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2 April 15 - April 21, 2012 THE NEWS SUN THE HERALD REPUBLICAN THE STARThe force be with youPatrolling prime time: Rookies hit the streets in 'NYC 22'Kyla BrewerTV Mediaorensics experts and detectivesget all of the prime-time glorythese days. But what about themen and women on the front lines ofcrime fighting?A new CBS police drama shines alight on the cops who walk the beat toprotect and serve. Get a glimpse at thelives of these Big Apple rookies in"NYC 22," premiering Sunday, April15, on CBS.Originally titled "Rookies" andlater "The 2-2," the show is set at thecity's 22nd Precinct in UpperManhattan. The series premierefollows six rookies as they prepare totake to the streets for the very firsttime, guided by a veteran field-trainingofficer and a no-nonsense gangexpert."NYC 22" takes over the coveted10 p.m. slot left by mega-hit "CSI:Miami." CBS execs must have highhopes for the new series to haveended "Miami's" season a little early - after just 19 episodes. It may comeas a surprise considering thepopularity of the "CSI" franchise, butprime time has become saturated withforensics investigators thanks to theacclaimed series and its spinoffs, aswell as Fox's "Bones." And homicidedetectives have seemingly alwaysbeen popular TV subjects, as evidencedtoday in ABC's "Castle" and NBC's"Law & Order" franchise, amongothers.Competing for those police-savvyviewers, "NYC 22" boasts an impres-Fsive cast. Terry Kinney takes charge asDaniel "Yoda" Dean, the officerresponsible for showing the newbiesthe ropes. Best known as TimMcManus in the HBO prison drama"Oz," the actor co-founded the famedSteppenwolf Theatre in Chicago withGary Sinise and Jeff Perry in 1976.Adam Goldberg stars as formerpolice news reporter Ray "Lazarus"Harper, who happens to be the oldestof the rookies. Filmmaker, musicianand actor Goldberg has one of thosefaces just about everyone knows. He'shad roles in such high-profile series asNBC's "Friends" (and its spinoff"Joey," though they were differentroles) and "My Name Is Earl," as wellas HBO's "Entourage." His role on"NYC 22" should feel familiar -- healso played an NYC cop in ABC'sshort-lived series "The Unusuals" in2009, which Kinney also starred in.Leelee Sobieski joins the growinglist of film actors transitioning totelevision (Ashley Judd recently joinedthe prime-time fray in ABC's"Missing"). Sobieski makes the jumpto series TV as Jennifer "White House"Perry, a former Marine MP andonetime college volleyball star. Theactress has appeared in big-screenmovies "Deep Impact" (1998), "NeverBeen Kissed" (1999) and StanleyKubrick's controversial "Eyes WideShut" (1999). Her title role in the TVmovie "Joan of Arc" (1999) earned hernominations for both a Golden Globeand an Emmy. She earned anotherGolden Globe nod for her work in"Uprising," another TV movie, in 2001.Tony nominee Stark Sands portraysfourth-generation cop Kenny McLaren,This light can’ttell you if the problemis serious.But we can.Kathy YoungYoung FamilyFuneral Home“Our Family Caring For Your Family”222 S. State StreetState Road 9 251w w w. y o u n g f a m i l y f u n e r a l h o m e . c o mYour vehicle’s engine warning lightcould mean something as simple as aloose gas cap - or something seriousand potentially expensive if youdon’t address it right away. Have ourprofessional technicians diagnose andfix the problem as part of your overallpreventative maintenanceprogram. It could save you fromcostly problems down the road.Service You Can Trust!:40;/,5;,9790:,:;PYL ;V UHours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5; Sat. 8-12Proudly Serving Steuben County For 34 Years!101 N. McKinley, Angola who has reservations about joining theforce. Youth advocate and actor Harold"House" Moore joins the "NYC 22"force as Jayson "Jackpot" Toney, adisgraced basketball player. Indiedarling Judy Marte plays TonyaSanchez, a rookie from a family with atroubled past. Finally, British actor TomReed rounds out the rookies asAfghani native Ahmad Kahn.Fans of "The Good Wife" mayrecognize Felix Solis from his role asDet. Rodriguez. He'll do double dutyfor CBS as gang expert Sgt. TerryHoward in "NYC 22.""NYC 22" isn't the first policedrama on the block, but it's createdbuzz as much for