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SCHOOL BROCHUREMISISION, VISION, VALUESMISSIONOur mission is to provide our pupils with a broad basedcurriculum in order to produce confident well balancedpupils, who are able to interact comfortably in differentlanguages and cultures. Our professional, dedicated staff is committed to producing responsible, tolerant, courteous citizens within a creative learning environment,both structured and disciplined. Our school works veryclosely with parents in a caring educational setting toinstil in our pupils an outlook and standards that willdistinguish them in their, personal, social and professional lives. The English Centre creates an atmospherethat enables pupils to recognize their strengths, developtheir interests and reach their true potential. Our pupilsacquire leadership qualities, which added to their positive attitude will enable them to make a valuable contribution to the diverse, international society of todayand take with them a lifelong love of learning.VALUESThe School Values are Integrity and Responsibility. Aswell as these, the Ethical Principals: Honesty Kindness,Equality, Justice, Consistency, Generosity, Truthfulness,Freedom, Respect and Honour.VISIONThe English Centre vision is to strengthen our profilewith all stakeholders and become a point of referencewithin the Education Sector, at both National and International levels. We aspire to ensure the greatest degreeof satisfaction for our parents and pupils through theimplementation across the school of our bespoke International Curriculum, designed to the highest standardsby The English Centre to meet the specific needs of ourpupil base. This personalized methodology is put intopractice by our staff, reknown for their high expectations.Within the context of quality management and innovation, working in a collaborative environment our pupils develop to the absolute best of their abilities andachieve excellent academic results. As they mature, theyacquire higher learning skills becoming self-confident,critical, independent thinkers. Citizens familiar withother cultures, both reflective and courteous, who areconcerned about the environment and take an activepart in society.4

RANDELL FAMILYWELCOMEWe would like to invite you get to know us through thesepages and to become part of our family which, since 1969,has worked under our motto “LifeLong Love of Learning”.We have maintained this since then as one of the crucialpillars of our pupils’ learning.At present, Linda Randell, David J. Randell y Gillian Randell Thompson, continue developing the initial project,with the firm conviction of offering families an educationof consolidated quality. Our aim is to ensure that our pupils are happy and that their days at The English Centreremain etched in their memories as days of learning, lifelessons and collective spirit. Experiences that they allremember with affection.All this would not be possible without our staff’s involvement and commitment as well as our families’ support.We would like to thank them for continuing to place theirtrust in our educational project.We want you to actively participate in our communityand would like you to always feel at home. We innovate,improve and foresee our needs, in constant change, forthe new generations, to offer the best opportunities.Always looking to the future.Welcome to our great family The English Centre.THE SCHOOLBOARD OFDIRECTORSWELCOME“Effort, work and perseverance are the pillarsof professional success”Welcome to our School, to our family and to our educational project. The search for excellence and the useof languages as a means of communication have beenthe pillars of our education for this Institution from thevery beginning. We foment attitudes of understandingand respect towards different cultures, races and beliefsamongst our pupils.We strongly believe that learning is not limited to the acquisition of knowledge but pupils must be able to apply it todifferent situations and contexts. They do so by using theirinitiative and taking a critical approach to learning.We educate and develop responsible pupils, aware of thereality of their international surroundings. We prepare andprovide them with the tools to ensure personal and professional success. Our International Curriculum providesan excellent framework to promote and instil bilingualismin School, through activities in and out of the classroom,specialised apps, links with other Schools, etc.One of the School’s strong points is the capacity to inspire curiosity for learning and research through specificprojects that enhance our educational model.SCHOOL BROCHURE THE ENGLISH CENTRE5

BOLETÍN INFORMATIVOWHY THE ENGLISH1Educational Project for the 21stCentury encouraging creativity,initiative, critical thinking,enquiry and collaborativelearning.54Pupils ready foran internationalenvironment.Values education.7Motivated staff, adapted to thelast methodological innovationswho under take continuedprofessional development.68who under take continuedprofessional development.

