NEW YEARNEW MEMORIESNEW FUNWINTER SESSION 2018Jan 2nd - Feb 25thRegistration begins December 15thGive your kids a gift that lasts more than a moment this holiday!WINTER 2018 PROGRAMS INCLUDE:Swimming & Gymnastics LessonsNEW! Small Group Personal TrainingNEW! Smallest Winner CompetitionBoot CampRock ClimbingMartial ArtsNEW! Strong GirlsBasketball& more!Keene Family YMCA200 Summit RoadKeene, NH 034301Questions? 603.352.6002Looking for a perfect last-minute holiday present? The Y has you covered! Stopby the Welcome Center and pick up a Y Gift Certificate in any dollar amount.

HELPING MAKE YOURRESOLUTIONSCOUNT THIS YEARSmallest Winner ProgramYour New Year’s goals are achievable this winter!Designed and led by our personal training staff, this 12 week competitive programis designed to push both yourself and your team to meet your wellness goals.You’ll meet twice a week: once as a team for progressive, small-group workouts,and once for 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Participants will track theirimprovements with weekly goals and weigh-ins. Improve yourself and make fitnessgains with the help and motivation of your team! The team with the most inches/weight lost will be named the “Smallest Winner” and bring home the glory.TEAM MEETING TIMES:Select one when : 300Community: 500Registration opens Dec. 15th and spots are limited.Call or visit the Keene Family YMCA to save your spot today!Questions? 603.352.6002KEENE FAMILY YMCA200 Summit RoadKeene, NH 03431(Individualized training sessions normally valued at 172 per month)

GYMNASTICSWinter 2018KINDERGYMNASTICS1/2 - 2/25TODDLERAges 12mo-2.5 w/ParentIntroduce young children to physical activity and social interaction early!This class encourages exploratory fun in a playgroup type atmosphere. Weprovide a safe environment in which instructors help you and your childexplore and play. This class also provides opportunities for parents andcaregivers to visit while toddlers begin social interaction with children ofthe same age. We use age appropriate play equipment for your child tocrawl, roll, climb, and roam while developing body awareness, balance, andcoordination. (Children should be walking.)Tu 10-10:45amW 9-9:45amSa 9-9:45amMembers: 59TINY TUMBLERSCommunity: 120Tu 9-9:45amTh 9-9:45amSa 10-10:45amMembers: 70Ages 3.5-4.5Designed to promote beginner skill development with an emphasis onsafety and fun. Your child will learn valuable skills including how tofollow directions, participate safely in group activities, and control theirbodies, providing a perfect introduction to gymnastics or other structuredactivities and : 80Community: 130Members: 84FLIPPING 101Ages 6-10Community: 140Ages 6-13For children who are interested in learning how to perform front andback flips in a safe manner. We start with basic rolls and safety falls andwork our way up to flips on the floor in our state-of-the-art gymnasticsfacility. Our highly trained staff will work with your child through directspotting, indirect spotting, and drills to help your child build confidence inthemselves and their skills.6:30-7:30pmMembers: 80TUMBLINGCommunity: 128Ages 6-13Our qualified instructors teach flips and tricks in a safe and structuredsetting, utilizing our state-of-the-art spring floor, Tumble Trak, and foampit. This class is perfect for gymnasts, cheerleaders, acrobats, and kidsjust wanting to have fun. This class is progressive in nature and designedto promote skill development in participants of all abilities, from beginnertumblers just starting out, to advanced athletes.Tu 5:45-6:45pmMembers: 84Community: 140Ages 6-18HOME SCHOOLREGISTRATION BEGINSDecember 15thCommunity: 130Let your child harness his/her inner NINJA! Based on a popularinternational obstacle course competition, but created for your kid,this program will help your child develop basic gymnastics skills, agility,flexibility, and speed. Participants compete against the clock, navigatinga series of