SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCESINTRODUCTIONSustainability, climate change and resiliencyhave become common terms in our collectivevocabulary when discussing the state of theplanet, how to improve our living conditionsand adaptation to significant storm events. Butwhat does this all really mean?There is a wide variety of resource materialsavailable to the public, municipal officials andpolicy makers on these important topics.Following is a list of resources, compiledby the Dutchess County EnvironmentalCouncil, to help the reader better understandsustainability, climate change and resiliency,and to guide future discussion and decisions.A. A Sample Of Available ReferenceDocuments Creating EV-Ready Towns and Cities: A Guideto Planning and Policy Tools, November2012 - New York State Energy Research andDevelopment Athority (NYSERDA) Designing For Flood Risk Report, June 2013 New York City Planning Developing Green Building Programs: AStep by Step Guide for Local Governments Global Green USA Energy Action Consortia: MovingMunicipalities Toward CollectiveSustainability - Center for Research, RegionalEducation and Outreach (CRREO) StateUniversity of New York at New Paltz, Fall 2013 Mid-Hudson Regional Sustainability Plan,May 2013 - Hudson Valley Regional Council Neighborhood Development FloatingZone: A Model Ordinance to Foster GreenCommunity Development Using the LEEDfor Neighborhood Development RatingSystem, 2013 - U.S. Green Building Council &Land Use Law Center, Pace University The President’s Climate Action Plan -Executive Office of the President, June 2013 Technical Guidance Manual for SustainableNeighborhoods, 2013 - U.S. Green BuildingCouncil & Land Use Law Center, PaceUniversity Tompkins County, New York ComprehensivePlan - 2015 Envision Cortlandt, 2016 SustainableComprehensive Plan, Town of Cortlandt, NYNEW YORK STATE PROGRAMSB. Climate Smart CommunityClimate Smart Communities (CSC) is anunprecedented state-local partnership toreduce greenhouse gas emissions, savetaxpayer dollars and advance communitygoals. Any town, city, village or county can joinClimate Smart Communities, without cost. Tojoin, the municipality must pass a resolutionadopting the CSC Pledge and submit acertified copy to the New York State Departmentof Environmental Conservation (DEC). Moreinformation can be found here: U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCESClimate Smart Resiliency Planning:A Planning Evaluation Tool for New YorkState Communities, Climate Smart ResiliencyPlanning is a self-administered planningassessment tool based on Getting to Resilience:A Coastal Community Resilience EvaluationTool, developed by the New Jersey Departmentof Environmental Protection (NJDEP) CoastalManagement Office and funded by the NationalOceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) through a Coastal Zone ManagementGrant. The planning tool can be found here: pdf/csrptool.pdfC. Cleaner, Greener CommunitiesProgramA program to empower regions to create moresustainable development and encouragesmart-growth practices. As part of this programthe 10 regions in New York State, as defined bythe Regional Economic Development Council(REDC), created comprehensive sustainabilityplans for smart growth and sustainability.Dutchess County is part of the Mid-HudsonRegion. The initiative is described here: eaner-Greener-CommunitiesThe Mid-Hudson Region Sustainability Plan canbe found here: Plans/Mid-HudsonNATIONAL/GLOBALORGANIZATIONSD. ICLEI—Local Governments ForSustainabilityThe International Council for LocalEnvironmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the leadingglobal network devoted to local governmentsengaged in sustainability, climate protection,and clean energy initiatives. In the UnitedStates, ICLEI USA is the recognized leaderin its field, creating cutting-edge tools andestablishing national standards.ICLEI Resources Include: Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebookfor Local, Regional and State ebook.pdf Five Milestones of Emissions nsmanagement/5-milestones/ How Self-Reliant Cities Can Use aw-materials EXAMPLE: In Poughkeepsie, the cityis providing four acres to GreenwayEnvironmental Services, a compostingcompany, which will create the foundation foran intensive urban agriculture sector. Urbanagriculture is essential for sustainable cities.Guidance on how to develop a sustainabilityplan can be found here: U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCESE. National Flood Insurance ProgramCommunity Rating SystemThe Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program(NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) is avoluntary incentive program that recognizes andencourages community floodplain managementactivities that exceed the minimum NFIPrequirements.As a result, flood insurance premium rates arediscounted to reflect the reduced flood riskresulting from community actions meeting thethree goals of the CRS:1. Reduce flood damage to insurable property.2. Strengthen and support the insuranceaspects of the NFIP.3. Encourage a comprehensive approach tofloodplain anceprogram-community-rating-systemF. Resilient Communities ForAmerica (RC4A)RC4A is an organization that championsthe leadership of hundreds of local electedofficials who commit to creating moreprepared communities that can bounce backfrom extreme weather, energy and G. Regional Climate ChangeProjections NYC Panel on Climate Change: Climate /NPCC CRI.pdfH. Adaptation StrategiesAnd Planning Rising Waters Project: Helping Hudson RiverCommunities Adapt to Climate Change,Scenario Planning 2010 – 2030 k/rw 070509 exec.pdf A ddressing Climate Change at the MunicipalLevel - Cornell Climate