CENTRE?23We have beeneducating since 1969with a methodologybased on “Lifelonglove of learning”.Excellent academic results.6A wide range ofcomplementaryand extra-curricularactivities.9Cutting edge resources forpupils to use.10We do not only teach pupils, weteach people.BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO EL CENTRO INGLÉS7

SCHOOL BROCHURE ECI ORGANISATIONECI ORGANISATIONEARLY YEARSPRIMARYSECOOUR EDUCATIONAL MODEL is implemented through the Deputy Heads and the pedagogical Departments, connected horizontally, vertically and transversally, who work together to achieve The English Centre Pupil Profile.To provide our pupils are provided with all the skills and abilities that ensure personal and professional success.SciencesSocial iologyTechnical DrawingNatural SciencesComputingAnatomyScience and TechnologyTechnologyArts and CraftsDesignLaboratory SkillsSocial SciencesHistory of SpainHistory of sCitizenshipEconomicsLawHumanistic cultureHistory of ArtInitiation inEntrepreneurial andBusiness StudiesEnglish, Frenchand German inIts four basic skills:Listening, Speaking,Writing and ReadingComprehensionMusical languageTheory & PracticeInstrumentsCommissionsInnovation and TechnologySocial ResponsibilityLeisure and CultureReading Project8Catholic EICTValuArPBPerformaEarly Le

SCHOOL SECTIONSONDARYationalculumracys StudiesutingpicETuesrtBLance ArtsearningPUPILPROFILE1 Good speaker and communicator2 Applies Critical Thinking3 Works in a team4 Interacts with others and is well mannered5 Is able to plan and organise6 Linguistic, numeric, technical, humanistic,technological and aesthetic (musical, visual andtheatrical) skills7 Is a creative and Independent thinkerSECONDARY ANDSIXTH FORMSpanish languageand Literature/ClassicsSpanish Language andLiteratureUniversal LiteratureLatinHumanistic cultureGreekDrama Workshop8 Is aware of who they are9 Has healthy life style10 Puts Human rights values into practiceEducation andCareer GuidancePupils(Attention to diversity)Staff and tutorsFamilySchoolCareers AdviceNon-PedagogicalDepartmentsAudiovisual ActivitiesNew ProjectsSports ClubSCHOOL BROCHURE THE ENGLISH CENTRE9

BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO NUESTROS PROYECTOSOURPROJECTSPromotes and foments education in values with theaim of enriching our teaching, ensuring pupils showresponsibility and solidarity towards people andtheir environment. We develop campaigns such as:Social responsibility and solidarity initiativesSolidarity campaigns and alliancesEnvironmental projectsVolunteer groupsActive learning that takes place in a totally Englishspeaking environment thanks to the InternationalCurriculum. Right from the start pupils benefit methodologies that promote enquiry & critical thinking.Emotional and multiple intelligences are addressed by the use of a wide range of resources, like theIPad, which includes the pupil in their learning andencourages curiosity and creativity. Our objective isthat our pupils become familiar with an internationalenvironment whilst developing their autonomy andkeen to learn and have fun.10“Our Values Are Who we Are” dayECICOE

A curricular project which comprises a methodology,resources and activities that improve pupil speedand precision in arithmetic operations, concentrationand attention, observation, confidence in oneself,visual and aural memory, spatial awareness, analyticability, autonomy and learning to learn.A series of activities designed to develop readingcomprehension (read to learn), and to foment thepleasure of reading in all our pupils. Different platforms and activities which allow us to create a motivating environment for each pupil to carry on developing their own reading process. Reading is anessential skill to continue learning.It is a project based upon the development of enterprising skills promoting the values of the enterprisingculture, especially innovation, creativity, responsibilityand enterprising. Encourages and trains our pupils instrategies and skills that enhance the personal autonomy needed to make decisions.We use methodologies linked with enterprising education, innovation ideas contests and games to stimulate our pupils’ enterprising the end of thiseducational stage, pupils will have a sufficiently solidbaggage which will facilitate their path towards theiruniversity and professional lives.BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO EL CENTRO INGLÉS11

SCHOOL BROCHURE OUR PROJECTSImproves pupil concentration and motivationthrough technological resources such as IPads,interactive white boards, laptops, and computers.Promotes attention to diversity.Improves phonic abilities through specialisedApps.Develops problem solving abilities and logicalthinking.Provides specialised Apps for creativity development and support.Its aim is to understand music as a means of sensorialand intellectual enrichment.Pupils create music in an active manner, becoming vocal,corporal and instrumental interpreters.Pupils receive Acorde Though messages full of life, colourand aromas, that produce emotions which help the communication process between them and with themselves.Music provokes, moves, relaxes and heightens awareness, developing physical, expression and creative abilities, as well as thought, attention and memory.Music educates and makes people, and education andpeople are the base of our society.12