obstacles and challenges as they set personal bests and worktheir way towards becoming expert ninjas!Th 6:15-7:15pmCommunity: 125Members: 80JR. NINJA CHALLENGEFPRESCHOOLWThFSaTu 4:15-5pmTh 5:15-6pmSa 11:15-12pmAges 2.5-3.5 w/Parent Sa 12:15-1:15pmHas your child mastered our Toddler Gymnastics class and is ready fora little more structure, but not ready to let go of your hand? Check outour Tiny Tumblers class. This class combines aspects of our Toddler andPreschool classes. Your child gets to participate in a structured class whilestill having the comfort of you on the floor with them.Ages 4.5-6Children learn “lead-up” drills required for basic gymnastics skills. They areintroduced to gymnastics terminology and use age appropriate equipment,and are gradually exposed to the larger Olympic apparatus. This class isdesigned to promote motor skill development and improve the child’s abilityto follow directions in a group setting.This school aged class is designed exclusively for home-school youth. Youryoung gymnast will work on developing basic gymnastics skills includingstrength and tumbling, working up to performing on the apparatus. This isa mixed level class.W 11-12pmMembers: 84Community: 140

GYMNASTICSWinter 2018*NEW* RECREATIONAL CLASSES1/2 - 2/25PROGRESSIVE CLASSESAges 6-13Progressive gymnastics classes are perfect for your driven child and as analternative to traditional team sports. This program provides progressiveskill development in the areas of agility, endurance, strength, balance,physical conditioning, gross motor, and fine motor skills with the specialelement of fun. Led by the Y’s qualified, experienced staff, this programis designed for those striving to compete, and participants will receiveevaluations on skill progress at the end of each session.Wear comfortable, fitted clothing or a leotard.Members: 84Community: 140INTERMEDIATETo enter the Intermediate class, participants need to have either passedthe Beginner Evaluation, or be able to jump to a safety stop, jump to frontsupport on bars, hold Mickey Mouse ears, confidently walk forward andsideways on beam, forward roll on the floor, perform a bridge, and performa handstand against a cheese mat.Members: 84Community: 140ADVANCEDTo enter the Advanced class, participants need to have either passedthe Intermediate Evaluation, or be able to hurdle onto a springboard,three casts in a row, standing glide swing, releve walking forward andsideways on beam, tuck jump dismount off beam, bridge with feet together,handstand without cheese, and backward roll down the cheese.Th 5:15-6:45pmMembers: 140RISING STARSCommunity: 200To enter the Rising Star class, participants need to have passed theAdvanced Evaluation or have the approval of the Gymnastics Director.Tu & Th 4-5:30pmOpen to all gymnasts. No previous experience required. Must meet age req.Tu 5:15-6:15pmMembers: 84ADVANCED RECTu 5:45-7:15pmOpen to all gymnasts. No previous experience required.W 5:30-6:30pmTh 4-5pmAges 6-9BASIC RECOpen to all gymnasts. Must meet age req.BEGINNERTu 4:30-5:30pmW 4:15-5:15pmKeep your child active and engaged with Y gymnastics! Our recreationalclasses are a great way to enjoy the fun of gymnastics even if your childisn’t quite ready for the competitive track. Kids will develop strength,flexibility, and more in a fun and low-pressure class with their peers. Underthe instruction of qualified, nurturing staff your child will focus on theirown skill development at their own pace. The program is designed for thosewho enjoy the sport recreationally, and is age-based.Wear comfortable, fitted clothing or a leotard.Members: 175KEENE FAMILY YMCA603-352-6002keeneymca.orgMembers: 140Community: 140Ages 9-13Community: 200OPEN GYMNASTICSGive your children the chance to find the gymnast inside while exploringour state-of-the-art Gymnastics Center. They can tumble or bounce downthe Tumble Trak, jump into the giant foam pit, try the balance beam andother apparatus. This program is a FREE member service.