the faces behind thescenes as those in front of thecameras.Oscar-winning actor Robert De Nirohas signed on as an executiveproducer. One of Hollywood's mostrespected actors, De Niro is bestknown for his roles in "The Godfather:Part II" (1974), "Taxi Driver" (1976)and "Raging Bull" (1980). He andfellow "NYC 22" executive producerJane Rosenthal co-founded TribecaProductions in 1988, and the pair laterpartnered with Craig Hatkoff to createthe Tribeca Film Festival in 2001.Rosenthal is a force in and ofherself. With both critically andcommercially successful films to hercredit, she's established herself as amajor player in the entertainmentindustry. Rosenthal has produced suchhits as "Meet the Parents" (2000) andits sequels, "Analyze This" (1999) and"Wag the Dog" (1997) -- all of whichstarred De Niro.Creator and executive producerRichard Price is no stranger to policeprocedurals. In 2007, he won aWriter's Guild of America Award forAdam Goldberg stars in "NYC 22"his work on the critically acclaimedHBO series "The Wire." A novelist andscreenwriter, he also penned screenplays for "Clockers" (1995), which wasbased on his novel, "Mad Dog andGlory" (1993) and "The Color ofMoney" (1986), which earned him anAcademy Award nomination.However, fellow executive producerKen Sanzel has an even closer connection to the "NYC 22" material. Sanzelworked for the New York City TransitPolice Department for a decade,patrolling a drug-infested TimesCOMEHOME;V *HTLYVU VVKZ Our mission is to provide a seniorliving community designed to meetthe changing needs of older adults.Cameron Woods offers a lifestylewhich sustains independence, honorsindividuality, provides security andpromotes community relationships.Please stop by at your convenience orcall to set up an appointment.Staff members on duty 24 hoursa day - 365 days a year.MEMBER701 W. Harcourt Rd.,Angola, IN624-2197www.cameronwoods.netSquare in the '80s. He was a memberof the city's famous Decoy Squad andearned the department's CombatCross.Sanzel made the jump to screenwriting thanks to a deal with SavoyPictures in 1995 and later created theTV series "Lawless." He's also workedon other CBS dramas, including "BlueBloods" and "Numb3rs."Speaking of other police shows,fans of the genre are likely wonderingwhen the other "beat cop" dramasare returning to the airwaves. WhileCBS has been airing repeats of "BlueBloods" for the past few weeks, ABC isso far mum about when its "RookieBlue" might return to the schedule.

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Bruce ,Chairman of the White Star Lineplayed by James Wilby on ABC’sfour-part miniseries “Titanic”which airs over two nights corresponding with the exact dates at6-Across13 Opera classic: “O Sole ”14 “ Woman” by Helen Reddy15 Hazard for an Ophiologist17 -mo replay18 WSW opposite19 Conan of “Conan” on TBS21 ABC’s “Titanic” is fromFellowes, the creator of“Downton Abbey” on PBS24 Rapa (Easter Island)25 Bear: Spanish26 Ms. Hall who co-hosts “TheChew” on ABC30 One of Titanic’s prominent passengers, John Jacob IV(b.1864 - d.1912)33 Actor Chris of “AmericanReunion” (2012)34 Food Network’s “Diners, -insand Dives”35 “How I Your Mother” (CBScomedy)36 Tide type38 Mentor on “American Idol”,Jimmy41 Soap star Jack of “Dancing Withthe Stars”44 Hosp. picture45 ‘Buff’ add-on (Big animal)46 Ship that rescued the Titanic’ssurvivors51 Pro dancer brothers on“Dancing With the Stars”, Maksand Chmerkovskiy52 Alphabetic trio53 Country legend Ms. WynetteDOWN1 “ -boom-bah!”2 Butterfly logo co.3 “ Celebrity, Get Me Out ofHere!”4 “Star Trek” star George5 Carrion-consuming creature6 Pierre’s pal7 Mountaineer’s spike8 Sears, and Co.9 Not yet final, at law10 Ivy League school11 Eddie Cochran rock ‘n’ roll song:“ Everybody”16 “Win Stein’s Money”20 Money unit in Oman21 Family in John Steinbeck’s “TheGrapes of Wrath”22 “Back in the . . . .” by TheBeatles23 Pierre (French author of 1886novel “An Iceland Fisherman”)27 Two notes to follow Do28 Hold on property29 Feed the kitty, as in poker31 Fridge’s friend32 Kirstie’s character on “Cheers”37 Marcia, Greg or Jan38 Rapscallion39 Speak from the podium40 Essential41 One of some in the ocean42 “Growing Pains” star Mr. Thicke43 Actress Tracey of “GrowingPains”47 Riddle-me-48 “Let me think.”49 “ Mine” by The Beatles50 River of ScotlandSolution on page 9LIFE CARE CENTEROF LAGRANGEMorty is ready to build!Why wait? Now is the time!Craig Duer 419-399-45491099 N. Williams St., Paulding, OH Secure Memory Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit Creekside Lodge Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services forphysical, occupational and speech therapyavailable up to six days per week 24-hour skilled nursing care0770 North 75 East, LaGrange, IN 46761260-463-7445