/ /tv dTOMORROW SPEOPLELearning for the futureImagine our world in 15 years’ time. What do you see?A brave digital world fast flowing, ever changing, automated, integrated robotic world.To thrive in this world tomorrow’s people need a curriculum that integrates science, technology, engineeringand maths (STEM).Activities which complement the pedagogical system.Reinforce pupil character, their implication with peers,with the School and the environment.The sense of belonging to a group is fomented throughthe Houses. Oral expression in English and research isfomented through Assemblies. The School Council Meeting is the pupil voice in School.The institutional events carried out at Christmas timepromote values such as cooperation, solidarity . the Eisteddfod promotes Welsh tradition (home of the Schoolfounder) amongst pupils. The extra curricula activitiesprovide general culture and a better understanding oftheir environment. In conclusion, these and many otheractivities form the English Centre pupil profile.- A curriculum that focuses on problem based learning,the integration and application of knowledge.- A curriculum that emphasizes collaboration and creativity.- A curriculum that focuses on 21st century skills. A curriculum for Tomorrow’s People.- An exciting, challenging, cutting edge curriculum thatengages.- A curriculum that develops, problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.- It gives students an opportunity to shine creatively,apply critical thinking skills, communicate and sharetheir ideas.TUTORCOOPERATIVOThe Co-operative tutor is created in the English Centre tocomplement the task of the tutors assigned to the differentgroups. Their mission is to ensure new pupils’ optimum integration, to monitor pupils on a language exchange programme abroad or to stimulate and guide pupils’ study inpending subjects.SCHOOL BROCHURE OUR PROJECTS 13

SCHOOL BROCHURE INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUMINTERNATIONAL CURRICULUMThe English Centre’s intentionis to teach our pupils to ensurethey can take an active part withINTERNATIONALCURRICULUMconfidence in different culturesTHE ENGLISH CENTRE and languages. We understandthis reaches far beyond teachinglanguages; communicating with pupils of various nationalities, experiences in other countries and participationin overseas projects are an essential part of a holisticeducation. For this purpose our own project has been developed - The International Curriculum, which includes,not only the programmes of study, objectives and competencies, but also encourages Cross Cultural Activities,pedagogical innovation and professional development.This curriculum has been specifically designed for ourpupils and meets the expectations expressed by theirfamilies.A curriculum that encourages and motivates our pupilsto enhance and apply their knowledge.A curriculum that uses 21st Century methodology,supported by with the latest technology.WE MAKE YOU GROWWe achieve family and pupil satisfaction through an optimum and complete InternationalCurriculum, created by ourselves at all levels,a personalised methodology and staff; demanding, committed, in continuous developmentand recognised publicly for it.SIXTH FORMWe prepare access to any national orinternational University.SECONDARYPBL: Extension of Knowledge, the 4 Cs.PRIMARYInternational Curriculum. Transversal Learningthrough Literacy and Topic.EARLY YEARSLearning in English from the first moment.14

RESOURCESENGLISH CENTREMATERIALinstead of text booksRESOURCESINCLUDEDClass library andadditional resourcesHOMEWORKFOLDERINTERNETAs a search tool andplatformICTThe use of newtechnologies as partof the curriculumCREATIVE ARTSArtistic creativity.Supports and re-inforces LiteracydevelopmentMETHODOLOGIESFOR THE 21STCENTURYESSENTIAL ELEMENTSLITERACYThe acquisition of skillsthat allow pupils to accessand enjoy oral and writtenlanguage as well as a wideliterary worldTOPICTheme basedactivities providingmeaning to learningPHYSICALEDUCATIONPhysical Education.Improves and reinforces co-ordination levelsand problem solvingabilitiesPROJECT/ PROBLEM BASED LEARNINGCOMUNICATIONSharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.COLLABORATIONWorking together to achieve a goalthrough talent, experience and work ethos.CRITICAL THINKINGFacing problems from a different angle,associating learning across differentsubjects and disciplines.CREATIVITYTrying new approaches to achieve ourobjectives.CREATIVITY Invention & Innovation.KEY ELEMENTS1. EXHIBITION:Complete change of pupils’ perspective of their work,knowing they will present and defend their projectbefore their peers and adults.2. MULTIPLE DRAFTS:Pupils understand that the quality of their work really does matter, they are offered the opportunity ofcreating drafts, comment, share, revise and edit atvarious stages during their Project.3. CRITIQUE:Formal critique sessions allow pupils to learn fromeach other and from the results within a secure andstructured environment. Areas where pupils requiremore support or specific abilities are also identified.SCHOOL BROCHURE THE ENGLISH CENTRE15