*Please see Open Gymnastics Schedule for Mini, Youth, & Adult Open Session timesADULT GYMNASTICSAges 13 Why should the kids have all the fun? We know you want to play too! AdultGymnastics offers adults the opportunity to learn gymnastics skills andenjoy the Y’s Gymnastics Center. This is a structured program with opengym time built-in for fun.Tu 7:15-8:15pmMembers: 80Community: 140ROYALS TEAM/PRE-TEAMThere are a number of ways to become part of pre-team or the competitiveteam. Gymnasts in our progressive program are recognized for their ability,dedication, and hard work and are invited through evaluations at the end ofeach program session, gymnasts may transfer from other gyms or you canrequest an evaluation for placement with our Gymnastics Director. Our teamcompetes in the Eastern and Western YMCA Leagues, as well as the USAGymnastics League, while our pre-team participates in two to three “fun”meets. A YMCA membership is required for both team and pre-team.Want To Learn More About Recreational And Competitive Y Programs?Contact Us:Ashlee Crosby, Gymnastics Director, [email protected]

SPORTS & FITNESSWinter 20181/2-2/25**No Class New Years Day, Jan 1st.Jr.FitTMAges 8-12Develop your young athlete’s potential with our group personaltraining program designed for kids. There is more to being a goodathlete than scoring goals and running fast, but explaining theimportance of stretching, hydration, and nutrition to kids can betough when they just want to PLAY. JrFit is an athletic programthat uses a fun, creative approach to increase kid’s health andfitness. Through well-researched, safe, and effective activities,including strength training, physical conditioning, and nutrition wewill teach your child to play safe, so he/she can play longer.Tu & Th 3:30-4:15pmMembers: 50Community: 100YOUTH JUDOAges 8 Falling, throwing, grappling with a focus on the development of bodyconcepts, balance, discipline, sportsmanship, self-esteem building,and fun! Optional clinics and tournaments. New participants willneed a Judo Gi (uniform). See instructor on the first day for details.BeginnerMembers: 50 Community: 100Sa 9-10amAdvancedSa 10-11amMIXED MARTIAL ARTSYour child will focus on personal growth in the areas of selfdiscipline, self-confidence, self-defense, physical conditioning, andthe core values of respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty. Newparticipants will need to purchase gloves. See instructor on the firstday for details.Ages 6-10Members: 50Community: 100Sa 11-12pmAges 11-14Sa 12-1pmAges 7-11YOUTH BASKETBALLHe shoots! He scores! Come learn the basic skills of the game ofbasketball and have fun playing this YMCA-invented sport.Sa 9-10amCommunity: 100Members: 50Ages 12 NEW! - STRONG GIRLSThis group of all girls will work together with a Y trainer to develophealthy habits, self-esteem, positive body image, and whole bodystrength. Participants will gain confidence with different exercisestyles, and build a positive relationship with their community.Tu & Th 4:15-5:15pmMembers: 75 Community: 125TEEN CLIMBING CLUBAges 12 Not into organized sports but looking for a challenge? Teen ClimbingClub gives teens with climbing experience the opportunity tostrengthen their climbing technique, and get connected to the localclimbing community! Teens develop the necessary skills to safelyparticipate in outdoor climbing, and will enjoy an outdoor climbingadventure.Community: 100Tu 4-5 pmMembers: 50WEIGHT LOSS BOOT CAMPAges 13 Losing weight isn’t only what the scale says, but also how you feelabout yourself. The Y is here to support, motivate, and inspireyour wellness journey. While losing weight can reverse or preventdiabetes, lower blood pressure, assist in preventing heart disease,increase energy, improve your immune system, and manage stressand anxiety, in the end you need to do it for you. Lose weight, toneyour body, feel energized, and live a healthier lifestyle. This programis individually designed for all fitness levels and will gently guide youthrough the process of changing your exercise and eating habits.Community: 200M &W 6-7pmMembers: 100REGISTRATION BEGINSDecember 15thKEENE FAMILY