4 April 15 - April 21, 2012 THE NEWS SUN THE HERALD REPUBLICAN THE STARSundaymovies8:00 p.m. (21.2) (25) (WCWW)“Fantastic Four” (2005, Action)Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd. Whiledoing research on a space station, fourpeople get super powers from cosmicrays. (2h)(55) (WFFT) “The Count of MonteCristo” (2002, Adventure)James Caviezel, Guy Pearce. A wrongly imprisoned sailor breaks free andseeks revenge on those who betrayedhim. (2h)(E!) “Along Came Polly” (2004,Comedy) Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller.A repressed man re-evaluates hisways while romancing a free-spiritedwoman. (2h)(HBO2) “Bridesmaids” (2011,Comedy) Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig.A broke woman tries to bluff her waythrough her best friend’s bridesmaidrituals. (2h15)(MAX) “Get Him to the Greek” (2010, Comedy) Russell Brand, JonahHill. A record company hires an internto escort a wild rock star to a concertin Los Angeles. (2h)9:00 p.m. (COM) “Dodgeball: A TrueUnderdog Story” (2004,Comedy) Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn.Less-than-average athletes enter adodgeball competition to save theirlocal gym. (2h)(FAM) “The Blind Side” (2009,Sport) Tim McGraw, Sandra Bullock.An affluent family takes in a homelessteenager who becomes a star footballplayer. (3h)(HBOS) “Inception” (2010,Action) Leonardo DiCaprio, JosephGordon-Levitt. A skilled thief has a finalshot at redemption if he can executehis toughest job to date. (2h30)(SCIFI) “War of the Worlds” (2005, Action) Dakota Fanning, TomCruise. A man struggles to protect hischildren when aliens invade Earthwanting to destroy it. (2h30)(SPIKE) “Rambo” (2008, Action)Julie Benz, Sylvester Stallone. A groupof Christian aid workers recruits aVietnam vet to help deliver medicalsupplies. (2h)(STARZ) “30 Minutes or Less” (2011, Action) Danny McBride, JesseEisenberg. A pizza boy stuck in anexplosive vest is forced to rob a bank,while trying to disarm it. (1h30)9:30 p.m. (TNT) “Gran Torino” (2008, Drama) Christopher Carley, ClintEastwood. A prejudiced war veteranattempts to reform a wayward youngman. (2h30)10:00 p.m. (MAX) “Arthur” (2011,Comedy) Helen Mirren, Russell Brand.A drunken playboy risks losing hisinheritance after falling in love with awoman. (1h50)10:05 p.m. (ENC) “Shanghai Knights” (2003, Adventure) Owen Wilson,Jackie Chan. In the 1880s, a sheriff andhis sidekick travel to England toavenge a father’s death. (2h)10:30 p.m. (HBO2) “Love and OtherDrugs” (2010, Comedy) AnneHathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal. A free spirit meets her match when she’s intro-SUNDAY DAYTIMESUNDAY, APRIL 158 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30(15) WANE(16) WANEWNDU(21) WNDUWPTA(21.2)WPTACWCW(33) WISE(33.2)WISEMNTMNT(39) WFWA(39.2)WFWAKIDS(39.3) KIDSCRE(39.4) CREYOUYOU(55) WFFTWFFTWSBT(22) WSBTWCWW(25) WSJVWCWW(28) WNITWSJV(34) WHMEWNIT(46) WBNDWHME(57) NTTMCTVLNDTNTUSATVLNDVH1USAWGNVH1WGNPBR Bull RidingPGA Golf The Heritage Final Round Site:PaidPaidL.M.AMA SupercrossTough SeriesHarbour Town Golf Links (L)Program Program TravelerFirstNews SundayCBSSundayMorningHomeFacethe NationPaidPaidL.M.SupercrossBull Riding(L)GolfNewsCenter16SundayTodayCatholicMeet the PressNHL HockeyStanley Cup PlayoffsConference Quarter-finalNHL Hockey Stanley Cup PlayoffsProgram Program TravelerSunday MorningShowMassConference Quarter-final (L)NewsCenter16SundayHomeWeek Catholic IndianaMeet the PressGarden BlackhawkBible TodayHomeThisBuschPaid HockeyCount- NBA Basketball Miami Heat vs. New York KnicksHockeySite: NBA Basketball Dallas vs LosSundayShowMassTravels MorningHourConn.Business ChiroProgram down (L) Madison Square Garden -- New York City, N.Y. 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