SCHOOL BROCHURE ECI GLOBAL CHALLENGEECI GLOBAL CHALLENGEECI GLOBAL CHALLENGECIEA unique opportunity for pupils to enjoy their first experience in one of thebest Schools in WalesTHE ENGLISH CENTREMANCHESTERNOTTINGHAMCAMBRIDGEOXFORDSt. Michael s SchoolAn International SchoolFrom 3 to 19 year oldsAcademic successEmphasis in holistic education.One of the top 5 Private Schoolsin WalesCARDIFFLONDONBRISTOLSWANSEAThey will live in the United Kingdom and enjoy the bestadventures and activities offered in south Wales, all totallyintegrated within The English Centre International Curriculum.South Wales is well known in the United Kingdom for itswonderful coastline, robust mountainsides, old history,multiculturalism, a modern identity and friendly people.All within a secure learning environment, where pupilswill improve their linguistic ability, their self-esteem andknowledge of other cultures.ECI GLOBAL CHALLENGE AWARDAn activities programme, abilities and skills development totally compatible with the curriculum and the residence. Thispart of the programme focuses on leadership, team work,self-esteem, social responsibility, values and fun.ECI IC WALESAEL Y BRYNFor this project we have designed a house purpose built forour pupils’ safety and comfort, which greatly contributesour to their learning.16We have designed a study programme totally compatiblewith the pupils’ learning in Spain. Our partner, St. Michael’sSchool is one of the best independent schools in Wales andwe are happy to work together to integrate our pupils totheir School life and values. They will achieve experience inan International School in the UK and will learn completelyimmerse in a British environment.

THE SCHOOLMASCOTDewi Thingamajig is the School mascot, a little Welsh dragon, designed and baptised by our pupils.The story has it that after travelling around theworld for hundreds of years, the dragon stayedat The English Centre, invited by Mrs. Randell, toaccompany pupils during their years in School.UNIVERSITYENTRANCEEXAMINATIONSEXCELLENT RESULTS100%PASSRATEHEAD BOY &HEAD GIRLTwo Lower Sixth pupils are chosen every year,based upon their maturity, responsibility, academic path and excellent results, to representthe whole School pupil body.It is an absolute pleasure for them to representpupils and the School to parents and the educational community in all School events.They also represent the pupils at meetingswith the Board of Directors.BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO EL CENTRO INGLÉS17

SCHOOL BROCHURECOMPLEMENTARY ANDEXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESThe learning and work carried out in class is put into practice through this type of activity, in and outside the classroom,which helps pupils to further understand and assimilate their knowledge. These activities contribute to curriculum im-18

EXTRA CURRICULARSCHOOLSWe complement the curriculum offer with Music School and Dance, Sports Club and Robotics Club to furtherextend the ECI Curriculum.SCHOOL OF DANCE AND MUSIC:Guitar (classical/electric/bass), Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion, Music and Movement.We are also starting - Trumpet, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute and Saxophone. The syllabus followed for an instrument/singing includes one hour of Music Theory and one of the chosen instrument.Flamenco, Bullerias, Gymnastics and Dance (induction to ballet for Early Years), Modern dance/Batuka.SPORTS CLUB:Chess, basketball, football, indoor football, rhythmic gymnastics, karate, table tennis, volleyball, sport gymnastics,fencing, multisport, survival, aesthetic group gymnastics and self defence.Activities for Adults (Minimum requirement: group of 8):· Kárate – do· Tai-chíROBOTICS CLUB:Pupils will be working with the latest Robotics technology. The syllabus is in English and it is an extensionof the School curriculum.BOLETÍN INFORMATIVO EL CENTRO INGLÉS19