SPORTS & FITNESSNEW! - SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAININGDesigned and led by our personal training staff, this program isWinter 2018 1/2-2/25*designed to push both yourself and the group to meet set wellness*No Class New Years Day, Jan 1st.goals over the course of a month. These progressive monthlyAges 13 workouts begin with a “measured” start point for each individual, soTEEN & ADULT JUDOA method of self-defense and an Olympic sport, Judo progressivelyyou can easily track your gains. Improve your strength, cardiovasculardevelops falling, throwing and grappling techniques and stressesfitness, flexibility, balance, and overall performance while having funbalance, timing, conditioning and cooperation with a a supportive team.Th 6:30-7:30pmMembers: 50Community: 100 Sessions run monthly beginning in November.Members: 100 Community: 200Ages 13 M/W/F 9-10amFENCINGWeekly lessons include history, terminology, form, and footworkwith individual hand to hand lessons with the instructors, as well asYOUTH CLIMBINGinformal and structured bouting. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a What a feeling of accomplishment for both you and your child to hearsafe and individual pace. Open to all experience levels.the ringing of the bell at the top of the Y’s rock wall. Rock climbingCommunity: 100 is a multi-faceted activity that challenges the mind, body, and spirit.M & W 6-8pmMembers: 50Climbing can help your child build strength, gain confidence, and feel aGrades 6-12 sense of achievement in learning a new skill. This progressive climbingTEEN NIGHT OUTTeen Night Out is an opportunity for teens to hang out in a safe,program teaches young climbers the skills needed to be successfulsupervised, and substance-free environment. Teen Leader Corpsclimbers in a safe and supervised environment, all while having a tonparticipants plan the evening’s themes, activities, and food. Fromof fun! Wear comfortable clothes. Climbing shoes are provided.9-10pm teens rule the Y after-hours. Your teen can have a saytoo by participating in Leader Corps. Contact Peter Sebert for moreAges 6 GECKOSinformation: [email protected] class is perfect for the first time climber, or young person who is*TNO season runs Oct to May.not yet confident on our climbing wall. Young climbers will learn basic3rd F 7-10pmCommunity: 12 climbing commands, how to put on a harness, and tie into the end ofMembers: 10Y WALKINGEnjoy staying fit and moving during the colder months, whileavoiding falling hazards like ice and snow, by getting your exerciseindoors at the Y! This walking program enables Community membersto access the Y’s Indoor Track during select times throughout theweek, and also provides the opportunity to make new connectionswith your neighbors!M - F 10am-2pmCommunity: 40PERSONAL TRAININGTake your wellness journey to the next level! The Y offers personal training withCertified Personal Trainers to help members of all levels and ablilities meet theirgoals. Whether it’s marathon training, yoga, weight loss, sports training or more,our personal trainers can help make your goals a reality in 2018!1 hr Session: 50 5 Session Special: 200the climbing rope. In addition to rock climbing, we will introduce themto a variety of fun climbing challenges and games.M 4-4:45pmMembers: 50Community: 100MOUNTAIN GOATSAges 8 Young climbers with experience on our wall enjoy the challenge oftackling more difficult routes and learning new skills. Climbers in thisclass will learn a variety of climbing knots, including the starter 8,and be introduced to climbing safety systems. When appropriate,children will be introduced to more advanced climbing techniques andactivities, drills, and games to improve their climbing.W 4-5pmCommunity: 100Members: 50Want To Learn More About Recreational And Competitive Y Programs?Contact Us:Peter Sebert, Healthy Lifestyles Director, [email protected]

