturalimage for the Lincoln-Mercury Dealership. Newparking configurations, vehicle display pads andlandscaping completes the visual aesthetic from themain entrance and improves circulation throughoutthe property.Exclusive Rolls Royce DealershipBethesda, MarylandRenovation for Euro Motorcars of an existing 3,000square feet building.Metropolitan MotorsMarlow Heights, MarylandFeasibility study completed through presentation tomanufacturer for Jaguar, Cadillac and Infiniti on aseven acre site.Metropolitan MotorsMarlow Heights, MarylandA showroom and service reception facelift of theexisting facility, which serves Mercedes Benz,Porsche, Audi and Subaru.Ourisman HondaBethesda, MarylandRenovations to an existing Honda dealershiputilizing Honda of North Americas exterior, furnitureand finishes design standards.Sheehy Auto StoresUpper Marlboro, MarylandAdditions and renovations to an existing Chevrolet,Dodge and Izusu facility. The complete projecttotals 40,0