echange.cornell.eduExamples of Resiliency and Sustainability Plansin New York State Climate Change Adaptation in New YorkCity: Building a Risk Management Response x?cid ab9d0f9f-1cb1-4f21-b0c87607daa5dfcc PlanNYC: New York City Local Law 84Benchmarking Report, September 2014 cations/2014 nyc ll84benchmarking report.pdfD U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCES Town of Pleasant Valley Code Chapter 50:Flood Damage Prevention City of Kingston Resiliency andSustainability Initiativeshttp://www. f City of New Rochelle Sustainability me/View/444 Village of Tarrytown room/tarrytown-groundbreaking Sustainable Westchester Westchester Power (part of the nationalCommunity Choice Aggregation [CCA]) is acommunity-based bulk energy purchasingprogram intented to lower costs andincrease the use of renewable energy inWestchester County. Westchester Power isa program initiated and implemented bySustainable Westchester Inc. on behalf ofmember municipalities that have chosen toparticipate in the program. of Adaptation Plans from Around theCountry Keene, New Hampshire - ICLEI Case Study:Keene, NH Leading on Climate Preparedness 4-ICLEI case study Keeneadaptation.pdf Adapting to Climate Change: Planning aClimate Resilient Community, November 2007 ICLEI FINAL v2 0.pdf Homer, Alaska - ICLEI Case ocuments/doc mgr/415/ICLEI.Homer,Alaska Adaptation Case Study.pdf Center for Clean Air Policy Urban LeadersAdaptation Initiative Ask the ClimateQuestion: Adapting to Climate Change inUrban Regions, June 2009I. Web-Based Toolkits The Climate Adjustment Tool, in addition toother tools in the President’s Climate ActionPlan Virtual Climate Resilience Toolkit, canhelp users make planning, analysis anddesign decisions that will guard againstthe impacts of climate change. Usingthese tools to choose the best adaptationoptions is an innovative and efficient way topromote healthy waters and support moresustainable communities. U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCES U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(USEPA) Stormwater Calculator (desktopapplication) is a tool that can be used byhomeowners, landscapers and developersto estimate the amount of rainwater andfrequency of runoff on a specific sitebased on local soil conditions, land cover,historic rainfall records and climate /national-stormwater-calculator Scenic Hudson Sea Level Rise Mapper is a toolthat allows users to create visualizations offuture scenarios of sea level rise. NOAA Office for Coastal Management’sDigital Coast Website provides communitieswith the data, tools and training they needto address coastal issues. CAKE - Climate Adaptation KnowledgeNetwork provides links to tools andmapping resources as well as case studies. New York State Initiatives ForPreparing For Climate Change NYS Climate Action Council NYS Sea Level Rise Task Force ClimAID: Responding to Climate Change inNew York State Articles On Climate Resiliency Campaign for Climate Resilience SpreadsAcross U.S., June 2013 imate-resilience-spreads-atlocal-level-16135 Storm-Ready Cities: How Climate ResilienceBoosts Metro Areas and the Economy,October 2013 t/2013/10/22/77660/stormready-cities/ U.S. Conference of Mayors AdoptsResolution Supporting and AdvancingResilient Communities, June 2013 rting-and-advancingresilient-communitiesL. Other Resources Pace Land Use Law Center Regional Plan Association International Economic DevelopmentCouncil Restore Your Disaster Recovery Web Portal U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCES Climate Change and Adaptation ad/2013/04/Wed-Resources-Adaptation-Planning.pdf Cornell University Hudson EstuaryWatershed Resilience Project: Building Longterm Resilience to Extreme Weather andClimate Change in the Hudson River silience/resources/ Flood Preparedness & Response: A Guide nbn.pdf One New York: The Plan for a Strong andJust City PlaNYC on liency/resiliency.shtml Smart Growth: U.S. EnvironmentalProtection Agency sg.htm Climate Change Program for the HudsonM. S ome Potential Funding Options FEMA - The Federal Emergency ManagementAgency has five grant programs to helpcommunities reduce loss of life and property:Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), PreDisaster Mitigation (PDM), Flood MitigationAssistance (FMA), Repetitive Flood Claims(RFC), and Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL). NYS EFC - The Environmental FacilitiesCorporation offers the Green InnovationGrant Program (GIGP), which provides moneyfor projects that utilize unique stormwaterinfrastructure design and create cutting-edgegreen technologies. SU EFC - Syracuse University EnvironmentalFinance Center offers a variety of grantopportunities; the publication, FundingGuide for Capital Projects in SustainableMaterials Management; and links to otherresources. NWF - National Wildlife FederationConservation Funding has offered grantmoney for habitat and natural resourcerestoration. U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: tent/fundingopportunitiesRiver Estuary, New York State Department ofEnvironmental D U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L

SUSTAINABILITY, CLIMATE CHANGEAND FLOOD RESILIENCY RESOURCESCLOSINGFor more information on these subjects please contact the Dutchess CountyEnvironmental Management Council:Postal Address:Dutchess County EMCc/o Cornell Cooperative ExtensionDutchess CountyEnvironment and Energy Program2715 Route 44Millbrook, NY 12545Phone:(845) 677-5253 x st.eduNote: Web-based resources change often. All information presented herein was available as of July 15, 2016.PRINT DESIGNwww.akrf.comD U TC H E S S CO U N T Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L M A N AG E M E N T CO U N C I L