2018 Michigan Recreation and Park AssociationAnnual ConferenceChris Nunes, CPREDirector of Parks and RecreationThe Woodlands Township, TX

What types of events aredo you manage?What do you hope to gainfrom being here?What are some of thechallenges you arefacing?

Recognize the components of a special eventand how to reduce cost and increaseparticipants satisfaction.Identify and develop a risk management planfor special events.Outline the purpose and role of a specialevent permit policy and process.Review successful operation for internal andexternal events

A unique event of publicassembly celebrated withceremony and ritual tosatisfy specific needsSpecial event shall mean atemporary, short-term useof land or structureAn activity with ascheduled time, location &duration that may impactthe normal operation

Community ProfileEconomic ImpactCommunityDevelopmentAwarenessOrganizations ProfileJobsWhat else?What is the cost of the eventand what are the trueeconomic benefits?

Community NeedNumber of ibilityAlcoholCommunity ImageUse/Overuse of RoadsUse/Overuse of ParksInsuranceOther?2014 Keene, NH Pumpkin FestWhat is the perception of the event vs reality?How do you manage?

What is the perception of the event vs reality?How do you manage?

Is this limited just to races?Community WalksParks and Recreation EventsSchool EventsCorporate Team Building

How do thesechallenges impactmy events?If you have thesechallenges theseare great problemsto have

Economic FactorsDeveloping ExperiencesBudgetLogisticsRisk managementMarketingEvaluationPermitting

What is the cost ofsupporting an event? Waived fees Labor, equipment, police, fire,permits Will an event generate NEWrevenue? Sales/Hotel taxes Overall economic activity

Soccer Tournament So, the tournament organizers are pitchingthat we will bring in 134,000 of HOT Taxand 126,000 of sales tax but what are mycosts?

Cost to the Community Lost potential for revenue- 89,015Staff time (overtime, regular time)Field maintenance- aeration, top dress, seed, etcOther

Do Run independent numbers of the event organizerIdentify all of your costs (direct and indirect)Work with Chamber/CVBUse a Host Venue Agreement/Facility AgreementDon’t Just look at your cost of hosting the event Factor lost POTENTIAL revenue, if facilities werenever rented during these time periods Maybe Should your or should you not pay for an event?

Why do people attend events?Be with friends/familyEscapeChange from daily routineExperience new and differentthings Enjoyment of event crowds Exciting and stimulating experience Family time People watch Shared experiences*adapted from Nicholson and Pearce (2001) Journal of Travel Research. Why do People Attend Event:

What makes theexperience? Unique programming How does your Concert in thePark- differ?What makes your 4th of Julyevent different?Theme your eventPositive customer serviceWeb site, Email, Social MediaOn site staffUnderstand the role/needs ofthe eventFamily, adults, kids, seniors,etcIf you can do only onething .keep the restroomsclean!!!!!!

Does this add or detract from the Concert inthe Park Experience?What need is being served by a bouncehouse?

Do Concentrate on the experience Create unique names for your events – have some fun!!! Understand your brand- experience, safety, fun, Don’t Give-a-ways do not add to the experience, they end upin the trash can Provide the same experience year after year- keep itfresh Maybe Understand what will add and detract from theexperience?

What are criticalexpenses? Financial Goals Direct Costs Staff TimeEquipmentPromotional ItemsPublic Safety Indirect Cost Staff time Revenue Registrations/Tickets Sponsorships Cash In-Kind Other

Do Don’t Track all expenses and revenues Understand the financial goals ofthe event- ok to lose money Be cheap on key experientialaspects of the event Discount the event if there issteady attendance Maybe Spend money to make money Review needs for equipment vsrental Moderate your adverting dollarsif you have good crowds, spendthe money enhancing theexperience

In House Park Maintenance Other projects Police/Fire Availability VIP’s Permitting Park Rules Roads/TCP Contracting Sound/LightsSecurityBandsEquipmentParking AgreementsSponsors Requirements Schmoozing What other logistical issues arethere?

2500 person XC Race Park Maintenance Coordination with Nike Impact to Church Other Park Users Recreation Center Trash Management Restroom Management Day of CommunicationGoal- Next day, park isready and open for thepublic

Do Have pre and post event meetingsTrack comments from year to yearAssign tasks to a person to hold responsibleRemember it is everyone’s Super Bowl but yours Don’t Worry about requiring producer to address trash,restrooms, field lining, or basic site services Overpay for logistical support-bid out services Date banners and promotional material Maybe Ok to rent equipment for a one time per year event

Risk Management AvoidanceReductionTransferRetentionIf it was up to lawyers we would never have any time of programs or events

Agreements ParkingPerformersSponsorsRace TimersParticipant WaiversLogistic SupportOther .Insurance 3rd Party Insurance- Races Security PlanEmergency Action Plan SnowflakeThe devil is in thedetails .or in thepaperwork

Emergency Action Plan Table top exercise 4 daysbefore event Reviewed and sent to LawEnforcement andEmergency Responders Provides the following Chain of authorityCommunicationResponsibilities for careTracking of participantsIncident ReportingInclement weather


Security Plan- Post Boston/Vegas Marathon

Security Plan- Post Las Vegas

Do Obtain written agreements Higher the risk, participantagreement/waiver EAP’s can be one or twopages Don’t Negate an emergency action plan Legal review Maybe Have a lawyer on site forhigh risk events?

Who is your market? FamiliesKidsSeniorsAdultsWho are the decisionmakers to attend anevent?What markets do yourevents serve?Geo-Mapping

Geo-Mapping/Heat Maps

Multiple Touchpoints Gorilla Marketing Black Ops Marketing

Do Create an event that is needed and is relevant Know your market and audience-which relateshow much to spend Create critical timelines for advertisingmaterial Identify where the core audience receives theirinfo Don’t Just promote events through social media Just promote events through traditional media Maybe Work with CVB and other gatekeepers incommunity to enhance visibility of event

Evaluationscan/will indicate: Justification ofevent Economic Impact Community Impact Draw of event Wants/Needs Positive publicrelationsAble to close the loop withinformation from evaluations

Questions allrelate toexperienceFrom data anaction plan iscreated Where are we good Where are we bad?

Do Survey people coming to the eventObtain data from different days/timesRelate the survey to the goals of the eventObtain spending data if event is largeDon’t Survey people and not use the data Ask questions that do not relate to theexperience Maybe Intercept survey tactics Use focus groups

Goals of Permit Process Compliance with ParkRules/ordinances Requires organizers toplan Minimize impact onneighbors/city Outlines fees Public notificationrequirements Other impacted entities

Plans required Trash ManagementTraffic ControlRestroom PlanSite PlanSecurity PlanRestoration PlanSigns/BannersInsurance RequirementsFees

Do Have a process to ensure compliance with basicCity/Town rules and requirements Route permit to impacted departments- PD/Fire, PW Don’t Make the permit overly complex Ask for items that do not relate to critical issues Maybe Understand when permit can be approved by staff orBoard/Council

Create theexperience!!!!! People don’t buyservices, they buywhat they get fromit. Give them anexperience theywill remember butminimize theimpact on others

For more information contact me at:Chris Nunes, Ph.D, CPREDirector of Parks and RecreationThe Woodlands Township, [email protected]