AQUATICSSWIM STARTERS - w/ParentWATER DISCOVERY6-18 MonthsGet ready to swim with your baby or toddler!Parents accompany children as they areintroduced to the aquatic environment. Wewill share fun games and songs as we splashand play.Tu 9:30-10amMembers: 49Community: 147W 5:15-5:45pmWinter 2018 *1/2 - 2/25*No classes held New Years Day, Jan. 1 .stMake up classes held at their regularly scheduled times Fri, Jan. 5 .thAQUATOT CLASS18-36 MonthsBlowing bubbles and splashing around are thefoundation of water fun. In AquaTot, parentswork with their child to explore body positions,floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamentalsafety and aquatic skills.F 9-9:30amMembers: 49Community: 147Sa 9-9:30amWATER ACCLIMATION {w/Parent}Ages 3-5If your child needs a little confidencebuilding in the water and isn’t quite ready tomake that big jump alone-It’s OK! We have aclass for both of you. Water Acclimation w/Parent allows you to accompany your childin the water to assist with ensuring theircomfort in a class setting.Members: 60Sa 9:30-10amCommunity: 120YOUTH SWIM LESSONS - Swim Basics To Stroke Development1 WATER ACCLIMATIONIt’s great that your child is ready to learn to swim.This class introduces basic strokes, increasescomfort with underwater exploration, and assistsstudents with developing basic water safety skills.This 1st Stage lays the foundation that allows fora student’s further progress in swimming.AGES 6-12AGES 3-53:30-4pm*M*M 4:30-5:15pmTu 9-9:30am Tu 4:45-5:30pmTu 3:30-4pm Th 4:15-5pmW 3:30-4pmTh 5-5:30pmMembers: 70F 9:30-10amCommunity: 140Sa 10-10:30am4 STROKE INTRODUCTIONSStudents in Stage 4 develop stroke techniquein front crawl and back crawl. The class focuseson refining rotary breathing and introducingcomponents of advanced strokes.AGES 6-12AGES 3-63:30-4:15pmWTu 5:45-6:30pmTh 5:15-6pmMembers: 70Sa 11:45am-12:30pmCommunity: 1402 WATER MOVEMENTIt’s time to take it to the next level! In Stage 2,students focus on body position and control,directional change, and forward movement inthe water while also continuing to practicebasic self-rescue skills.AGES 3-5AGES 6-12*M 4-4:30pm*M 5-5:45pmTu 4-4:30pmTu 3:30-4:15pmW 4-4:30pmW 4:15-5pm4:30-5pmWTh 3:30-4:15pm5:30-6pmSa 10-10:45amThF 9:30-10amMembers: 70Sa 10:30-11amCommunity: 1403 WATER STAMINAIn Stage 3, students develop theirstamina across longer distances. Thisstage develops intermediate self-rescueskills, rhythmic breathing, and integratedarm and leg action.AGES 6-12AGES 3-5*M 4:15-4:45pm *M 3:30-4:15pmTu 4:15-4:45pm *M 5:45-6:30pmSa 9:30-10:00am Tu 5-5:45pmW 5:15-6pmTh 4:15-5pmSa 11-11:45amMembers: 70Community: 1405 STROKE DEVELOPMENT & MECHANICSStudents in Stage 5 work on more advancedstroke technique and are introduced to all majorcompetitive strokes.AGES 6-12Members: 70Tu 5:30-6:15pmCommunity: 140Th 6-6:45pmREADY FOR MORE?Flip the page forour Coached SwimPrograms, AdultLessons, and YMCAArthritis Program!KEENE FAMILY YMCA603-352-6002

AQUATICSWinter 2018 *1/2 - 2/25*No classes held New Years Day, Jan. 1 .stMake up classes held at their regularly scheduled times Fri, Jan. 5th.COACHED SWIM PROGRAMSIf your young swimmer is confident in thewater and looking for something more thanbasic lessons, one of our non-competitive,coached swim programs might be the perfectfit. These programs work on age appropriateskill development and build stamina and stroketechnique throughout the eight week session.Designed for more advanced swimmers whowant more time in the water without thecommitment of swimming on a team.ADULT SWIM LESSONSBEGINNERIt’s never too late to learn to swim. For newswimmers, this program focuses on wateracclimation, being comfortable with submersion,and basic stroke development.W 6:45-7:30pmMembers: 65Community: 13011:15am-12pmSaJUNIOR DOLPHINSYOUTH S